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Rainbow Moonstone Crystals

Rainbow Moonstone Crystals

Moonstone crystals should be considered a girl’s best friend. They may not be as expensive as the stones Marylin sung about, but they can still have a positive impact on a woman’s life. One special variation is Rainbow Moonstones.

What Are Rainbow Moonstone Crystals?

A Moonstone is part of the feldspar mineral group. The stone is transparent and comes in various colors, such as pink, orange, green, blue, and brown. This stone represents feminine energy and new beginnings.

Rainbow Moonstones weren’t considered Moonstones at first. But that eventually changed as a wide spectrum of colors can be seen underneath the surface of this mineral. It can be found in India and Madagascar.

Moonstones in Jewelry

Moonstones represent cycles in everything around us. This is especially important for women, as the stones can help with fertility and PMS cycles.

Apart from its healing properties, the stone’s reflectiveness and delicate nature make it an excellent choice for jewelry and accessorizing.

An obvious choice would be gemstone bracelets. Wearing the stones on a bracelet will make them feel close to you. Whenever your energy levels drop, take a moment to look at your bracelet. It will help reenergize you and make you feel stronger than before. If you’re unsure of which gem to opt for, take a look at this crystal guide. It shows the properties of each stone and will make it easy for you to choose the one best suited to you.

If you’re not into wearing anything around your wrists, you aren’t out of options. An anklet might be just what you’re looking for. With such an adornment, you won’t have to worry about damaging your bracelet when doing your daily tasks. They look especially nice during summer when you wear sandals and lighter clothes.

If you’re not interested in wearing jewelry, don’t worry. Crystals can be carried around in your bag. Alternatively, you can keep them on your desk or near your bed. Tower shapes can be found for all crystals, including Rainbow Moonstones.


What are rainbow moonstones good for?

This stone represents new beginnings. Hence, it will enable you to embrace changes, both big and small. It helps women with fertility problems, hormonal changes, and PMS cycles. Its light will illuminate the dark, just like the moon.

How do you use rainbow moonstone crystals?

You can use them in jewelry or keep them in stone form. If the stone needs cleansing, place it under the moonlight during a full moon.

What crystals are best for rainbow moonstone?

We already emphasized how Rainbow Moonstones can bring light into your life and help you get through dark times. A good combination would be pairing a Moonstone with smoky quartz or shungite. Primarily, these crystals are known as healers that absorb negative energy. By absorbing the negative energy, Rainbow Moonstone crystals will provide you with peace, emotional stability, and a clear mind.

Is rainbow moonstone a real stone?

Rainbow Moonstone is a feldspar mineral.

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