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Pink Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

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The Importance of Healing Stones in your Life

Choose the life you want to live and find connected heartfelt ways to heal with crystal magic. These ancient amulets, talismans, and tantalizing gems have been around for centuries. Loved by healers, shamans, seers, and lightworkers, healing stones are so much more than a pretty face. Pulled from riverbeds, mines, mountains, and volcanic rock – gemstones are pure energy and bring earthly and cosmic vibrations that tap into your deepest sense of self.

These gems are all about shifting energy, raising your vibrations, and making sure that you get what you need in life. We all have our strengths and we all have our blind spots and crystals help to level that playing field within you, so that you can climb the ladder and ascend to achieve all your dreams.

Pink Gemstone Benefits

rose quartz pyramid against linen and pink feather

Pretty in pink, we cannot get enough of shimmering pearly pale or hot electro pink crystals! Pink stones have such a loving, nurturing energy that they instantly soothe our hearts and settle our nervous systems right down. These gems are splashed with heart chakra healing and work to connect us to feelings of love, nurturing soft emotion, and shades of calm. From sunsets over the desert to puffy pale clouds and iridescent pink seas, pink crystals come with all the connotations of sweetness, hope, and light. Pink is also considered to be doused in dominant feminine energy, which helps us to bring shades of comfort, acceptance, self-care, and mothering to the surface. Radiating across the body, mind, and soul, pink gems are pure and perfect love.

Physical Healing

Being closely connected with all things heart, pink crystals help to keep our ticker in timely check. From balancing blood pressure issues to keeping your metabolism in check, these precious gems keep the body in its fullest flush of health and strength. Pink stones are awesome at helping with metabolism and bring healing to blood disorders, ensuring that your veins are open wide. If your system feels unbalanced and out of whack, pink crystals can regulate and keep you standing strong.

Heart Chakra Healing

Open wide and let yourself bathe in the light of love. When it comes to the chakras, the heart chakra, also known as the Anahata is one of the most important energy points in the body. The heart chakra is the center of our love and not just when it comes to romance, but when it comes to all shades of self-love, connection, companionship, and how we present our heart to the world. Keeping our heart chakra healthy is paramount for building beautiful relationships with friends, family, lovers, and with ourselves too. When our hearts are clear and open rather than locked in pain and mistrust, we are able to love without fear and to cultivate self-esteem and worth without worry.


It strikes as no surprise that pink crystals should be wrapped up in themes of love. Gifting you the ability to love and be loved, pink crystals truly do bring their harmonizing energy to facilitate healthy balance, boundaries, and beautiful compassion. Pink crystals will help you to unpack any old stories or wounds you have been carrying and will also help you to put away negative behavior patterns around love. Say farewell to jealousy, negative thoughts, dark obsessions, and emotional trauma. Pink crystals encourage huge doses of compassion, helping you to stay soft in your approach to conflict resolution and positive communication.


In matters of the heart, pink crystals invite you to be boundless and to cultivate the relationships you want. There is nothing wealthier than having a life illuminated with deep meaningful connections, artful conversations, and amazing grace. Pink stones bless us in ways outside our bank account but that doesn’t mean that they can’t bring abundance and prosperity too. Ever ready to help you fulfill your dreams and hit those desires, these sparkling crystals send rivers of positive energy and wish fulfilment running your way.

15 Pink Crystals You can Use Every Day

There are many ways to choose a crystal that connects with you, from color to chakra healing, birthstones, zodiac signs, or just feeling drawn to a certain gem, we could say these stones work in mysterious ways – but really they just connect to your intuition and highlight what it is you need to know. Picking the pink crystal that works for you is a tactile decision – one we feel with our heart, our body, and our spirit too.


Pink Tourmaline 


Pink Tourmaline

Bright and glowing with bands of bouquet colors in rose blossom, Himalayan salt, and salmon – Pink Tourmaline is a tried and tested remedy for helping ease anxious thoughts and promoting kindness, peace, and sweet serenity. As Pink Tourmaline is often found growing in the company of Quartz, it strengthens its prowess even further. Quartz naturally amplifies the energy of other gems, meaning that Pink Tourmaline comes infused with that extra dose of power. From helping you overcome heartbreak to just finding simple joy in life, Pink Tourmaline is a heart space healer. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.



