What is My Angel Number? Everything You Should Know


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What is My Angel Number? Everything You Should Know

Angel numbers are divine digits and numerical sequences that are sent down from our guardian angels to help us. At first, we may think that the number we keep seeing over and over again is pure coincidence, as can show up in the most inconspicuous ways - on license plates, telephone numbers, street signs, digital clocks, documents, and so forth. However, seeing the same number and feeling drawn to it can be a sign that your guardian angels are communicating with you and sending this number because they have a specific message to share. 

Angel numbers have spiritual significance and can come to us during times of trial and tribulation but also can show up when higher beings simply want to offer divine guidance. Each angel number meaning is different and can have a different meaning depending on the person seeing it and what is happening in their daily life. Unraveling angel number meanings takes understanding the vibrational energies behind each number and using a blend of intuition and the numerology chart to interpret the meaning of these numbers. 

The concept of angel numbers can be broken into two different camps. There are universal angel numbers that have universal meanings and messages that aren't specific to any one person. Instead, these divine messages come to us when we need support and guidance. Then there are personal angel numbers that are specific to each person and can offer insight and guidance into your own life path and personality traits (similar to your zodiac sign, etc.). Here we take a closer look at how you can find your own unique angel life path number and what this could mean for you. 

How to Find Your Angel Number

For those who are curious and want to find their angel number, there are a few ways of figuring it out. Being open to angel numbers, cosmic energy, and divine messages can be a great way of deepening your connection with the divine realm and will help you recognize angel expressions when they are reaching out to you. Knowing your angel numbers can help you to feel clear and cohesive as you move through the muddled paths and challenges in life. They can be a powerful reminder of our soul mission and lend comfort and encouragement when we need it the most. Here's how to find your angel number so you can have the best shot of following the right path and fulfilling your finest potential in life. 

Method 1: Pay Attention to Repeating Numbers

One of the best ways of figuring out divine signs and finding your angel number is to keep your heart, mind, and eyes wide open. If you start to notice a repetitive number sequence showing up in your everyday life - this can be your angel number making itself known. As with all things connected to the metaphysical realm, angel numbers rely on your intuition and learning to trust that connection you have with energetic forces and the flow of life. If a number is jumping out at you or drawing you in, and you feel like you have a special affinity to it - this is one of the most important signs that you have found your angel number. If you need help tapping into your intuition, you can consult the crystal guide and seek gemstone bracelets, spiritual necklaces, worry stones, birthstone necklaces, and crystal angels to help you.

Method 2: Use Numerology to Calculate Your Life Path Number

When it comes to personal angel numbers, you can use an angel number birthday calculator or numerology to find out which angel number sequence is connected to your life path. You can find your angel number by adding up the numbers of your birthdate (day, month, and year) and breaking it down until you have your single digit. That single digit will then be your base numerology number which can be connected to double-digit and triple-digit sequence numbers too. For example, your birthday is the 1st of January 1984. You would add 1+1+1+9+8+4, which equals 24. Then 2+4 equals 6. So your number is 6, and any sequence that shows up with a 6 is relevant to you, such as 66 or 666. You can also use an angel number calculator for ease.

Method 3: Consult with an Angel Card Reader

Another way of getting to grips with your angel number is to visit an angel card reader and let them lay it out for you. An angel card reader is a metaphysical practitioner who can read your angel cards to lend insight into your personal growth and life path and share valuable guidance offered by the cards. As they know how to unravel the mystical meanings behind the cards, you can ask for specific guidance and answers to all your pertinent questions. 

What Does Your Angel Number Mean?

0/000 - A beautiful blank page and the possibility of untapped potential being unlocked sit at the heart of this angel number meaning. There's also big spiritual energy tied up in this angel number as its shape also represents wholeness, unity, and the cyclical nature of things.

