How To Use Crystals For Healing


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How To Use Crystals For Healing

How to Use Crystals for Healing

The History of Crystal Therapy

For many centuries healers, sages, and ancient civilizations have turned to the power of crystals for their healing properties. Across every corner of the far-flung globe, people were enchanted by the idea of crystal healing. These shimmering stones plucked from the earth’s most mystical places are used for healing the body, mind, and soul even to this very day.

If we trace the timeline right back to the days of Ancient Rome, the Romans often used crystals whether as protective amulets out on the battlefields or as good luck charms to attract abundance and prosperity. The Ancient Greeks also adored the healing touch of crystals and many stones like Amethyst and Turquoise derived their names and their stories from the shores of Ancient Greece. Over in the Pharaoh lands of Egypt, the Ancient Egyptians were also practicing crystal healing with gemstones. Sure, Egyptian royalty loved to adorn their elaborate costumes and jewelry with crystals, but it went beyond the finery of fashion and into deeper shades of spiritual healing. They would even lavish their tombs with gemstones to protect them long into the afterlife. Some Native American cultures also found sacred energy in using crystals to diagnose illnesses.

Beyond the borders of Western shores and to the East, the healing powers of crystals were also being stitched into everyday medicinal culture. In Chinese medicine, it's common to see crystals in practices like acupuncture and stone medicine was readily relied upon in both Feng Shui and the body. Old and intricate Japanese culture would also call upon crystals to help with visionary work and spiritual healing, favoring the Clear Quartz for its light bringing grace and beauty.

In our modern world, our primal love of crystals hasn’t diminished, although we may have lost our close-knit connection with the cosmic properties of these stones. Still, crystals play a huge role in alternative healing therapies thanks to their stable energy patterns and unique frequencies. We use them in chakra healing, for emotional and EMF protection, and to clear stagnant energies and connect deeper with heavens above and the world beneath our feet. Crystals are born of the earth and in their unique makeup, they bring with them the essence of Mother Earth's healing.

If you want to ramp up your self-care, this guide is a great place to start. Also to tap into the powers of certain stones, explore our guide to Essential Gemstones and see how the right crystal can heal you.


An Introduction to the Chakras

Chakra Crystals and Sage


One of the most common roles of crystals in healing is to help connect with and unblock certain chakras. There are seven chakras across the body and they represent certain energy fields within our bodies. When our chakras are unblocked, the energy of the universe can run freely through us and we are able to live up to our fullest potential.


  • Crown Chakra - The violet light of the crown chakra is where we connect to higher consciousness. It’s said that few people ever truly crack open their crown chakra, but those who do are blessed with a cosmic connection.
  • Brow/Third Eye Chakra - The third eye chakra is where we start to step into the divine, it’s the place where our innate wisdom resides. It’s also referred to as the eye of the soul.
  • Throat Chakra - The throat chakra is the center of our communication. It’s how we express ourselves and where we share our vocal personal power with the world and feel heard and received.
  • Heart Chakra - The heart chakra is in the space where our heart beats. It communicates compassion, empathy, an open nature, and our connections to those in our lives. It’s the place from which we give and receive love.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - The solar plexus chakra is what we may also refer to as our gut, and we all know this is a place that feeds into our feeling of intuition, trust, and self-worth. This is the chakra that helps us feel like we have control over our own lives.
  • Sacral/Navel Chakra - Just below the navel, the sacral chakra is the source of our creative and sexual energy. Its where we find our sense of abundance and our chi for life.
  • Root Chakra - Sitting at the base of the spine, the root chakra grounds us and gifts us the confidence we need to stand strong and feel safe.


How Healing Crystals Work

Crystal Grid


While there’s no scientific evidence that crystals work to physically heal, there’s a ton of ancient history and modern-day anecdotes that showcase the positive presence that crystals bring into our life – across the three plains of the body, mind, and soul. From reiki to vision quests, meditation, and mapping, crystals are ever ready to bring their healing power to the table as they are amazing at tapping into energy fields.

While crystals have their own special energies and their own frequency of vibrations, they are also amazing conduits for harnessing the healing energy of the universe. They are able to transmute the flow of energy to the body, which helps to unblock the chakras, send energy where it is needed, and balance out your inner world.


9 Ways to Perfect the Use of Crystals

 Woman Crystal Bracelets


Place on the Body

Common practice from those specialized in crystal therapy (but also a routine that is easy to do at home) is to place crystals on certain points of your body. Usually, this system is aligned with the chakras, for example, if you have a heart chakra block, you can place a heart chakra crystal (like Rose Quartz) in the area of this chakra and let those healing vibrations sink in and soothe the soul.



One of the best ways to invite crystal healing into your life is to turn to the vibrations of gemstone jewelry. Whether you pick crystal bead bracelets, necklaces, or even rings, having the stone directly pressed against the skin allows healing vibrations to connect with your body and stabilize your chakras. Gemstone jewelry is also a low maintenance way to make the most of crystal healing.  



Using crystal pendulums is another form of healing and also lends itself well to the art of divination. You use your crystal weighted pendulum as a vessel to receive guidance from the universe. The pendulum also helps to cleanse negative energy from a room and identify where answers are needed to help you make healing decisions.


