Rainbow Hematite Meaning: Healing Properties and Everyday Uses


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Rainbow Hematite Meaning: Healing Properties and Everyday Uses

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What is Rainbow Hematite?

Rainbow Hematite is a mineral of iron oxide. When Hematite mixes with Goethite it is called Rainbow Hematite. It has an iridescent multicolored surface. It takes its iridescent look from the aluminum phosphate particles. Rainbow Hematite means master grounding and balance.

Coloring the Seven Chakras

Splashed with all the colors of the seven chakras, Rainbow Hematite is like a sponge for the soul – ever ready to soak up all that negative energy. For those empaths and deep thinkers who feel like they need a soul stone to absorb the darkness of the heart, Rainbow Hematite is a rare gift. Connecting with the solar plexus, Rainbow Hematite can be used as a protective force, can grant solid grounding, and can also be used to dig yourself out of stuck in the mud scenarios.

Physical Properties of Rainbow Hematite

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From the deep mountains of Brazil, Rainbow Hematite is born in all her bright shimmering glory. The stone takes its name from the Greek word for blood, and with her welcome weight in your hand and her dark and dreamy undertones, it’s a stone that lends itself well to healing. The dominant energy forces and fierce magnetic nature helps to bring our yin and yang into balance.

Rainbow Hematite Uses and Benefits

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Known as The Master Grounding Stone with shades of warrior magic, Rainbow Hematite is a shield on the battlefield of life. Raring to go when it comes to dissolving low energy vibrations, this stabilizing stone brings plenty of benefits to the table.

Root Down

Connected the Solar Plexus and root chakras, Rainbow Hematite is a glorious piece of kit for those who want to feel safer in their own skin. If you struggle with keeping boundaries, find you cannot stand up for yourself in times of conflict, and feel that staying grounded is a challenge, Rainbow Hematite keeps you strong and firm in your space.

Protect From EMF’s

Throw up a wall against electromagnetic fields by tapping into the charge held by Rainbow Hematite. For those who are sensitive to EMF’s you may feel your energy often in a slump, you may suffer headaches and other physical ailments, and you may also soak up negative energies with ease. Rainbow Hematite is amazing at soaking this all up for you.

Balance Autoimmune System

If you find that your personal flight and fight response can leave you in tricky response situations of overwhelm, having Rainbow Hematite close will help your nervous system to find its balance. It’s vibrational force, yin and yang energies, and joyful iridescent colors can instantly soothe the soul which in turn leads to deeper states of meditation and good solid sleep.

How to Use Rainbow Hematite

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All the colors of the rainbow and a deep sense of rooting in, here’s how you use Rainbow Hematite so your branches can bloom with wild abandonment…

Get Grounded

Using Rainbow Hematite as part of a grounding meditation is an amazing way to feed your Sacral and Root Chakras exactly what they need. Hold your stone in the non-dominant hand, set the intention and focus the breath. Let the stone’s energy flow through your hand, up your arm, into the spine and down the root.

Keep Close

Keep your Rainbow Hematite close by opting for a piece of jewelry that uses the Warrior Stone as a celebrated feature. A bracelet is a good choice as it keeps the chi at the pulse point, inviting that energy to flow through your whole body.

As a Physical Healer

For those who battle blood conditions, digestive issues, parasympathetic problems, and who fight with insomnia and sleep, Rainbow Hematite may be the gem that brings you back to a healthy harmonious glow.

What’s your relationship to Rainbow Hematite? Share your thoughts on this shimmering stone in the comments.


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