Moldavite Meaning: Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Benefits


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Moldavite Meaning: Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Benefits

moldavite stone


  • Meaning: Moldavite is a transformative stone known as the "Holy Grail Stone," believed to bring about rapid spiritual evolution.
  • Healing Properties: It is said to have healing qualities that cleanse the chakras and accelerate personal development, often linked to the heart and third eye chakras.
  • Protection: Moldavite is also considered a protective stone, offering a shield of spiritual protection and helping to block negative energies.
  • Usage: The crystal is commonly used in meditation and jewelry, aiding in the alignment with one's highest self and facilitating communication with the divine.
  • Care: To care for moldavite, it should be cleansed regularly using methods like smudging or resting it on a selenite charging plate to maintain its vibrational energies.

Moldavite is a vitreous silica rock that can be found in dark green color and blue-green. It comes under the category of glass and was formed by a meteorite impact 15 million years ago. Moldavite is a form of tektite and is a 5.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale. The meaning of Moldavite is transformation, fortune, and protection.

Crystals are fascinating. Born under the wildest conditions possible, they often arrive on our mortal plain from fiery volcanoes, shifting rock, surging surf, and starry impacts. Moldavite is no exception. This beautiful rare gem comes from an impact of a meteor with mother earth. It is a byproduct of another place and another time, something that has traveled far and wide to land earthside and be with us in the here and now. Who couldn’t be intrigued by this deep green mysterious rock? Moldavite is a one-of-a-kind crystal and we wanted to delve a little deeper to uncover all those mysterious qualities and to find out what extraterrestrial energies this glimmering green gem carries with it. 

We are going to take a look at 

  • All the healing properties of Moldavite
  • Which chakras and zodiac signs it links to
  • How to activate your Moldavite gem
  • Crystals that make a perfect match for Moldavite
  • How to use your Moldavite crystal

If the Moldavite stone feels too overwhelming and you want to start with a simpler stone instead, take a look at our healing guide to essential gemstones and find a crystal that calls to you.


The Stone of Transformation 

collection of Moldavite stones

  • Made by a meteorite colliding with earth
  • Found in the Czech Republic
  • Highly spiritual and energetic

For almost 15 million years Moldavite has made its home here on Mother Earth. Born from a meteorite that is believed to have crashed into the Bohemian plateau (AKA the modern-day Czech Republic), the impact was believed to have been so fierce that it smashed straight through and into the earth’s core leaving pieces of molten rock scattered for miles. Later this rock hardened into Moldavite - a rare forest green gem that can be found along the Moldau river. As Moldavite has been with us for millions and millions of years, it has passed through the hands of our ancestors. Even as far back as neolithic times, Moldavite was used as a good luck stone especially when it came to matters of fertility. Archaeologists have found cutting tools alongside Moldavite amulets dating back to 25,000 BC out in eastern Europe. And to this very day, we still adore Moldavite for the magic it can bring us. 

There was also a rumor that Moldavite was the stone of the holy grail (although it’s also believed to be emerald instead). But as the holy grail was known to be a stone that rejuvenated people and helped them to heal, it stands to reason that it could be Moldavite as this life-giving gem also shares those same qualities. 

Because it literally fell from the stars, Moldavite is highly respected and revered in the spiritual community. It has an intense frequency and even when touching it you can feel this energy surge right through. It’s a stone that certainly turns up the dial when it comes to accelerating spiritual and emotional journeys and this can take some getting used to. As Moldavite is earth and stardust infused, it is genuinely a stone of transformation and can bring out some incredible changes in those who know how to harness its otherworldly energy.

Moldavite is rare, precious, and can be pricey because so much of it still sits too deep in the earth. Extracting Moldavite is complex work and refining it is also a delicate job which makes it even more special. Moldavite isn’t here en masse and it’s likely to go extinct as there is only a limited supply of it on our planet. 

Healing Properties 

stardust image from NASA

Many believe that the olive green and earthly energy of Moldavite was sent to us to help us ascend. There’s no denying this gem has big energy and with big energy comes big shifts. Moldavite has an intensely high frequency and that fact married with its cosmic collisions and its earthly and extraterrestrial vibes make it a strong stone indeed. 

