Root Chakra Stones: These 11 Crystals Are Crucial For Healing


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Root Chakra Stones: These 11 Crystals Are Crucial For Healing

tree representing root chakra stones

Understanding the Root Chakra / Muladhara

The root of all things, the first chakra sits at the base of the spine and just above the tailbone. Like the trees that bloom overhead, it is our connection to all earthly things and the epicenter of our stability. In the hierarchy of needs, the root chakra (also called the Muladhara) is where we get our sense of safety, our strength, our preservation and endurance, and our sense of gorgeous grounding. It is our survival chakra and is one of our most important spiritual assets. This is where our kundalini serpent slumbers, it's also where our masculine energy sits and it acts as the foundation for all other chakra points in the body too. The root chakra is our foundation and has a huge impact on our emotional, spiritual, and physical body.

When our root chakra is out of balance or blocked, this can make us feel off-kilter. We may struggle with those base feelings of being solid and grounded. We may feel constantly on edge or unable to trust ourselves in our decision-making process and suspicious of others. We may feel lost or stressed or overanxious in everything we do. We can also get stuck in a scarcity mindset, clinging to what we have in the fear that good things won’t come back around to us. Losing our root chakra connection can make us feel powerless and when we are powerless we give our joy away. We may feel apathy, we may be flighty, and our fight, freeze, and fawn responses can be all over the place.

A blocked root chakra can even lead to slumps in our physical health too, especially connected to the lower body. From bladder and colon problems to arthritis and even poor parasympathetic nervous responses - when our root is unraveled our baseline health can suffer.

Fortunately, healing the root chakra isn’t a tricky fix. There are many grounding energy practices and elemental ways you can shake loose this area. From yoga and meditation to deep breathing, standing barefoot in the soil, and of course – using the healing vibrations of base chakra crystals too. All these things can reconnect you to the world beneath your feet and raise your sense of safety and beautiful belonging.

Healing Crystals for the Base Chakra 

smoky quartz gemstone bracelet for root chakra

There are some amazing root chakra gemstones out there that can bring the safety, connection, and cleansing energy you need to pin you down in the perfect way. Raising the root chakra energy is about securing your feeling of physical and emotional safety so that you have a solid base to start working through those higher emotions. Usually, the best base chakra crystals tend to be those that share the same coloring as the root chakra – think deep reds, earthy browns, and blacks. The black gems are all about grounding and bring that volcanic powerful energy to the table. Let’s take a closer look at the best healing crystals for a base chakra cleanse…


1) Garnet 

garnet stone

A thousand pomegranate shades sit at the striking red heart of the gorgeous Garnet stone. This rare and rousing root chakra gem is all regenerative energy. Forever the life bringer, Garnet raises low energy and supports you across the spectrum of emotional and physical health. For those who feel like their sense of courage and strength has deserted them, Garnet glows at the core to give you that kundalini power rise once more. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.


2) Hematite 

hematite for root chakra

Silvery bright, the glistening rugged stone of Hematite is all about neutralizing the negative. This stone is an effective sweeper of the root chakra as it borrows energy from your aura and filters it through that base chakra until you are back in balance again. Hematite is amazing at keeping you grounded in the here and now. For those who tend to let their mind run away like wild horses over the hills, this stone centers you in the present. It is awesome for reminding you to be in the moment you are in and not the moment you think you’re in. This stone of the mind ensures that you master your mind before it masters you. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.


3) Black Obsidian 

black obsidian for root chakra

Jet Black Obsidian is all raw energy, earthly spirit, and root chakra cool. This deliciously dark stone is a force of nature. Naturally protective, this shiny dark gem comes highly polished and is believed to have mirror-like qualities so it can show you the truth of your own soul. It’s a gorgeous grounding companion and doesn’t think twice about helping you to see through falsity so you can walk in the light of knowledge, wisdom, and authenticity. When you know that you have a stone that helps you trust your instincts, your root chakra feels stronger and you feel more stable and equipped to deal with life. Obsidian dissolves old traumas, veers you away from hidden psychic attacks, and guides you towards higher living all while keeping those roots deep. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.


4) Red Jasper 

red jasper for root chakra

Earthy and vibrant in hue, Red Jasper is a supremely nurturing stone and knows how to clear your root chakra and your sacral chakra right out. This rich chi rousing stone is all warm fire and fierce energy. It is also called the stone of endurance and known for raising motivation levels and helping you overcome obstacles and challenges. It does this by granting you the inner strength and confidence to take life by the horns. The Red Jasper stone raises your vitality, connects you to your true power, and can shake up your passion. This vibrant gem is also said to sit up your kundalini serpent too. Find out more about the meaning of Red Jasper.


5) Bloodstone 

bloodstone for root chakra

The warrior stone, the dark silvery green and red flecked gem was a favored crystal for samurai, soldiers, and warriors to carry to the battlefield. With this powerful stone in hand, it's easy to feel invincible as it gets to work clearing out your root chakra, your sacral chakra, solar plexus, chakra, and your beating heart chakra too. Bloodstone is an emotional balancer and this gem doesn’t let you get pulled down by rampant flighty feelings. It steadies the heart and the mind, it eases anxiety and protects against evil forces. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.


