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Crystal Pendulums

Crystal Pendulums

Making decisions is tough, especially concerning our deepest hopes and desires. That’s where crystal pendulums come to the rescue. Crystal pendulums are hung on a string and usually symmetrical in shape, which makes it easier for them to spin. Also, they can’t be too light, as this might affect their ability to spin and the direction they display.

The Role of Crystal Pendulums

These crystals are designed to guide you and help you get answers to questions that are troubling you. It’s best to ask them yes or no questions, as the answer will be easily shown in the form of the spinning direction. A great addition to your pendulum would be a pendulum mat. This tool will help you get precise answers from your pendulum, rather than just a yes or no.

How to Use Crystal Dowsing Pendulums?

Crystal dowsing pendulums rely on your intuition. They help you get in touch with your deepest wishes and silence the noise around you.

The first step to using a crystal pendulum would be to cleanse it. You want to renew its energy to get precise answers. Depending on the type of crystal on your pendulum, you can leave it in the sunlight, or moonlight, or soak it in salt water. You can also leave it among other crystals.

Now, you should take the pendulum into your hands. Hold it to feel its energy and connect with it. After that comes the questioning part. The best type of questions are yes or no questions. You can first warm up by asking questions you know the answer to, just to get acquainted with your pendulum. Next, ask the real questions you had in mind. Try to rephrase your complex questions to fit the yes or no format. It may take some time for you to get used to your pendulum and get clear answers. Using a pendulum mat can be helpful too.

You Can Never Have Too Many Crystals

Having a chakra pendulum will certainly bring special energy into your life. However, a crystal bracelet is also a good thing to have, as it will keep the crystals close to you at all times. If you’re not sure of the specific qualities of different types of crystals, and which would be of benefit to you, refer to this crystal guide.

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What are crystal pendulums used for?

Pendulums have been used throughout history, crystal or not. They’re designed to help us get answers to questions at uncertain times. Crystal pendulums are especially powerful, due to the fact that crystals themselves are already filled with energy.

How do crystal pendulums work?

The crystals are filled with energy that can transform your life in all possible ways. Crystal pendulums connect to invisible sources of energy around you, such as guiding angels. They connect with your inner self and intuition. When this happens, they will help you get to know yourself better and see clearly what you’ve known deep down all along.

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