Rhodochrosite crystal

Taking its name from the Greek word for pink, Rhodochrosite is every inch the pure and perfect rose it promises to be. This sweet stone is splashed in historical meaning, folklore, and epic fantasy tales. From being the blood of kings and queens to tales of the Inca Rose. This stone is pure medicine for the heart. It’s rose-like hue and connection reminds us of the great beauty we bring when we trust to open up and bloom from a tiny bud. It heals the fourth chakra, encourages growth, and grants us the courage to be free with our wild and wonderful hearts.



Rhodonite crystal

Rare and rosy and as soft in shade and style as can be, the Rhodonite stone brings themes of community, connection, and raising up in your own conscious power. This gem can be pale as dawn pink hues or splashed with something brighter. It invites you to tear down structures and take down walls that could be holding you back. Along with dissolving anything that brings us pain and negativity, it replaces these hurts with joy, energy, and a certain sparkle that shimmers both in the eyes and the soul. Find out more about the meaning of Rhodonite.



Morganite crystal

Divine love and dreamy compassion meet in the magical stone of Morganite. A gem that instantly soothes as it sets you on the path to healing, Morganite makes sure that you have all the tools you need to heal the heart and move out of a place of trauma and into trust. Morganite is an excellent companion for those who are battling through times of grief and loss – whether that’s a loss of self, a loss of love, or the ultimate loss. This gem whispers warmth and wisdom, helping you to move through the process to soft acceptance. Find out more about the meaning of Morganite.


Pink Opal 

Pink Opal

As rare as the mystical Inca legends from which this stone comes, the Pink Opal is starlight, sparkle, and light luminescence magic that dances in the same dreamy shades as ballet slippers. Pink Opal comes from Peru and this style of the Opal stone is known for being the gem of resolution. For those who often get caught out by indecisive thinking, anxious thoughts, an overarching mind, and who struggle with themes around resolution – the Pink Opal paves the way for bringing healing. Whether it's unraveling locked in ideals or soothing old wounds, Pink Opal takes us to a place of love and gentleness and it does so with a hearty dose of joy.


Pink Rose Quartz Crystal 

Rose Quartz crystal

Of all the pink crystals, none have the same notoriety as the Rose Quartz. Joyous, gentle, and rich with compassionate healing vibes, the Rose Quartz is the ultimate heart healer. This gem comes soaked in loving energy and is a dab hand at helping to shift stagnant energy around love and the heart chakra, inviting you to open up and find your faith in letting go again. Rose Quartz is all about raising self-worth, esteem, and the ability to say a heartfelt yes to what the universe has to offer. It aids communication, keeps you connected, and melts away bad vibes and broken stories that you may subconsciously cling to. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


Pink Fluorite

Pink Fluorite


Resolve conflict, demystify your desires, and get in touch with your true heartfelt feelings as you welcome Pink Fluorite into your life. Fluorite is all about sparkling clear clarity and finding that through the route of positive energy. It’s a great stone for reorganizing your thoughts, shifting perspective, and getting to the root of any icky feelings. Pink Fluorite floods you with positive play and is awesome at sharpening your concentration skills and bringing in a new breath of flexibility. For those who feel stagnant, stuck, or attached to their own wounded heart, Pink Fluorite can help you to feel born again. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.


Pink Rhodolite Garnet 

Rhodolite Garnet Crystal

Raspberry hues and the bright languor of summer wine meet in the shimmering shades of the Pink Rhodolite Garnet. This gem is here to balance the flow of energy across your body, arouse your Kundalini serpent, and to protect your aura when you fall into a deep meditation or when nurturing a psychic connection. This gleaming style of pink garnet also comes with a delicious dose of creativity. As warm and sweet as the sun, this gem soaks you to the bone with love, sincerity, and the hope of brighter days.



Kunzite crystal

Soft and kind - these are the two words that truly capture the energy of Kunzite. This gem is forever encouraging you to expand those loving thoughts. Despite its truly soft color scheme, never underestimate the power of Kunzite. This stone is sheer energy and can heal your whole being in what feels like an instant. Not only will Kunzite calm your nervous system but it also helps the body repair from physical stress and brings emotional discord into balance. For those who suffer from PMS or who just tend to be a little hard on themselves in general, Kunzite brings lashings of self-compassion and teaches you how to perfect the art of self-care. Find out more about the meaning of Kunzite.