Some people when holding Moldavite for the very first time may even experience what is called the Moldavite flush. The green gem can let off an intense warmth which can send a tingling sensation through the body and lead to the wearer or holder becoming light-headed, giddy, and having a big energy shift. For some people of course this can be overwhelming. Moldavite certainly takes some getting used to, but when you have made your connection with it, this gem can take you to places and along paths you didn’t even know were possible. 


  • Helps with healthy cell turnover
  • Strengthens the eyes

Moldavite is a stone of sublime transformation and in order to heal and ascend, it helps to know every corner of our body. This green gem helps to illuminate those darkened corners so we can see where we are out of balance and get back on track. It encourages rejuvenation and healing, inviting cells to turnover and to move away from damage. The high vibrations of Moldavite can also help shift blocks which can contribute to ongoing pain and progressive illnesses. Like other green gems, it is also good for strengthening and healing the eyes and sorting gastric ailments too. It is believed that Moldavite can also slow down the ageing process and brighten our mental clarity too. 

Mental & Emotional Healing 

  • Helps transform behaviors
  • Encourages the release of negative energy

Guiding us towards new heights, Moldavite plays a huge role when it comes to our mental and emotional healing. It’s a stone connected to the heart chakra (like other green stones) meaning that it is always keen to encourage us to open our hearts, let go of negative energy, and practice the art of perfectly messy self-love. Moldavite doesn’t do things by halves, this stone is sublime at helping to clear out archaic patterns and ideas in order to guide you to a new place where you can thrive. Moldavite does the deep dive - it goes to places untouched and untethers you from traumas you could have been carrying for many years. While this may seem overwhelming it’s important, as only by shining a bright light on hidden corners can we see where we need to heal.

Metaphysical Properties 

  • Helps awaken psychic abilities
  • Connects you to spirit guides

Made of stardust and from places unknown, Moldavite definitely scores big when it comes to metaphysical magic. This gem is said to be an amulet sent to earth to help us ascend. It’s a stone that serves the spiritual community well, helping to awaken and strengthen psychic abilities, encouraging people to get in touch with their past life lessons, and connecting you to spirit guides and ethereal beings who can show you the way. Along with opening you up to spiritual forces, this gem can also keep you protected. It shares similar properties to Obsidian with its ability to throw up a forcefield of positive power to stop any bad vibes and harmful entities from getting through.


woman with hand on heart wearing gemstone bracelets

  • Balances all the chakras
  • Is particularly good for the heart chakra
  • Also clears the third eye and the crown

Moldavite affects all the chakras (this stone is all about balance and transformation). Being a gorgeous green gem means that it shakes any blockages out from the heart chakra and encourages uplifting healing. The heart chakra sits in the middle of our breastbone and rules how we connect with other people and ourselves. An open heart chakra is essential for building beautiful levels of compassion, leaning into love and trust, healing old heart wounds, and knowing how to hold our own beautiful boundaries. When we have an open heart chakra we are more likely to nurture healthy relationships and not waste our precious time on those that don’t spark joy deep within our souls. 

Moldavite also works in harmony with our third eye chakra. This is our gateway to all that glorious inner wisdom and how we learn to trust in ourselves too. By strengthening our sense of self-belief, illuminating our own deepest truths, and keeping us equally earthed and rising to new heights, we can be solid and soaring. When our third eye chakra is open, we can open ourselves up to new ideas, visions, dreams, and creative and spiritual practices. By tapping into that third eye energy, we are also able to access those psychic gifts and to rouse our crown chakra to connect with the cosmos. It’s that beautiful blend of cosmic charm and earthly weight that makes Moldavite such a worthy stone to work with.

Zodiac sign 

  • Good for all birth signs

Moldavite is not a traditional birthstone meaning that all zodiac signs can make the most of this glimmering green and a transcendental gem. As it is born from the stars, it carries energy for each zodiac sign within its power. It can be a beautiful stone for those born under the banner of spring as it is a crystal that welcomes renewal, freshness, rebirth, and total transformation - all the themes that flourish under the title of new life. 

