8 Gemstones That Will Manifest The Love Life of Your Dreams


When we talk about manifesting love we don’t mean the ability to pluck a dream person out of thin air. It’s more about opening your heart fully to the will of the universe, using your intuitive power, and creating a vibrational match that meets your desire. When two souls hum at the same frequency, this is when love can flourish like a branch in spring. While willpower will carry you far, the sacred nature of certain love stones will help you to reel in that rare love. These are the very best crystals to attract love…


Rose Quartz



One of the finest crystals for love, Rose Quartz is a vision of blushing pinks and soft serene power. A beautiful healer for the heart chakra, Rose Quartz ensures that any flow of love is healthy and happy. This is also a stone that nurtures essential self-love, which is one of the most vital ingredients in attracting positive partners who will bring joy to your life.




Beautiful in blue and capturing all the iridescent shades of light upon the sea, Chrysocolla is a divine crystal that helps you find peace in change, alongside encouraging heart healing and strong bonds of communication. If you have trouble asserting your needs or opening your heart to trust, this is the stone that is going to create a loving space for you to shine.


Green Aventurine


This a one of those love stones that works by homing in on the powers of chance. In fact, Green Aventurine actually comes from the Italian word meaning ‘a ventura’ or ‘by chance’. It’s a crystal that calls on chance, wealth and prosperity but not solely in the financial sphere. Green is a gorgeous shade that connects with the heart chakra, and this is the perfect stone for manifesting a little more magic in your life.


Ruby Garnet


A sensual stone, its no surprise to hear that the regal Ruby made out list of the very best crystals to attract love. A flash of passion that doesn’t burn out, the Ruby is connected to your root chakra, gifting you glorious grounding and igniting those flames of sexual energy and deeper desire. For those who feel like they have lost their sensual light, Ruby Garnet is sure to make you shine.


Pink Tourmaline


Another precious gem with a rosy glow, Pink Tourmaline is a great attractor of love, paving the way for you to step out and meet your soul mate. As it’s a potent stone that helps you to process old negative feelings into sweet waves of self-love, you will find yourself in a place to be ready and accepting of the great love the universe has to send your way.


Lapis Lazuli


One of the most graceful love stones in the pack, while Lapis Lazuli may not be aligned with bursting red hot passion, it’s a stone that uses its power to create a supportive sharing space within relationships. This glimmering stone brings honesty, compassion, and harmony to all avenues of life, leaving you brilliantly balanced to manifest a love that works.




A piece of feminine power and a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there’s always a light to be found – the Moonstone is your own slice of magic. This is a crystal known for bringing good luck specifically in love. The Moonstone has so many fables attached to its power of bringing estranged lover back together and is considered a dreamy wedding gift.


Green Jade


It's no secret that Green Jade is famed for bringing good luck. One glance at Chinese mythology and you will see buddhas with their glimmering green bellies ready to be rubbed for luck. If you want to pave the way with a multitude of chances to stumble into your great love, then slipping a piece of Jade upon your wrist or in your pocket will crack open that perfect chance.

Which love stones will you be calling upon to bring surging romance and chance into your world? Share your preferences in the comments.

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