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Healing Crystals: A Guide To The 45 Essential Gemstones

Healing crystals


Since the beginning of time people have been turning to crystals to get their healing fix. These are the treasures of Mother Earth, glittering gems, stones and rock crystals born from elemental energy. In one shimmer, they can capture the sun, moon, salt seas, soil and mountains and they can transmute all that healing power back to us. Crystals have a long history, they have adorned the breastplates of priests and warriors, been used in shamanic service, have been guiding lights for ancient tribes, and have been stashed in the pockets of princesses, sailors, and healers. 

In the modern world, these potent stones hold so much power. As time ticks on they only grow more potent and can be a hugely valuable asset for helping us to reconnect to the natural world. They help us to channel our intentions, raise our vibrations, and can bring out all that dormant grace, beauty and magic you already have stashed inside. Remember, everything in life holds a vibration and if we can match our inner vibrations to the things we want in this world, we may be able to manifest them into our lives. Crystals can help to bridge that gap with their cleansing potential and positive vibrations. These little glittering stones of magic also invite us to clear the mind, sit in meditation, and ruminate on how we can calm our monkey minds and step into deeper healing.


How Crystals are Formed in the Earth

Crystals go through an incredible geological process in the earth. The combination of heat, compression, and millions of years can do some incredible things!



How to Choose Your Stone

With so many crystals out there how do you choose the one that works for you? One of the most important lessons we can learn from crystal healing is to tap into our own intuition and go back to the gut. Our bodies and minds are inherently connected and are equally a part of this universe. If you want to know which crystal works for you, simply see which one calls to you. Even reading a short blurb about a crystal or looking at a picture – some will stand out and echo to you more than others. Take this as a sign from the universe that this is the crystal that can gift you something special. We also usually know a little about our own strengths and weaknesses, and we can use the specific traits of gemstones to help balance us out and work on the areas we feel we need a little extra help. If you feel really overwhelmed and at a loss, you can also use your Zodiac sign to help guide you towards a crystal that can bring you luminous light and huge healing properties. 

How to Use the Stones

One of the best ways to bring crystals into your daily life is through the pretty power of jewelry. Having gemstone jewelry is a really simple way of ensuring you keep in close contact with your chosen crystal and it is able to do the work it needs. Unlike stones placed on an altar or stashed in the pocket, crystal jewelry has the benefit of being directly placed upon the skin, allowing all those vibrations to sink right in.


The 45 Essential Stones to Choose From



amethyst meaning

Purple hues and high protective powers make Amethyst one of the most divine and spiritual healing stones. An amazing meditation tool and made for those who want to leap higher.





citrine meaning

Sunny bright and ready to wake you from slumber, Citrine radiates health, wealth and sloughing away toxic vibes. This stone is unable to hold bad energy, a firm reminder that when life gives you lemons…




Rose Quartz

rose quartz meaning

Perfect in pink and providing deep sweet healing to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is for those who are ready to restore trust, harmony and unconditional love back into their inner world.




Tourmaline meaning

Like donning a cloak of protection, Tourmaline brings strength, diminishes fear, and balances the right and the left side of the mind. Pick your favorite hue from pink to green and even watermelon colored.



Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz meaning

As pure as the spring rains, Clear Quartz is all about powerful cleansing. This quartz crystal will drench you to the bone with its positive vibes. Boost your immunity and follow your bliss with one of our favorite healing crystals.




Selenite meaning

Spirituality and light shine through the angelic healing crystal of Selenite. Ethereal and filled to the brim with goddess healing energy, it’s the perfect talisman for protecting against PMT and bringing your cycle into harmony.




Obsidian meaning

A lava stone born from the fire of a volcano, Obsidian is raw, rare and ever ready to lend its healing protection to all who wear it. Whether in tough times or on a daily basis, it’s one of the best shields you could wish for.





Carnelian meaning

Light up your libido and overcome personal challenges with the warm glow of Carnelian. A sublime strengthener of the root and the sacral chakras, Carnelian invites you to speed up.





