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Sage Smudge

The practice of burning sage can be traced back to Native American culture. Shamans and healers have used this potent healing plant as part of a smudge ceremony for centuries.

Sage salvia is a plant that energy healers and practitioners now use to cleanse spaces in the home or office. A sage smudge allows you to shut out negative energies, invite positive energy into your space, and welcome the wisdom of centuries of healing practices.

Experience the Power of Sage Smudging for Cleansing and Healing

Buying sage is only the first step. Your sage smudge ritual allows you to experience the full healing benefits of this miraculous plant.

These benefits include:

  • Sage purifies negative ions in a space, which elevates the space and encourages a good mood.
  • A white sage smudge can clear up to 94% of the bacteria floating around in the air, with the sage essentially acting as an airborne disinfectant.
  • Sage smudging before bedtime encourages restful sleep by eliminating toxic thoughts. It can also help to relieve the aches and pains that prevent sleep.
  • Sage clears your cognition, allowing you to think with more clarity. For this reason, many people use sage in the office to help find a more productive headspace.
  • Burning sage helps to direct your energy and clear your intentions, with both actions relieving stress and anxiety.

If you wish to experience the many benefits of sage smudging, Tiny Rituals offers California white sage in our crystal shop. Beyond sage, we offer many crystal accessories, including crystal cubes, spheres, pyramids, towers, and hearts. For those who are concerned with their anxiety levels, we also offer worry stones, gemstone bracelets, and amethyst crystals. Discover a new world of energy healing with Tiny Rituals.


What is smudging sage?

Smudging sage involves placing the sage on a smudge stick. You then light the sage, only to blow out the flame to allow smoke from the stick to waft around the room. Many incorporate sage into a smudging ritual designed to cleanse negative energy from a room.

How to smudge with sage

Using a sage smudge requires four key steps:

1. Gather your sage bundle and lighter, along with an abalone shell to hold.

2. Set your intentions by focusing on the specific form of positive energy you wish to bring to your room.

3. Light the sage smudge stick and allow it to burn for between 10 and 20 seconds before you blow out the flame.

4. Smudge your room and yourself by wafting the smoke from the stick around. You may also place the stick in your abalone shell for a more focused smudging.

Read our detailed guide on smudging your space to learn more.

What are the benefits of sage in your house?

There are many benefits of burning sage in your home. Sage purifies negative ions, clears bacteria, calms anxiety, and helps to cleanse other crystals and energy objects.

How long do I burn sage to cleanse my house?

The actual burning of the sage takes around 20 seconds. However, you’ll likely spend several minutes on your cleansing rituals for each room.

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