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Crystal Cubes

Crystal Cubes

The way a crystal is cut and shaped serves far more than an aesthetic purpose. The specific shape of a crystal affects how it emits energy and how you experience that energy.

As such, Tiny Rituals offers crystals cut into various shapes, including hearts, towers, and spheres. We also offer crystal cubes, which help to ground you and bring you closer to the Earth.

Enhance Your Home Decor With Beautiful Crystal Cubes

Why should you introduce crystal cubes into your home?

On the surface level, crystal cubes are beautiful decorative pieces that are easy to arrange into a display feature. Combining several of these crystals helps you create decorations that enhance the look and feel of a room.

Beyond the aforementioned aesthetic, crystal cubes encourage grounded energy. Placing them in a room helps to calm the room’s natural energies. For example, many people place crystal cubes in each corner of a room to protect the space and encourage the flow of positive energy.

However, it’s when you use these cubes as part of your meditation ritual that they truly begin to shine. Holding a crystal cube in your hand as you meditate and participate in yoga helps you to connect your body’s energy to the Earth’s.

At Tiny Rituals, our crystal shop offers a wide variety of crystal cubes. The selection includes cubes made using selenite, rose quartz, green jade, and many others. Whether you use them as decorative pieces or to encourage the flow of positive energy in your home, our crystal cubes are sure to offer what you’re looking for.

Beyond cubes, we also offer crystals in a variety of shapes. These include crystal towers, spheres, hearts, and pyramids, each of which has a specific purpose. Furthermore, those who wish to keep their crystals and stones nearby can wear them on our gemstone bracelets or buy worry stones and amethyst crystals from our online store.


What are crystal cubes?

As the name implies, crystal cubes are crystals that have been cut into a cube shape. Crystal cubes are associated with your root chakra. As such, holding one helps to ground your energy and connects your body to the Earth when you meditate.

Do crystals have healing energy?

Many crystals have healing energy, though the specific nature of that energy varies from crystal to crystal. Some aid directly with issues like stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Other crystals help you to direct energy throughout your body or clear negative energy from a space.

Are the crystals polished?

Crystal cubes are cut and polished to ensure they provide the full benefit of their energy healing properties.

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