Agate meaning

The earthy stone comes to us all the way from the ancient days of Babylon. Known for being a healthy and wealthy healing amulet, Agate is all about balancing the negative and positive forces of the wider world.



Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

A firm favorite with ancient civilizations, Lapis Lazuli has long been connected with the spiritual enlightenment and deep self-expression. Strengthen your immune system and get ready to harness your personal power and truth.





Fluorite meaning

For those who struggle with decision making, Fluorite invites you to climb down off the fence. This stone is known for its earthly guidance, ensuring both the head and the heart know how to co-exist in harmony.



Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline meaning

A shield against the negative effects of EMF’s, Black Tourmaline is exceptionally grounding and has the super strength of cleansing toxic vibes and bringing back purity to the body, mind and soul.





Hematite meaning

Inner strength and confidence is the gift bestowed upon you by the silvery grace of Hematite, looking like a falling star, this strong and powerful crystal can shield you from negative energy and help you extend your safety boundaries.





Kyanite meaning

A conductor of energy and always ready to take out negative vibes, Kyanite is a great shifter of emotional blocks and always aiming to keep good vibes in free flow.




Aventurine meaning

An amplifier of all the luck in the world, Aventurine is amazing when it comes to attracting good luck and bringing perfect prosperity into your life. Connected to the heart chakra it also harmonizes the physical, emotional and spiritual side of being.





Jasper meaning

Forever worn by shamans, high priests, and kings, this stone is known for helping you to feel deeper and see further. What’s more, Jasper is ever ready to help you ground down and fly high at the same time.





Pyrite meaning

A stone so strong it emits sparks - Pyrite is one of the best shields to use against EMF’s and all shades of negative attacks. Full of masculine energy this is the Achilles of the crystal world.




Labradorite meaning

A stone of stunning transformation, Labradorite is best used for balancing the chakras, protecting the aura, and dispelling depressive vibes from your life. Sink into sublime consciousness with this shimmering starlight stone.





Moonstone meaning

Illuminate the way with the bright magic of the Moonstone. An amazing stone for new beginnings, this can be your amulet for adventures of both the heart and the body. Also known for igniting inner power.




Jade meaning

The guru of good luck, Jade is synonymous with attracting prosperity and wealth and also being a fabulous addition to your Feng Shui. Joy and harmony run rampant in the cooling touch of Jade, making it a must for those who want good things to flow towards them.




Celestite meaning

Humming with high vibrations, Celestite is a calming stone said to be connected to higher realms. One of the angel stones, this pale crystal is used for meditative contemplation and brings guidance from the universe.




Bloodstone meaning

Back in the middle ages, the Bloodstone was rumored to be the blood of Christ's tears. Whatever spiritual side you stand-in, the Bloodstone is a beautiful healer known for its ability to boost circulation and send your self-esteem soaring.




Aquamarine meaning

Endless ocean shades, an amazing ebb and flow and bringing instant calm to the heart, this watery stone is known for balancing tranquil vibes with a jolt of energy. Plunge right in, as Aquamarine entices you to swim not sink against the changing tide.




Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz meaning

Let the gentle fog of rest and relaxation seep into every inch of your soul with sublime Smoky Quartz. A glorious grounding stone, Smoky Quartz is known for its ability to counteract all stress and keep you soft and strong at the same time.




Chrysocolla Meaning

Personal truth and deep wisdom sit at the heart of calming Chrysocolla. For those who want to amplify their voice, tap into their creative side, and find a bright burst of courage when it comes to public speaking, this stone can help.



Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye meaning

The golden stone that shakes off the shackles of anxiety for both the body and the mind, Tiger’s Eye is amazing at making you cut out the self-doubt so you can make decisions from a place of clarity.





Rhodonite meaning

All rosy hues and gentle vibes, Rhodonite is a stone that fills the heart with as much goodness as it can handle. If you need balance and healing after a major event, this soft natured stone can help you find home.