How to Activate Moldavite 

woman holding moldavite piece between two fingers

  • Activate by cleansing, energizing, and programing
  • Can be a strongly energetic stone

For those wondering how to activate Moldative, there is a process that involves cleansing, energizing, and programming. The aim is to get the stone cleansed and ready so that you can sync up your energies and program it with your intention. 

This can be as simple as sitting with it in hand but for those who may be sensitive to the energy of Moldavite, it may take a little more mental work. As mentioned, Moldavite can be a powerful stone and you may experience the flush, this isn’t something to fear but you may need to take a break from the stone or balance it with other crystals

The Activation Process 

All crystals can totally benefit from a simple activation process. This is how we sync up energy and transfer intention. This doesn’t have to be a big spiritual song and dance, it can be as simple as clearing your mind and your heart and sending it your requests. You may not be the kind of person who wants to send their stone an intention, preferring instead to be led by the universe. While this can be awesome and we applaud the ride, there are people out there who want to be in the driver's seat and who have a specific idea, goal, or manifestation in mind. This is where setting intentions and programming your crystal can certainly help. You may have a big reaction to Moldavite or you may not - either way, you can be sure that this stone is going to be welcoming wonderful changes into your life.


One of the most important steps when setting up your life with any kind of crystal is to get it cleansed and charged up and ready for use. This is a good step to take as you don’t know where your gem has traveled from or what energy it has picked up along the way. A simple cleanse and charge will wipe the slate clean and prep it perfectly just for you. Here are a few ways in which you can cleanse your Moldavite. 

Water - hold your Moldavite under saltwater or spring water for several seconds so it has a chance for all that energy to run away. You can use tap water but any source of water within a natural setting is sure to be more powerful.

Moonlight - Moldavite is born from the space that sits beyond our sky and thus it reacts beautifully to slants of soft moonlight and the tambourine of the stars. Place your Moldavite on a windowsill at night or even plant it in the ground under a full moon and leave it until morning.

Sunshine - You can leave Moldavite under the warmth of sunlight for a couple of hours, keep it out of harsh direct sunlight.

Singing Bowls - Singing bowls can be a beautiful way to cleanse your Moldavite of any collected energy. If you don’t have a singing bowl you can also use chanting, tuning forks, and bells to bring those cleansing sound waves washing over your stone.

Smoke - Whether using incense or smudging with sage, Moldavite will react well to passing through healing smoke

Other Stones - Some crystals out there have huge cleansing energy and will work wonders when placed in the presence of your Moldavite crystal. Selenite and large geodes are great gems for this.


Now you have a cleansed piece of Moldavite, you may want to get it energized and rev up that spiritual engine. Moldavite loves nature and it thrives from being in natural settings. You can get it buzzing and ready for action by placing it in the earth, meditating with it beneath the rustle and breeze of the trees, and generally connecting it with the natural world whether that’s spring water, sunshine, starlight, or soil.


Programming your Moldavite with your intentions will help you to clear the path of obstacles, balance the chakras, and manifest the life you want to live. Programming your Moldavite stone can be as simple as holding it in your left hand. Our left hand is our receiving hand and our right is our giving hand. As you are asking Moldative and the universe to help you receive that which you desire, it makes sense to use the left hand.

Close your eyes, take deep cleansing breaths, and use the power of visualization to envision what it is you want from your Moldavite stone. Be very clear in the asking and try to steer away from ambiguity and stick to specifics. You don’t have to just choose one thing from your Moldavite stone, you can ask for all that your heart desires. 

It may take the body and the mind some time to adjust to the big energy of the Moldavite stone. On the first hold and when programming you may experience tingling, a sense of overwhelm, a high heat running through the body, and you may feel dizzy or lightheaded. This isn’t to say you should stop using the stone but tread gently until you have adjusted to its power. This may take some time and you may find yourself a little more tired than usual for a while as your own energy runs to keep up with Moldavite’s walk. Be patient and trust that it will fall into the same pace.

