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Opal Crystals

Opal Crystals

Opals are gorgeous stones that come in multiple colors and offer various benefits to the owner. Although opal crystals are referred to as crystals, they’re actually mineraloids. Made of miniscule silica deposit, they have a high-water content that gives the stone such a gorgeous translucent appearance.

The Origin of Opal Crystals

Opal has a long history and has gone through several name modifications. Opal’s original meaning was “precious stone.” Through the centuries, however, it has also meant “to see a change in color” and “the Eye Stone,” which perfectly describes its glassy and reflective properties.

Opal Crystal Properties

Just like opal reflects and absorbs light, it also reflects the mood and emotions of the user. It picks up on hidden emotions and buried desires and brings them to the surface. This might seem intrusive and unpleasant, but ultimately, it leads to a better understanding of your feelings and helps solve problems.

As opal is an October birthstone, it embodies water element energy connected to wisdom, intuition, flow, and change. It also encourages freedom and creativity.

Opal Crystal Colors

As mentioned, opal comes in various colors and types. You can choose between the precious opal, also called “rainbow opal,” which acts like a prism and shows different colors under light. Common opal is milky and doesn’t show different colors, while fire opal, the third type, has red, orange, and yellow colors.

Opal can also be blue, green, black, and pink. Pink opal is a popular choice for gifts as it promotes love, healing, and compassion. Black opal helps with distress, while white opal represents new beginnings.

Find the Perfect Opal Gemstone for You

For more information about opal and other gemstones, refer to Tiny Rituals’ crystal guide. Apart from lovely opal birthstone necklaces, we offer opal palm stones, crystal angels, and other equipment for your sacred place. You can even learn about Angel numbers meanings.


Is opal a crystal?

Although often classified as a crystal, opal is actually a rare amorphous mineral. It doesn’t have a crystal structure but a multitude of tiny silica spheres. Its high-water content is due to the solution of silicon dioxide and the water itself.

What does opal crystal do?

Opal is a useful crystal when it comes to releasing negative energy and closing old wounds. People with past troubles or bottled-up emotions are often attracted to this gem. Opal can also help you connect with your inner self and find passion. It’s especially connected to third-eye and crown chakras, which are associated with intuition and wisdom. As for physical healing, opal improves vision, blood disorders, and digestive system ailments.

What is opal crystal used for?

Opal can be worn as a daily gemstone bracelets, spiritual necklaces, or just carried in the pocket for daily spiritual uplifting. During meditation, they can be used as worry stones for better connection with your inner self. As a water element that provides better flow and fluidity, opal is an excellent home decoration.

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