1/111 - This angel number means new beginnings and fabulous fresh starts. It's also a number that reminds us to seek our own sense of freedom and to challenge ourselves in life. There's big manifesting energy in angel number sequences with the number 1, and an abundance of blessings could be coming your way.

2/222 - Balance, connection, and the importance of romantic relationships that feed your soul can be found in angel number 2. It can also be a sign sent from your angels to let you know that your life is heading in the right direction and the spiritual realm approves of the decisions you have been making lately 

3/333 - Stable foundations and the importance of support during difficult times come cloaked in the energy of the angel number 3. It can also be a sign from the spiritual realm that you may want to bring your life into balance - look at what is lacking and use a positive approach to round out your life in a way that makes sense to you.

4/444 - Breathe a sigh of relief if you see the number 4 show up in sequence. It can be a sign that even if things are set to get tough, you will have all the support you need to get through it. Change is part of spiritual growth, and this number invites you to lean into your intuition and trust in the universe. It's a number all about inner strength and staying steady.

5/555 - The number 5 in an angel number sequence can mean there are changes and transformations ahead, but these are necessary to lead you to spiritual enlightenment. It is also a number filled with positive attitudes and amazing energy, so could just be the motivating factor you need. 

6/666 - Far from being a number of negativity, the number 6 is full of mystical properties that ask you to balance the material, spiritual, and emotional needs in your life. It's a number that also encourages active responsibility for yourself (a great way of handing power back to yourself) and can also be a sign that it may be time to face your shadow side.

7/777 - Wisdom, wonder and the pure potential for growth can be found in angel number 7. This number is a special angel invitation to surrender and stop trying to control things outside of your forces. It's a reminder to trust that things will work out for the best and to nurture a positive outlook, energy, and abundance rituals.  

8/888 - Sharing its shape with the infinity symbol, the angel number 8 is linked to potential, success, financial abundance, and hard work paying off. Seeing this number can be an angel message of recognition and reward. 

9/999 - A chapter coming to a close can be the energy behind angel number 9. As the last number in the single-digit cycle, 9 represents the closing of a cycle and the promise of a brand new adventure ahead. 


What is an angel number?

An angel number is considered to be a message from the divine realm sent in the form of a number or sequence of numbers. These numbers can offer guidance from angels regarding a situation or life path or can be a form of comfort or reassurance. They often show up in mundane everyday ways, such as on license plates, telephone numbers, receipts, and digital clocks.

How do I know if a number is my angel number?

If you keep seeing a sequence of numbers and your intuition tells you that this number is important, this can be one of the signs that an angel message is waiting for you. Angel numbers ask you to lean into your own wisdom to determine which numbers have meaning in your life. For personal angel numbers, you can also use angel number calculators and spiritual readers to help you be sure.

Can I have more than one angel number?

Yes, when dealing with universal angel numbers, it is possible to see different numbers at different times and to feel drawn to more than one number. Each number has distinct meanings, and they are meant to guide and comfort you at different stages in life.

What should I do if I keep seeing my angel number?

If you keep seeing your angel number, it may be helpful to work out the meaning behind that specific number so you can unravel what guidance your guardians are sharing. Trusting your intuition, meditating on the number, and considering how it is relevant to your current life can help you to take the appropriate action. 

Is my angel number always the same?

Your personal angel number (or life path number) will remain the same as it is connected to your birth day. However, universal angel numbers will shift and will show up depending on what kind of guidance and support you need in your life at that time. You may have the same angel number for a period of time until things have shifted. 

Can I change my angel number?

Your angel number has come to you for a reason, so you may want to address those reasons first. The universe always wants what is best for you, and you cannot control the divine realm. If you want to change your angel number, you are best to solve the message and listen to the guidance first so you can make the right changes. 

Can my angel number be a combination of numbers?

Yes, angel numbers can be a combination of different numbers as each number holds a different meaning, and sometimes combinations can offer clearer guidance. For example, seeing an angel number 911 can have messages and guidance relating to the meaning of number 9, the number 1, and the number 11. 


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