Pink Sapphire 

Pink Sapphires

Elegance, good fortune, and fine feelings are splashed across the shimmering hard surface of the Pink Sapphire. While we tend to be more familiar with the dark blue sapphire stone, the pink variety brings its own powers to the wearer. Pink Sapphires are a pop of prettiness but also come with the promise of commitment, intention, and intense love and compassion. These are another beloved stone to be passed between lovers or worked into engagement rings. With the loving energy, the rich vibes, and the symbolism of finding great strength through hardship, this stone is a fierce and fabulous reminder as to what we are capable of.


Pink Moonstone

Pink Moonstone

Swoon over the ripe spring energy of the Pink Moonstone. Of all the crystals in the world, few come laced with the lore of feminine energy quite like the Pink Moonstone. Moonstone in general is fiercely connected to feminine vibes. It’s a gem that connects us to our subconscious, that helps us to move with the tides, and that encourages connection, inner wisdom, divine intuition, and deeply bound goddess energy. The shimmering pink element to this style of moonstone strengthens that connection, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. The Pink Moonstone helps infuse your inner landscape with psychic connection, protection, and the intimate knowledge of self. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz

As bright as a button and heightened with Hollywood glamor, the Pink Topaz may be a relative newcomer on the scene of crystal healing, but it brings its A-game to the party. This pretty gem is all about the heart. It lightens the load, invites you to let go of whatever weighs you down and promotes a party feel around the themes of life, love, and the lilt of laughter. This stone is also seen as the symbol of eternity which is why it's such a popular gem to form a long-term bridge between lovers.


Pink Spinel 

Pink Spinel Crystal

There’s no room for negative energy when Pink Spinel is involved. This bright and bursting gem is berry bright and as shiny as a new penny. It comes loaded with joy and courage and infuses every single cell with positively high vibrations. For those who are running on fumes, Pink Spinel will make you feel reborn. This stone doesn’t scrimp when handing you a lifeline and makes sure that your spiritual life stays lofty and supported all while helping your physical body to release toxins and bad vibe buildups.


Pink Calcite 

Pink Calcite

A stone of sweet compassion, Pink Calcite is all about heart intention, learning to be delicate with yourself, and cultivating unconditional love for all living things. For those who feel like they are a little too sharp around the edges, Pink Calcite can soften that blow. This stone invites you to breathe deep, let go of expectations, and be present in the perfection of imperfect moments. It holds energy and warmth incredibly well, meaning that if you have had a truly positive experience with this stone it will stash this in its core – ready for you to tap into those positive vibrations the next time. Find out more about the meaning of Pink Calcite.




Radiant in shades of purple and pink, we have so much love for the Lepidolite stone. This finely tuned heart chakra gem is all calm, making it an anchor in times of chaos. For those who tend to get swept away or who commonly fall into emotional overdrive, this stone will help anchor, ground, and grow your capacity for coping with all kinds of challenges. Lepidolite comes laced with naturally high levels of lithium. This makes it a truly relaxing stone to hold in hand. Lepidolite lets you move past themes of tension, anxiety, and instability, making sure that you are ever ready to transition with the times, embrace change, and stay connected to self-love and harmony. Find out more about the meaning of Lepidolite. 


How to Use Pink Crystals 

pink gemstone bracelets

There are many wonderful ways you can weave the magic of pink crystals into your life. One of the best ways to hold them close and let them work their heart magic is to wear gemstone jewelry so the crystals press against the skin. When healing crystals have contact with your skin, they are more likely to send those healing vibrations to sync up with your body, dissolving blockages in the chakra and removing toxic buildups of energy.

Other ways of using pink crystals include meditation practice, reiki healing, crystal grids, and of course placing these pink shimmering stones on your sacred heart space during healing and meditation sessions.

If you want to bring even more loving energy to your home or personal space, place pink crystals in your bedroom or beneath the pillow to bring that delightfully dreamy love and connection to all your intimate encounters.

What other gemstones should I combine them with? 

Pink stones love to be in company with white gems. Clear Quartz will instantly amplify those loving vibrations. Amethyst and other crown chakra gems also make a magical match for pink stones, particularly for those who want to use that loving energy to leap higher and who want to channel their heart into cosmic consciousness. For those who still feel a little wary around matters of the heart, black stones like Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, and Hematite can provide an extra dose of protection.

Wrap up

Hum with harmonious energy, love big and bold and don’t tread on eggshells around trust. Pink crystals teach us that love conquers all – not in a romantic way but it reminds us that no matter what happens, we are worthy, we are wild, and we are all a part of this world.

Which is your favorite pink crystal? Share all your pink crystal stories with us in the comments and let's heal our hearts together.


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