The Beginner Guide to the Heart Chakra


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The Beginner Guide to the Heart Chakra



Of all the seven chakra points, the heart chakra can be one of the most challenging and also one of the most rewarding. We are often protective of our beautiful beating hearts, and they can take a bruising throughout life. It’s no surprise, that this chakra can become easily blocked and clogged by mingling fear with protective purposes. But when we learn to unlock the heart, we bloom like a rose – ready for all the magic and mayhem the universe has to give.


What the Heart Chakra Does


The heart chakra sits directly above the heart, it captures the element of air, radiates with shades of soft green, and its spirit animal is the gentle antelope. The heart chakra is responsible for keeping you open to giving and receiving love and compassion in all its forms. It keeps you emotionally healthy and balanced in relationships and it allows you to link your thoughts and feelings with logical rationality.


Emotional Issues From a Heart Chakra Block


If your heart chakra is blocked you may feel disconnected from those around you. You may feel emotionally withdrawn from your relationships or on the other foot, you may crave your partners attention and love constantly and demand more than they can give. Those with a closed heart chakra may also find it difficult to let go of grudges and may nurture the seeds of sad and angry thoughts until they grow like fierce weeds. You may struggle to put boundaries in place, you may be a people pleaser and you may refuse to place your trust in even those who are closest to you.


Physical Issues From a Heart Chakra Block


A blocked heart chakra doesn’t just test your emotional response but also squeezes you physically too. If you have a blockage here, you may notice that you feel constantly restless and your body refuses to let go into the dreamland of sleep. Insomnia is a common response to a blocked heart chakra as is high blood pressure. Another symptom of a blockage is also reduced immunity. If you find yourself often falling foul of seasonal bugs and catching everything out there, this could be because your heart isn’t able to flow freely and heal the body.


How to Unblock Your Heart Chakra


Unblocking your heart chakra and keeping it cracked wide open is so important for physical and mental wellbeing. When we are in a position to welcome an abundance of love, courage and to give and receive compassion, we can bloom into being. If you feel like your heart chakra may be blocked, these treatments can clear the way…


Crystal Vision

There are lots of luscious crystals that beautifully connect with the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is a glorious choice for keeping the landscape of the heart healthy. Green Aventurine also brings vitality and clarity back to the heart space. Other crystals that help burst open your heart chakra include Rhodonite, Malachite, Amazonite, and Green Jade.


Positive Affirmations and Prayer

Spiritual prayer and positive affirmations can be amazing ways to bring beauty and bounty back into your heart space. If you start the day by setting an intention and take a few seconds to repeat heartfelt affirmations throughout the day – you call into being a heart centered existence. Even something as simple as saying ‘I am open to love’ can make all the difference in how you approach and let in the light of day.


Open Yoga Poses

Yoga and the heart chakra go hand in hand, especially if you are choosing practices that help put your heart forward and center. The upward facing dog, the camel, the bridge, reverse plank, warrior, and any pose that drives the chest towards the sky are exceptionally good at asking your heart to peel open.

How is your heart chakra and what challenges do you find when it comes to keeping the flow? Share with us in the comments.


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