Crystals that work with Moldavite Crystal 

collection of crown chakra bracelets

As mentioned, Moldavite is one of a kind and has big energy. It’s not afraid to delve into your shadow side and its intense vibrations can sometimes sweep you off your feet in a way that feels weird. This is why it’s so important to stay grounded when dealing with Moldavite. If you are feeling untethered or unstable, you definitely will need some crystal help to adjust to the meteorite magic of Moldavite. One of the best ways to do this is to wear it or use it alongside a gentle nurturing and grounding stone. For this reason, we think Moldavite is an amazing match for Smoky Quartz

If you need a little extra support while delving into the dark corners of your shadow self it helps to have a little more love in the room. Self-compassion is a must when working through the hard stuff and for this reason, we think Rose Quartz is going to bring that soft mothering that is needed. 

Keeping clear-headed cool energy and overall balance and clarity is also a great match for Moldavite as it stops you from getting zonked out or falling into overwhelm when working with this stone. Clear Quartz is definitely your cheerleader on this front. 

The Herkimer Diamond is also known to effectively balance the energies of Moldavite too. You can also turn to Amethyst if you want to stay serene and calm and checked in with your crown chakra while working on your spiritual growth with Moldavite. 

Using Your Moldavite Crystal 

So now you have Moldavite in your life, what is the best way to call on the healing powers of this crystal? 

One of the best ways to raise your vibrations with Moldavite is to wear it. Moldavite jewelry is an active decision to keep its presence with you when you step out the door. Having Moldavite pressed against the skin is an authentic way to sync up energies all while keeping yourself surrounded by the proactive powers of this precious and rare gem. 

For those who want to use Moldavite to tap into psychic powers, then meditating with it will help you to access spirit guides, cosmic connections, universal truth, angels, and ancestors too. It is a great gem to have beside you when going through shamanic journeys, past life exploration, and other such spiritual ventures. For those who are keen to clear their heart chakra, you can place Moldavite on that area during meditation.

Having your Moldavite close by while journaling or playing with creativity can also help you to remove any kinds of blocks. It’s a great tool for elevating consciousness and exploring secret corners of ourselves. There is a lot of healing to be gained from creative work.

We don’t recommend keeping Moldavite close to your bed while sleeping as it is such a strong energy stone that its vibes could disrupt your rest patterns. It can be used for those who are delving into lucid dreaming though. 

Geological Properties

Moldavite Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Tektosilicate
Chemical Formula SiO2 + Al2O3 + Fe2O3
Crystal System Amorphous (formerly thought to be from the Moldavite Group of the Tetragonal System)
Color Green, brownish-green, grayish-green, yellowish-brown
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Occurrence Moldova, Czech Republic, and surrounding areas in Central Europe
Formation Formed from a meteorite impact about 15 million years ago
Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent
Cleavage None
Mohs Hardness 5.5
Specific Gravity 2.32-2.38
Diagnostic Properties Green color, teardrop shape, bubbly texture
Chemical Composition Silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide
Crystal System Amorphous
Optical Properties Uniaxial negative
Refractive Index 1.48-1.52
Birefringence 0.008-0.013
2V angle 50-70 degrees
Dispersion 0.013
Other characteristics Tektite, impactite, found in Czech Republic and Germany

Final Thoughts

Moldavite may not be a beginner stone but it is definitely a good investment for those looking to leap higher and further in a quicker time. That’s not to say that there are shortcuts in healing, but for those ready to do the work, Moldavite doesn’t beat around the bush. This is a gem that doesn’t allow you to sink into stagnancy or skip out on your full potential. It’s a stone that doesn’t just acknowledge that you want to make a change but one that goes ahead and gets you on the road to do just that. Moldavite is a rare and magical experience. 

What are your thoughts on the Moldavite meaning? Do you find this powerful crystal enchanting or overwhelming? Share all your thoughts with us in the comments.

Moldavite FAQs


What does Moldavite do?

Moldavite is a stone of transformation. This fascinating gem has been here for more than 15 million years and is believed to be a great stone for bringing about shifts in energy, encouraging us to let go of negative thoughts and feelings, and untethers us from past traumas so we can move forward in life.

How to tell if Moldavite is real?

