17 Crystals for Memory


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17 Crystals for Memory

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Whether your mind is as sharp and clear as glass or if you have your muddled days, keeping your memory intact is essential. While there may be previous thoughts and dreams you wish would dissipate, our life stories all lead to where we are now and help us to build a deeper more authentic picture of who we are. With the tick of time or for many other reasons, memory can fade and the earlier we learn to stimulate our memory into sharpness, the longer we hold on to it. Fortunately, there are crystals out there that can help your mind shimmer.

Holding onto memory isn’t just about keeping connected to who you are, for those studious types out there who are slaying in their lane, crystals can be an amazing study aid. Join us as we delve in and discover which crystals are ripe for mental clarity and long term memory.

The Best Gemstones to Protect Against Memory Loss 

Agate for holding on to life’s lessons

Clear Quartz for higher cohesive thoughts

Rose Quartz for dealing with difficult memories

Citrine for sunny sharpness and a zest for life

Amethyst for dreaming and sleep

Selenite for clearing agitation

Lapis Lazuli for memory, dreams, and visions

Calcite for retaining information

Hematite for a boost of brainpower

Malachite for moving on from the past

Pyrite for a pick-me-up study aid

Fluorite for dreamwork and remembering messages from the universe

Carnelian for getting the monkey mind under control

Obsidian for truth-seeking

Sodalite for memory in public speaking

Tourmaline for activating your mindscape

Black Tourmaline for clearing out old energy


1) Agate 

blue lace agate for memory

What it looks like: Beautiful in gentle shades of blue, Blue Lace Agate is shimmering softness

What it does: The soft and nurturing stone of Blue Lace Agate is all about tapping into that inner strength and guidance. To effectively find our path it helps to have a clear connection to memory and previous experiences and this is where Blue Lace Agate lends a hand. It strengthens the body, mind, and soul and makes you feel more confident and resilient in that decision making process. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Lace Agate.

When to use it: If you feel as though you struggle to adapt to the lessons you have previously learnt in life, Blue Lace Agate helps you to hold onto them and to see things clearly. Memory matters when it comes to forging our future and this stone ensures you have a good grasp on understanding the past.


2) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz for memory

What it looks like: As clean as the first fallen snow or ice upon the lake

What it does: The master healer stone invites you to clear your mind completely. This gem is famed for its ability to sweep out debris, stimulate the crown chakra, and help you retain all the info you need to thrive. Accessing your higher consciousness, the Clear Quartz invites expansion and cohesion so you can be clear exactly where you are going. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Call on Clear Quartz for crown chakra healing or meditation to pull your mind up out of the mud.


3) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz for memory

What it looks like: Pearly pink with a slight shimmer

What it does: Radiant with shades of love and compassion, the Rose Quartz stone is rich with gentle joy but is also a savvy aid for sharpening your memory tools too. This gorgeous gem strengthens empathy, helps you sort through emotional upheaval, and can also assist in helping to reassure your memory box that there is nothing to fear. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: For those who are dealing with traumatic memories or avoiding thinking about the past, this gentle stone nurtures and eases you through so you don’t have to shy away or check out from your own mind.


4) Citrine 

citrine for memory

What it looks like: Golden sunshine and summer vibes

What it does: Say yes to freshening all the senses with the sunny outlook of Citrine. Glorious golden shades and endless energy await you with this positively powered gem. When it comes to all things related to the mind, Citrine makes sure you are fresh as a daisy and full of va-va-voom. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: Keep Citrine on your person and let this vibrant gem keep up the good work, just having it close by makes you feel sharp and clear at all times.


5) Amethyst 

amethyst for memory

What it looks like: Purple prettiness with a mystical aura

What it does: A stone of deep spirituality and dreamscapes, Amethyst can deepen our relationship with the mind in many ways. This high vibrational gem helps us to hold onto memories and also encourages restful sleep which is vital to keeping our mind firm and strong. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: For those who are struggling to sleep and find their mind slower or out of sync, slip Amethyst beneath your pillow and let its soft healing energy lull you into instant rest.


6) Selenite 

Selenite stone

What it looks like: Peaches and cream with heavenly vibes

What it does: Sweet Selenite may be more associated with spiritual thought and practice but it also helps clear the mind and brings strength and focus to memory. This gem is all about cutting out the confusion and clearing the channels of the mind. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: If you sometimes feel like you are fighting an uphill battle with an agitated or anxious mind, Place Selenite on your forehead and let it sweep out the clutter so you think clearly.


7) Lapis Lazuli 

lapis lazuli for memory

What it looks like: Striking in royal blue with the promise of gold

What it does: Tap into that third eye and stimulate all shades of memory as you turn to the rare powers of Lapis Lazuli. Forever a spiritual healer, this stone is all about digging down deep in the soul and tapping into awareness and purpose. For this to be possible, Lapis Lazuli makes sure your mind is well and truly switched on. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.

When to use it: Place Lapis on your third eye when you want to delve deeper into memory or place beneath your pillow when wanting to remember dreams and visions.


8) Calcite 

orange calcite for memory

What it looks like: Soda pop shades from Sicily

What it does: Bright with bursts of color and joy, we love the Yellow Calcite stone for helping enhance memory. Known as the stone of the mind, this glorious gem is awesome at helping you retain information and can also bring its mind mapping skills to help you see an old problem from a whole new angle. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.

When to use it: A useful study aid to keep close by or a great chakra cleanser for when you need to remove blockages and bring in a delightful dose of hope and optimism. Especially strong when placed on the solar plexus.


