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Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian Necklace

A carnelian necklace features the carnelian gemstone as its primary decorative element. Carnelian is a reddish-orange to a brownish-red type of chalcedony mineral, and it has been used in jewelry making for a thousand years.

The carnelian stone has many names, including The Artist Stone, The Sunset Stone, and The Singers Stone. It is the perfect stone for those seeking to boost their confidence, get past creative blocks, gain motivation, balance their chakras, and so much more.

Over the years, people have used carnelian stones as amulets for good luck and protection. They were also employed to enhance spiritual development and awareness.

Carnelian Birthstone

While the carnelian stone is not considered a birthstone, it is commonly linked to the Virgo zodiac sign. But individuals born under Leo and Aries can also benefit from its fiery properties. Keep these stones nearby to boost your creativity, motivation, confidence, and passion.

Carnelian Healing Properties

Carnelian has many metaphysical and emotional healing properties. It balances the sacral chakra, which controls sexuality and creativity.

The red-colored options are linked to the base chakra, associated with survival, stability, and instincts. The root chakra also fixes your soul and body to the Earth. As a result, it draws its energy from the ground, thus serving as your primary power source. The carnelian meaning is courage, stamina, endurance, motivation, and creativity, while the carnelian necklace meaning is royalty, health, and good luck.

Carnelian necklaces are an excellent way to incorporate the healing powers of this captivating stone into your life. They will help you conquer negative preconceptions and replace feelings of uncertainty, fear, and silence with the ability to let go, embrace willpower and warmth, and laugh heartily instead of isolating yourself in the dark and the cold.

If you want carnelian bracelets and necklaces, visit our crystal store. We offer various options, including the carnelian heart necklace and the carnelian raw crystal necklace. You can rest assured that you will find an option to suit your style, personality, and intention.

We also have other items that pair well with the carnelian necklaces, including zodiac bracelets and gemstone bracelets, and crystals. Discover some of the best crystals to pair with the carnelian crystal necklace in this crystal guide.


  1. Do carnelian necklaces work?
  2. Carnelian necklaces have healing and metaphysical properties that can improve your well-being and help you on your spiritual journey. They connect to the sacral and base chakras to keep you grounded and stable. They will also boost your creativity, courage, and zest for life.

  3. What does a carnelian necklace do?
  4. A carnelian necklace can do a lot of things, including:

    • Attract good luck
    • Balance the sacral chakra
    • Revitalize energy and strengthen intuition
    • Stabilize sex drive
    • Inspire grounding and stability
    • Alleviate mood swings
    • Boost memory, creativity, and analytical skills
    • Increased self-confidence

    Please note that there are a lot of fakes on the market, but you need a real carnelian necklace to enjoy the benefits above.

  5. Can I shower with my carnelian necklace?
  6. You can shower with your carnelian necklace; however, it is not recommended because it may be ruined if exposed to salt water.

  7. Can I sleep with my carnelian necklace?

Unfortunately, you cant sleep with your carnelian necklace. This stone has energizing properties, which may increase activity levels even when rest is needed. It is advisable to remove the carnelian necklace before going to sleep.

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