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Aventurine Crystal

Aventurine Crystals

An aventurine crystal is a type of quartz known for its sparkling and shimmering appearance. It is typically green, although it can be found in shades of yellow, blue, brown, and orange. The crystal gets its sparkly green appearance from a platy mineral called aventurescence. Confidence and prosperity are typically associated with the aventurine meaning.

Aventurine Crystal Physical Healing Properties

The aventurine boasts amazing physical healing properties. It brings balance to a frazzled nervous system and alleviates pain from burnout. It can also help reduce blood pressure, regulate thyroid imbalance, and re-energize the body.

This crystal is called a heart connector because it boosts blood circulation.

In addition, this powerful spiritual stone is known to bring luck and is even used to solve fertility issues and help couples find their path toward parenthood. So keep it nearby or carry it in your pocket to experience its powerful physical healing energy.

Aventurine Crystal Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

Regarding mental and emotional healing, the aventurine stone is an advantageous crystal to have on hand. It can bring abundance by aligning your thoughts with positivity, motivating you to take action, become a strong leader, and persist despite obstacles.

Despite its encouragement of action and strong leadership, the aventurine is also a compassionate stone. It helps you release negative self-judgment, heal old wounds, and move forward with nothing holding you back. This healing aspect of the stone creates a space for self-love and empathy, granting you emotional balance and enhancing your relationships.

Aventurine Metaphysical Healing Properties

As you would guess, aventurine also boasts some impressive metaphysical properties. It is associated with the heart chakra, an energy center in the body related to love and compassion. The crystal helps clear any blockages in the heart chakra, allowing you to move past trust issues and find a place of forgiveness for yourself and others.

When the energy of the heart chakra is rebalanced, you become more attuned to the flow, accepting the changes in your life and welcoming them as an integral part of your spiritual journey.

If you want to reap the fantastic benefits of aventurine crystal, look no further than our crystal store. You can opt for an aventurine bracelet, mala, chakra worry stone, or a pendulum. We also offer other items to help you on your journey to self-enlightenment, including gemstone bracelets and zodiac bracelets.


What does aventurine crystal do?

Aventurine crystal has many physical, mental, and spiritual healing abilities. These include:

  • Clearing the heart chakra
  • Unlocking the door to confidence and prosperity
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Balancing the thyroid and the nervous system
  • Fixing fertility issues
  • Replacing negative and self-sabotaging thoughts with positive ones

If you are curious about crystal healing, check out this essential crystal guide to discover the right crystal for you.

How to charge aventurine crystal?

The method of charging your aventurine crystal varies based on its color. If you have a green aventurine, placing it close to plants can recharge it. On the other hand, a blue aventurine can be revitalized with natural sunlight, while a red one can be given a boost of energy by passing it through a red candle flame.

How do you activate aventurine crystal?

To activate your aventurine crystal, place it in a bowl of ocean water for a few minutes and let it sit in the sunlight or under a full moon.

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