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Crystal Spheres

Crystal Sphere

Call on the perfect harmony of balanced energy with the crystal sphere. Historically, the sphere is considered to be one of the most sacred shapes. Round, complete, and with every single point sitting in equidistance from the center, the ball-like sphere represents unity and wholeness -a feeling of full completion. They can be held in the hand for moments when you need to harness or move energy. They can be used for scrying and tapping into the messages of the wider world and the future. They can also be placed upon a sacred altar to create a space of clear and vivid energy and to work in service with the body, mind, and soul.

All Kinds of Crystals

Crystal spheres can be made from many different kinds of crystals. Pick a Rose Quartz crystal ball to fend off negative energy and to fill a space with soft and healing love. Turn to the protective powers of a Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian healing crystal sphere. The darker crystal balls can prove to be one of the most powerful tools for scrying and occlumency as their mirror-like surfaces invite you to glimpse into the future. Turn to a Lapis Lazuli and treat yourself to a beautiful blue crystal ball that grants higher knowledge, deeper wisdom, and taps into your well of creativity. Get blessed with the Amethyst sphere. Of all the quartz spheres, Amethyst oozes serenity, sweet inner peace, and crown chakra healing so you can leap as high as you dare to dream.

Where Space and Time Come Together

Crystal balls are smooth and polished mini spheres that buzz with positive energies. Rolling them between your palms you can fill every cell of your being with radiant energy, harnessing the individual power of your natural chosen gemstone. They can also be used as part of your crystal grid or for stress relief and massage. Crystal spheres are just the right shape for rolling over the body and tapping into the art of reflexology. Using a little pressure, you can iron out energetic kinks and even bring all your chakras back into alignment. Shape affects a crystal's energy so having the benefit of a ball can bring big Zen vibes to your collection. As mentioned, spheres may be one of the simplest shapes when it comes to sacred geometry, but they are a seed of everything, they share the same shape as the world we stand on, and they represent a place where time and space come together in perfect harmony.


What are crystal spheres suitable for?

It’s said that crystal spheres make potent tools for healing, meditation, and environmental cleansing. Their energy expands in all directions, neutralizing negative energies and creating a relaxing atmosphere. They can also be used as Feng Shui tools to attract positive energies and promote harmony. And, of course, crystal spheres can also be delightful decorations.

What is the spiritual meaning of crystal spheres?

The crystal sphere is a symbol of perfection, unity, and balance. Its spherical shape allows it to spread its energy evenly in all directions. They are said to be instruments of spiritual growth, capable of sending messages and promoting healing. That’s why many use them to further their spiritual practices or amplify their intentions.

Where do I place a crystal sphere?

You can place a crystal sphere almost anywhere. In Feng Shui, the proper placement is believed to bring positive energies. You could invite love and romance into your home by placing a crystal sphere in the southwest corner or bring personal growth in the northeast. You can display them anywhere you want to feel their presence - the living room, bedrooms, your workspace - or create an altar or meditation space for them.

How do you use a crystal sphere?

You may use crystal spheres to cultivate a meditative state, attract energies to your home or workspace, and relieve tension through massage and reflexology. Additionally, placing them as centerpieces in crystal grids can amplify energy and help manifest goals. Use your intuition to decide how best to incorporate a crystal sphere based on your specific needs.

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