Real Moldavite will usually have a mossy color to it rather than a loud and bright green. It will also have inclusions as a clear Moldavite is very rare to find. A true piece of Moldavite will also have various textures going on - it can be smooth and lumpy in parts. It also appears matte rather than slick looking.

What is Moldavite used for?

Moldavite is used for welcoming shifts in energy. It can be an amazing healing gem as it encourages us to work through traumas and tired patterns so we can make space for better things to come. It also helps with themes of self-love, building connection, and can even help to strengthen spiritual gifts and psychic awareness.

How to activate Moldavite?

Moldavite is a big energy stone so you will want to activate it first. You can do this by prepping the stone through a cleansing and charging process. Once cleansed and charged, sit with Moldavite in your left hand and take a few cleansing breaths. Then, use the power of visualization to help you program the stone to help you achieve your dreams.

How to cleanse Moldavite?

Cleansing Moldavite will help it to work at the top of its game and will prevent it from getting blocked or backed up with bad energy. To cleanse it you can use a range of techniques including water, moonlight, singing bowls, and the use of smudging.

How to use Moldavite?

Moldavite can be a very strong stone to use so we recommend building up to it. Once you are used to its energy, you can wear Moldavite jewelry to keep your energy synced and to always be surrounded by protection. You can also use Moldavite on your heart chakra to cleanse the space and welcome in love and compassion. Moldavite can also be used in creative or spiritual practice as it’s a gem that sparks cosmic connection and shamanic exploration.

What is Moldavite good for?

Moldavite is an amazing stone for many things and works across the physical, emotional, and spiritual avenues. Physically it's good for shifting blocks that can cause ongoing illnesses. Spiritually its good for clearing away old patterns so new ones can thrive, and metaphysically it can help with clearing the heart chakra and awakening and strengthening psychic abilities.

What is a Moldavite?

Moldavite is a fascinating stone. It’s a vitreous silica rock that came into being after a meteorite impact over 15 million years ago. It falls under the category of glass and usually has a dark green or olive color. Moldavite is known to be a stone of transformation and can help with shifting thoughts and patterns along with protecting you from negative energy.

Can Moldavite get wet?

Moldavite scores between a 5 and 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a relatively tough stone that is born from stardust and as it falls under the category of glass, water shouldn’t cause too much damage. However, as with all previous gems and crystals, we don’t recommend leaving it in water for extended periods of time.

Is Moldavite dangerous?

Moldavite isn’t considered to be a dangerous stone in the physical realm but it can be a very powerful stone spiritually. Some people may feel overwhelmed the first time they hold or wear Moldavite. They may feel light headed or experience a tingling sensation. This is because Moldavite has a high frequency. If Moldavite makes you feel overwhelmed you can start small and build up when using this stone.

Where does Moldavite come from?

Moldavite comes directly from the stars which is why it has such a high frequency and comes with potent and powerful vibes. As it was formed when a meteorite hit earth 15 million years ago it is only found in the Czech Republic although some pieces can be found in Austria and Germany.

How to charge Moldavite?

Moldavite has a lot of energy but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t benefit from a quick charge every once in a while. You can charge it the usual way - moonlight, sunlight, other crystals, etc but it also likes to be placed among nature so feel free to place it in the earth or under trees.

Where is Moldavite found?

99% of Moldavite is found in the Bohemia area around the Vltava River in the Czech Republic as this is where the crater of the meteorite hit when it fell to earth 15 million years ago. Some pieces of Moldavite can also be found around Dresden in Germany and near Radessen in Austria.

Where to get Moldavite?

Moldavite is a relatively rare gem but you should still be able to source it from any good crystal seller or a company that deals in geological wonders. Always make sure that you buy from a reputable seller to ensure that the Moldavite you get is the real deal.

How to spot fake Moldavite?

Fake Moldavite may be too vibrant in color and shiny whereas real Moldavite will have a darker green hue going on and will also have a matte look to it. True Moldavite also has inclusions and even sometimes gas bubbles beneath the surface. If your Moldavite is too clear it is probably not the real deal.

Why is Moldavite so expensive?