9) Hematite 

hematite for memory

What it looks like: A silver flash of spring rain

What it does: Stir up that brilliant brain and lock yourself into divine discipline with the silvery sheen of Hematite. Known for helping you to finetune your focus and knuckle down, Hematite is an awesome stone to stimulate logical thought patterns and studious ventures. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.

When to use it: If you have a big test on the horizon and need to commit to studying or if you are trying to problem solve but don’t know where or how to start, Hematite invites you to tap into that brain power.


10) Malachite 

malachite for memory

What it looks like: Gleaming in green and rippled with black veins

What it does: Not only is Malachite well versed in sharpening memory skills but it also guides you in knowing when to hold on and when to let go of memories from the past. This is a healing stone that understands that some shadows aren’t good for lingering and that getting tethered to old habits and ideas can hold you back. For sorting through the past, Malachite keeps you connected and moving. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

When to use it: If you are someone who needs a push to let go of the past, Malachite can help. It teaches us how to hold onto memory in a positive way and is a great stone for encouraging new paths.


11) Pyrite 

pyrite for memory

What it looks like: Golden nuggets of sparkling fire and finery

What it does: Nicknamed Fools Gold thanks to its glittering vibes, Pyrite is a powerful gem that captures the suns energy and boosts your motivation. For all those who feel like they are wading through sluggish territory, Pyrite is the cleansing fire you need. This gem will wake up every inch of your being, helping you to retain all that essential info. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.

When to use it: For those late-night study missions or cramming for a big test, keep Pyrite on side for an extra dose of motivation. An instant pick me up, this gem washes away distractions so you can find space for all that you need inside your mind.


12) Fluorite 

rainbow fluorite for memory

What it looks like: Rainbow hues of gold, purple, and clear-headed energy

What it does: Fluorite is the genius in the crowd. This gem is a dab hand at helping with dreams, memory, and living a spiritual life of symmetry too. Taking its name from the word ‘flux’, this shimmering colorful crystal helps you to move with the flow but also to remember dreams and soak up the subtle lessons that life has to give. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

When to use it: This is a stone for slipping under your pillow for dreamwork or keeping on your person for staying malleable and connected to memory, truth, and your guiding inner light.


13) Carnelian

carnelian for memory

What it looks like: The color of passion, fiery red and orange

What it does: Strength and stamina rise up in the bright red stone of Carnelian. With the endurance of an athlete (applied to the mind), Carnelian protects the psyche from bad energy, awakens hidden talents, and shrinks unnecessary thoughts and can cause the mind to flit like a butterfly. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

When to use it: For those who struggle with the monkey mind, Carnelian stops the constant branch swinging by balancing imagination with motivation and action.


14) Obsidian 

obsidian for memory

What it looks like: As sleek and black as the velvet night

What it does: Inky black, polished, and with mirror-like magic, Obsidian invites you to encompass grounding, healing, and truth-seeking at every angle. We are better equipped to live in clarity and consciousness when we are free from falsehood and have an honest reading of our past and present. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: Carry Obsidian with you always to stay protected and in the light of truth or hold this stone in meditative practice when you want to clear some space in your mind.


15) Sodalite 

sodalite for memory

What it looks like: All wild Atlantic shades of salt and surf

What it does: The students stone earns its nickname from being a dab hand when it comes to channeling all that energy into keeping your memory clear and your focus sharp. It’s a mindful meditative yet incredibly stimulating stone that stirs up intellect and wit. Find out more about the meaning of Sodalite.

When to use it: For those who need to harness their memory and boost their public speaking confidence, Sodalite could be the stone you need. Also, keep it on hand when studying for anti-procrastination and powerful results.


16) Tourmaline 

pink tourmaline for memory

What it looks like: Shimmering in a thousand shades from watermelon pink to black

What it does: Tourmaline is a true treat for the mind. This glorious gem brings seven shades of positivity to the party and does excellent work when it comes to keeping your heart steady and your memory sharp and active. Tourmaline is a doing stone and connects with the crown chakra and the third eye meaning that your whole mindscape is clear and activated. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.

When to use it: Turn to Tourmaline as a constant companion to keep on top of your mind and the world. This stone is an excellent everyday gem to keep close and can also be useful in reiki cleansing and heart chakra clearing.


17) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline for memory

What it looks like: As dark and rugged as volcanic ash

What it does: A powerful grounding stone ripe with energy and forever ready to lead you out of shadow, Black Tourmaline is spellbinding when it comes to finetuning focus and memory. This dark and dreamy gem removes stagnant energy and stabilizes your chakras so you can thrive. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.

When to use it: Use Black Tourmaline when you need an energetic clear out. Using it on your root chakra will ensure solid grounding and a shift that can clear out old energy and allow focus and clarity to shine through.


How to Use These Memory Crystals 

gemstone bracelets for memory wrapped around a clear jar

Now you have your divine list of precious gems for clearing the mind and staying sharp, it helps to know exactly how to call on that power to get the most out of their healing properties. Here are a few surefire suggestions for using memory crystals...

  • Wear gemstone jewelry to ensure your mind is always switched on and sharp
  • Place a crystal in your workspace or study zone to help retain information and focus
  • Pop crystals under the pillow to help with dream recall
  • Use these memory crystals in reiki and crystal grids to keep the mind and body clear
  • Place memory crystals on your forehead to strengthen the mind

Wrap Up

Whether you want to invoke brain training to stay quick or if you are looking to ace all those exams, these crystals illuminate all corners and help you to thrive.

What are your favorite tips and techniques for sharpening your memory tools? Share with us in the comments.


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