Treating specific ailments

If you want to target a specific area of healing you can also turn to the method of crystal layout. This is a great way to get energy moving along the highways of your body and as with all spiritual and emotional healing – the intent is everything. You can opt for aligning the chakras with the seven crystal layout and by turning the crystals pointing inwards or outwards you can channel energy flowing out or flowing in.


Carry them in your pocket or purse

Having a crystal with you as much as possible makes you live more in alignment with its energy and brings awareness to your healing journey and health. Slip your favorite crystals in your pocket or purse and pull them out to hold them whenever you need a little pick me up or momentary meditation.

Chakra worry stones are perfect for this!


Crystal grid 

Placing your crystals in a grid-like pattern can create a forcefield of energy that supercharges your healing stones to amp up their power. Smudge the room, make sure your gems are cleansed and recharged and place your crystals in a geometrical grid. If you are new to the practice you can choose a grid cloth to help you map out the magic.


Place in your bath

Run yourself a goddess bath, pop your hot water happy crystals in there and climb on in. A crystal bath is an amazing way to get a divine boost of dreamy detoxing and healing. When we are immersed in warm water we tend to be softer, less stressed, and more open to receiving what the crystals have to give. Selenite is a soft angelic stone for this.


Put them all over your space

Simply having crystals in the space you occupy will bring a flush of positive energy, lend protection and self-love, and keep out toxic vibes. Whether you need a little healing in your workspace, between the sheets, or in areas of careful communication, welcome crystals as part of your décor and feel the mood instantly shift. Black Tourmaline is an amazing protective stone for fighting off EMF in the office. 



Whether using your crystals when smudging a space or to dispel negative energy from a room, there are lots of lovely little rituals that bring out the best in your stones sublime power. Crystals thrive off the intention, and you can work them into your full moon meditation rituals, your daily yoga practice, and when reciting your morning affirmations.


Treating Ailments With Different Types of Crystals



Different crystals come with different strengths, it’s what makes them totally unique. If you are seeking a little insight into which crystal muse will speak to your specific needs, take a look at this swift and simple guide below.


Find a better night's sleep 

Tossing and turning all night may leave you feeling drained, low on energy, and irritable at best. Good solid sleep plays a major role in our healing journey as it gives our body space to rejuvenate cells, boosts our immune system, and grants our minds rest and respite.

Rose Quartz brings loving energy which helps the body settle into bliss.

Rose Quartz

Citrine offers positive vibes so you don’t let your mind run wild with catastrophizing before sleep.

Citrine Stone

Amethyst is a popular crystal that is all about soft serenity.

Amethyst Stone

Moonstone reduces emotional tension.


Pyrite and Tourmaline are protectors which helps you sleep safe and sound.

Pyrite Stone

Smoky Quartz dispels bad dreams.

Smoky Quartz Stone

Labradorite brings your dreams to life.

Labradorite Stone

Chrysoprase reduces stress and tension to encourage shut-eye.

Chrysoprase Stone

More energy 


Tiger's Eye kickstarts your confidence, giving you a boost that brings you out of your shell and into the world.

Tiger's Eye Stone

Citrine is all sunny joy and ever ready to put a spring back into your step.

Citrine Stone

Jasper stirs up chi, which is a vital life force energy, giving us a burst of power to get the job done.

Jasper Stone

Clear Quartz Crystal grants clear sight so you can see the direction you want to move in. It also amplifies intention.

Clear Quartz Stone

Improve your concentration


Quartz is crystal clear clarity and shaking the cobwebs from your mind making it an amazing tool for those trying to fine-tune their focus.

Clear Quartz Stone

Carnelian is the stone of learning. It triggers creativity, gives courage, and raises vitality and rich motivation.

Carnelian Stone

Fluorite improves balance and coordination in the body and the mind, which is exactly the center stand you need when homing in on the task at hand.

Fluorite Stone

Sodalite is not just a harmonizing stone, it's also an ample communicator, it makes for an amazing tool in the workplace as it helps you to stay focused rather than stressed.


Citrine attracts light and joy, leading you out of dark and murky places so you can embrace what you need to do with laughter and ease.

Citrine Stone

Lapis Lazuli is a thinking stone and invites you to sit in wisdom, thought, and focus.

Lapis Lazuli

Calm mind


Jade may be best known for attracting wealth and prosperity, but it is also an amazing stone to soothe an overactive mind. Cool to the touch and ever ready to calm, the green glimmer of Jade keeps you breathing deep.

Jade Stone

Rose Quartz is famed for inviting stress and anxiety to seep away. By cracking open the heart chakra, this stone soaks you to the bone in compassion and love.

Rose Quartz

Opal is said to be the stone of happy dreams. It helps you to shake the weight of depression and to step into a spotlight of prayer and meditation.

Opal Stone

Blue Lace Agate is a heavenly shade of blue, pale, and full of promise, it instantly sets the body, mind, and spirit at ease.

Blue Lace Agate Stone

Amethyst is another stone known for its soothing vibes. Pale purple and glimmering with a higher purpose, it keeps you looking deeper rather than stressing about everyday things.

Amethyst Stone

Amber is a stone of sweet repose. It invites meditation and mind-clearing, leaving you calm and clear from any form of chaos.

Amber Stone

Which healing stones are you seeking to soften your life and improve your well-being? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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