Malachite meaning

Gorgeous in green, Malachite is one of the heart chakras favorite stones. Get help breaking bad ties, up your protection against EMF’s, and find good luck and prosperity in both business and play.





Sodalite meaning

Nicknamed the Poets Stone, Sodalite has the energy of a crashing wave filled to the brim with creativity. Up your communication, bring forth your brightest truth, and let logic and inner peace pave the way for a life that lights up.





Garnet meaning

Ruby red and splashed with a fiery spirit, the Garnet is a stone of glory. Let your heart chakra burst open, warm the soul, and recover a sense of vitality that can become lost over time.





Amazonite meaning

The Courage Stone of Amazonite invites you to find that inner strength to live up to your complete strength in a way that doesn’t exhaust the emotional soul. This is a great stone for clearing out traumas that can get locked in the body bringing you right back into a healthy harmonious balance.





Azurite meaning

The ancient blue copper-based stone of Azurite enhances intuition and brings yin yang harmony into your heart. For those seeking a return to that child-like spontaneity, this is a stone that invites you out to play.




Iolite meaning

The lyrical stone of Iolite is connected to the third-eye chakra and all about bringing forth your inner strength and being the leader you were born to be.




Calcite meaning

The crystallized limestone gem of Calcite is full of bright and bursting vitamin D. Get dosed up on good energy as you turn to this stone to up your creative and sexual prowess.




Apatite meaning

The dual action power of Apatite brings beautiful social ease and calm communication when it comes to the emotional self. Physically it works as a tonic to strengthen the body.





Howlite meaning

Time to kick out insomnia and to get your ambition back on track with the airy elemental stone of Howlite. An aid for artistic expression and deeply calming, Howlite is divine inspiration.




Kunzite meaning

Pure to the look and powerful to the touch, Kunzite helps to knock down those barriers you have built around your heart and soul. Also used to treat hormonal migraines and to recover from painful memories.




Opal meaning

With the sheen of a pearl on rainbow fire, the Opal is a dream to behold. Known for bringing loving positive vibes to the party and for lending spiritual light to your aura, this is a full spectrum stone of healing.




Lepidolite meaning

With a name meaning scale in Greek, Lepidolite invites you to restore balance across every angle of your life. It helps build awareness in the body and the mind, giving you the knowledge you need to flush out toxicity from your life.




Angelite meaning

Get connected to all the higher realms by welcoming the ethereal energy of Angelite into your world. Quiet the spirit, sit in openness and humility and let your inner self show you the way to heaven.




Apophyllite meaning

Vibrate in the energy of love with Apophyllite. Always ready to lend its light touch to a heavy situation, this crystal works to clear the mind and body of negative debris.




Sunstone meaning

Who doesn’t want a little extra light in their life? Sunstone soothes the soul and radiates warmth to every corner of your being with its healing vibes. A natural compass used by Vikings to navigate the seas - this stone helps you find your way.




Topaz meaning

Love and affection ride high when it comes to the shimmering gemstone of Topaz. Calm your temper, dispel all shades of poison from your life, and absorb fever with this higher living stone.




How to Cleanse Stones & Jewelry

Whichever healing crystal you choose, be sure to look after it with love, intention and all the light you can muster. This is to be your amulet, your talisman, and your soul's companion no matter what the world has to throw at you. Keep your crystal jewelry cleansed and recharged, especially after particularly heavy moments in life. A simple rinse with warm soapy water can be enough to unclog trapped energy. If you want to keep your stones recharged and riding high in their fullest most fabulous power, leave them out in the moonlight, let them have a few minutes of sun, or even place in the rain so that nature can work its magic.


A Final Thought

Whether single stone or wrist rattling with gemstone bracelets, bringing healing crystals into your life can be hugely rewarding. We all have work to do and we can all benefit from balancing out the emotional, spiritual and physical sides of our being so we can step out of the shadows and into the light of our most authentic selves.


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