6) Carnelian 

carnelian for root chakra

The fiery kiss of Carnelian is something your root chakra is sure to love. This creative stone also connects to the sacral chakra and is a raucous reminder of all the joys that come with life. Whenever you feel sluggish, low in mood, and as though you have lost your vibrancy, this stone swoops in to shake up your base chakras and to pull you back to the top again. Carnelian is a stone of confidence, radiance, and outstanding courage. It gifts you the inspiration and passion you need to confront life. As a stone of endurance, it also makes sure that you have the strength to follow through. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


7) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline for root chakra

Shaded as dark as night, Black Tourmaline is all about protective and powerful root chakra energy. This deeply healing stone works wonders on your sense of safety and helps you to feel fully protected from prying eyes that may want to do you harm. It also keeps you safe from the potential side effects of EMF’s for those who are sensitive. Black Tourmaline is known for transforming negative energy into positive, meaning that it absolutely cleans up when it comes to those down and out feelings around anxiety, depression, and general despair. It provides positive support for the adrenal glands and gets your energy levels back up to scratch too. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.


8) Tiger's Eye 

tiger eye for root chakra

Powerful and protective, the big cat vibes of the Tigers Eye helps you to feel full-bodied and blissful every time you step out the door. Banded with earthly gold, black, brown, and orange colorings, the Tiger’s Eye glints in every knowing power. It strengthens your root chakra by reminding you that you are the master of your destiny and there is nothing you can’t handle. Tigers Eye improves our natural body language, helping us to communicate our wants and desires to the world. It keeps your head high, that toxic energy cleared away, and ensures that no matter what – you stay tethered to the ground beneath your feet. This is a big energy and this is what Tigers Eye does best. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.


9) Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz for root chakra

From tip to toe, the Smoky Quartz stone shimmers with silver mists and sheer magic. This stone not only connects and clears the root chakra but it works with the crown chakra too. Smoky Quartz has a deep connection with the earth but also carries that classic quartz family energy of being a mega amplifier and messenger to the universe. It teaches us to let go of that which doesn’t serve us and helps us to clearly see the pathways we want to take. It has a gentle energy meaning that it dissolves blocks without causing emotional upset. If a deep breath was a stone it would surely be Smoky Quartz. Find out more about the meaning of Smoky Quartz.


10) Black Onyx 

black onyx for root chakra

Another of the bodyguard black stones, Onyx is here to help you heal your root chakra and stay as steady as a beat. This polished dark gem shares similar qualities to Obsidian in that it also encourages the flow of physical strength and mental stamina. It invites your inner warrior to rise up and keeps us grounded to the earth beneath our feet so that we can channel that energy into every inch of our being. When we feel safe and strong and whole again, we are able to be bold in our passions, our creativity, to take up as much space as we need, and to sit in our soul seat without the worry of being usurped by outside forces.


11) Moss Agate 

moss agate for root chakra

While Moss Agate is mainly associated with the heart chakra, its earthly energy is a dab hand when it comes to healing the root chakra too. This stone is pure spring rain, ever ready to wash away the worries and woes that are dragging you down. Moss Agate is glowing with Gaia energy and was often used by farmers to reap a bountiful harvest. As a stone that encourages abundance, it’s a great gem for keeping close and doing that root chakra work. Moss Agate brings with it the elements of water, stone, forest, and shade. It cools hot heads and tempestuous hearts. It encourages your immune system to work wonderfully and also ensures that you are able to enjoy the full bloom of peace because you feel safe and sacred within your body. Find out more about the meaning of Moss Agate.


How Can You Use These Crystals?

hands holding red jasper sphere

Now you have your list of luscious dig down deep root crystals, here are some tips for using them to clear your first chakra right out.

Meditation – hold your gemstone in hand while you sit in peaceful meditation. Visualize a white light entering your root chakra space and clearing out blockages so that your energy can flow.

Jewelry – move into subconscious healing by keeping your root chakra crystal connected and on your person at all times. Gemstone jewelry is a simple way of keeping those healing vibrations riding high and staying cleared and charged while on the go.

Crystal Spheres – hold the crystal sphere in your palms and rub or roll this gem for thirty seconds to activate its power. Place it on your root chakra area and imagine the energy of the ball digging down deep to clear out any stagnant forces. If you feel like you need more energy, roll it around the root chakra.

In the Home – if you don’t want to carry gems on your person you can also turn your space into a sacred safe temple too. Place these gems at your door, beside your laptop, in proximity to shared spaces, and anywhere that you feel is at risk of bad energy.

What Else Can You Use?

yellow flowers on the hillside beneath the moon

For those who feel like their root chakra is well and truly blocked and want to go hard on the healing energy to get unstuck, these methods can also help. There are many ways to shake your root chakra free and almost all involve some kind of glorious grounding practice to put you back in touch with mother earth.

Walking barefoot - one of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot on the earth. This instant connection puts the sole of your feet in contact with the earths natural vibration.

Essential oils – from calming lavender to sweet and earthy sage, essential oils can ground you in an instant. Pick earthy oils that are connected to the natural world and let these scents bring you back to the here and now.

Gardening – dig those fingers down into the earth and reconnect with life at its most base level. From planting flowers and seeds to picking fruit and pulling up vegetables or even weeds, the smallest action in the garden can organically heal your root chakra.

Yoga and Meditation – there are sure to be amazing root chakra orientated videos and classes out there, anything that leans into gratitude, focuses on the breath, and keeps your feet rooted even when the rest of your body is in flow is hugely healing.


Your root chakra is the first rung on the ladder when it comes to being in full situ of your power. When this is blocked it can have a knock-on effect for all of your energy points as there won’t be a clear flow. Also, who can focus on their spiritual awakening when they don’t feel safe and secure in the body and space they inhabit? Keeping your root chakra cleansed and clear should be part of your daily wellness practice. This powerful force sets us up for all our great successes and ensures that no matter what we are facing that we are steady in our sense of personal power.

What is your relationship with your root chakra? Share your root chakra healing experiences and your favorite gems for this in the comments.


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