As much of Moldavite is still buried in the earth and you can only source it from one particular area of Europe it means that this stone can be expensive. Digging Moldavite out of the ground also takes a lot of time and patience and in its raw form it is also found in small droplets rather than big pieces. All of this adds to the cost and worth of Moldavite.

Is Moldavite toxic?

There is nothing within Moldavite that would make it toxic and physically there is nothing worrying about this crystal. Spiritually Moldavite has big energy and can be very powerful which some people can find overwhelming.

Does Moldavite work?

Moldavite is said to be one of the most powerful stones out there. For those who are new to this gem it can cause tingling or overwhelm at the beginning. However, despite its big energy it is a great stone for healing as it can effectively shift patterns, clear out negative energy, and encourage positive change and deep healing.

Is Moldavite a crystal?

Moldavite actually falls under the category of glass and is a type of tektite. This is because it was formed when a meteor hit the earth 15 million years ago creating the necessary high temperatures and high pressure that is needed for this deep green stone to grow.

How does Moldavite work?

Moldavite has a high frequency and therefore holds a lot of energy. It’s been on the earth for millions of years and was formed by a meteor crashing down from the cosmos. Because of all this, Moldavite carries the energy of shift, change, and even spiritual healing. It works by raising your own vibrations and clearing out blocks from the heart chakra along with inviting you to let go of old traumas and patterns so you can move into a more positive space.

What does real Moldavite look like?

Real Moldavite is usually a darker green color - with hues like moss or olive. It has a matte finish usually rather than looking shiny, slick or wet. It can have varying textures - even on the same piece - ranging from smooth to bumpy and waved. Real Moldavite will also have inclusions beneath the surface along with swirls and bubbles.

Does Moldavite need to be recharged?

Yes, all energetic stones and crystals benefit from a recharge every now and then. As Moldavite is a dab hand at clearing out negative energy, you can keep it clear and working at the top of its game by charging every once in a while. You can charge Moldavite with moonlight, sunlight, other stones, or even by leaving it under trees, in soil, and close to any kind of plant life.

How is Moldavite formed?

Moldavite was formed when a meteor hit the earth 15 million years ago. This major impact created the necessary climate for the mossy glass to form - bringing both high pressure and high heat together. The melting and cooling of the silica sand or rock leftover from the impact formed the tektite known as Moldavite.

Is Moldavite rare?

Moldavite is a rare gemstone. As it can only legally be mined in one place in the Czech Republic, there isn’t a lot of it on the market and what is already out there is dwindling. All of this adds to the cost of Moldavite and makes it a very special stone to have.

How to use Moldavite to manifest?

If you want to use your Moldavite for manifestation you can sit with the stone in hand. Take a few cleansing deep breaths and visualize what it is you truly want. Be specific. Now, imagine yourself achieving what it is you want and all the feelings that accompany it. Sit in those feelings for a moment before thanking the stone.

How to work with Moldavite?

There are many ways to work with Moldavite. You can wear the stone in jewelry form for constant protection and healing. You can use it in manifestation or when nurturing spiritual practices and gifts. You can also use it when cleansing the heart chakra. It is recommended to tread gently with Moldavite until you are used to its powerful energy.

Is Moldavite radioactive?

No, there have been no findings of radioactivity present in any Moldavite stones.

How rare is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a very rare gemstone. Because it was born from a meteor collision 15 million years ago, the conditions in which it forms are also quite rare. Moldavite can also only be mined in one village in the Czech Republic (the site of the crash) and getting it out of the earth is quite a delicate job. All of this adds to the stones' rarity and wonder.

How to meditate with Moldavite?

If you want to meditate with Moldavite you can hold it in your hand while you practice letting go of those monkey mind thoughts. You can also lie down and place it on your heart chakra space when meditating to cleanse any blocks and to build on your levels of self-love and compassion.

How to wear Moldavite?

If you want to communicate with higher powers or keep Moldavite in constant connection with your heart chakra you can wear it as a pendant. A Moldavite bracelet will also work by connecting to your pulse and surrounding you in positive energy. A Moldavite ring worn on the index finger can also help you strengthen your intuition whereas worn on the middle finger will help bring out your inner extrovert.


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