Goldstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits


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Goldstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits



  • Meaning: Goldstone is a man-made glass that symbolizes ambition, inspiration, and the power of creativity and self-belief.
  • Healing Properties: It revitalizes the mind and body, encourages healthy circulation, and supports tissue regeneration with the energy-conducting properties of copper.
  • Protection: Goldstone offers protective energy, especially for travelers, by surrounding the aura with a shield and bouncing back negative energy.
  • Usage: Wearing Goldstone against the skin can enhance confidence and strength, and placing it in a workspace can restore motivation and focus.
  • Care: Cleanse Goldstone by running it under tepid water to release energetic build-up and use a soft cloth or brush for a deeper clean.

Goldstone is a man-made glittering colored glass. It’s made by melting silica, borax, copper oxide, and other chemicals. It mainly has a reddish-brown or golden color with copper flecks. Goldstone is smooth and polished with reflective inclusions. Goldstone's meaning can be ambition, inspiration, and power.

The glimmering Goldstone is neither made of gold nor is it even a stone but that doesn’t take away from its shimmering splendor. This glittering glass has gone by many names including Aventurine Glass, Gold Star, and Monk’s Stone too. While it’s often called Goldstone thanks to its rich shades, there is also green goldstone, blue goldstone, and brown goldstone too. The origins of Goldstone are murky. It was believed to be created by Italian monks in the seventeenth century. However, there are earlier records of Goldstone being here - whether that was in Iran in the twelfth century or by the Romans. Goldstone can be solidly traced to Venice and Vincenzo Miotti who was tasked by the head of state to create this gorgeous piece of glass. 

We have spent so much time poring over the perfection of Goldstone because we are so taken with its potent and stunning charm. In this guide, we take a look at:

  • The healing properties of Goldstone
  • The varieties of Goldstone
  • The zodiac birthstone for Goldstone
  • How to use Goldstone
  • How to clean goldstone

Goldstone seems to have it all. A man-made piece of modern mythology that calls into being our sense of warmth, the power of our own minds and hands, and the attainable goal that we too can create something strong and everlasting. It’s truly an inspiring stone and a talisman of where drive, imagination, and creation can take you. 

If Goldstone doesn’t make you glow, take a look at our healing guide to essential gemstones and choose a crystal that calls to you.


The Gemstone of Ambition 

varieties of goldstone

Not all that glitters is gold but the stone of ambition calls in a different kind of wealth and wonder. Sometimes, the most precious things we have include the magic of our own minds, the lofty lore of our imagination, and the power of self-belief. These are all the things that the Goldstone encompasses. It’s a gem that speaks of grounding, creating, and believing in our own ability to heal. 

If we think about all the things that go into Goldstone it suddenly becomes crystal clear. It’s a gem that was created by man but inspired by nature, meaning that it becomes a bridge between these two things. It is a symbol of pure ingenious creativity and what can happen when we truly put our mind to something. It uses the healing elements of copper particles and the reflective gaze of glass. It is made by humans to heal humans - reminding us that while spiritual plains play a role in our healing journey, it is our own power and self that can pull us up. Sensual, warm, creative, and forever compelling - these are all the reasons to go for gold with Goldstone.

Healing Properties 

blue goldstone

Ever ready to revitalize your mind, refresh your body, and call your spirit into serenity, the Goldstone doesn’t cut corners when it comes to healing. There are so many elements at play within this gem - from the energy conductor of copper to the reflective gaze of glass, the might of iron, and the earthy shades that tether us to the here and now - all these aspects add to Goldstone’s healing nature and positive energy too.

Goldstone varieties 

There are several different varieties of Goldstone out there and each brings its own healing traits to the party. Whether sunset hues or cool vibrations, here are some of the ways in which different shades of Goldstone have got you covered. 

  • Green Goldstone - Unblocks the heart chakra, strengthens your commitment to self-care.
  • Blue Goldstone - Ideal for empaths as it helps clear throat chakra blockages so you can implement boundaries. Also soothes hypersensitive natures and encourages self-acceptance.
  • Brown Goldstone - Rich and earthly, the Brown Goldstone awakens the sacral chakra, encourages positive flow, kicks out negative energy, and revitalizes the body.
  • Red Goldstone - Confidence and ambition flow with the Red Goldstone. Infused with passion and drive, this shade of stone reminds you to go out and get it.


A divine detox stone, this gem is here to renew your spirit, body, and your mind. Goldstone is a great booster for the body as it encourages healthy circulation and tissue regeneration too. It can also sharpen the mind and turn up the dial on those low energy levels. The added benefit of copper being very present in Goldstone also means you get those healing properties too. Copper is known for fighting inflammation and supporting the body’s natural healing process too.

Mental & Emotional Healing 

Even though Goldstone is known to be a gem of ambition and drive, this doesn’t mean it’s all about burnout. Goldstone seems to intuitively know that the way you get to great success is through harmony, calm, and perfect patience. It’s a stone that helps big emotions to stabilize and optimism flow through. Being a kind of glass also means that Goldstone has reflective properties too. It helps you to see yourself clearly and to use that knowledge to make choices that benefit you in all the best ways. Goldstone keeps you grounded all while inviting vitality to fill your cup. Goldstone is also known for encouraging generosity, joy, confidence, courage, and better risk evaluation too.

Metaphysical Properties 

As Goldstone rouses your sense of joy and courage, it means that you can let your heart be wide open when it comes to manifesting the life that you desire. When we are tuning our energy to positivity, this means that we can attract the same thing from the universe. Goldstone not only preps us for great success but on a spiritual level, it surrounds us with good vibes and positive power. It keeps us protected as we are able to bounce back any negative energy thrown our way. Goldstone works on several chakras. It’s a grounding stone which means it secures our root chakra and gives us a sense of safety and stability. It also brings vitality to the sacral chakra which encourages our creativity, drive, and playful passion. Blue Goldstone can work on the throat chakra - inviting us to share our truth, speak from the heart, and be pure advocates for ourselves.

Zodiac Birthstone 

sagittarius zodiac bracelet set from Tiny Rituals

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Blue Goldstone is a gorgeous birthstone for all those born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. As Blue Goldstone has that awesome balance between being soothing and energizing, it's the perfect remedy for those sun signs out there. The speckled beauty and the flecks of gold against the dreamy hues of blue serve as a reminder that there is always light to be found. For Sagittarians that are adventurous, this stone will also keep them safe. It also complements the high energy levels we all love in those vibrant Sag’s out there. If you want to know what other gems are a match made in heaven for Sagittarians, take a look at our zodiac guide right here. 

How to Use Goldstone 

One of the best ways to welcome the energy of Goldstone into your life is to wear it against the skin. When any healing stone has direct contact with the skin, it can quickly encourage your own vibrational energy to step up and can start shifting any blockages fast. Wearing Goldstone jewelry will also infuse you with that daily dose of confidence and complete inner strength. It surrounds your aura with a protective energy field and keeps you safe from harm. Travelers are always encouraged to carry Goldstone when stepping out on a new adventure. 

If you find yourself suffering an energy slump in the middle of the day or when working on a specific project, let Goldstone guide your focus back. This gem can restore motivation and help you to achieve your dreams. Place Goldstone on your work desk or in your studio space to call in this energy. 

If you want to boost the beauty and power of your Goldstone you can pair it with crystals of a similar ilk. Look towards vibrant sacral chakra gems and those that share the bright sunset hues and gorgeous grounding energy. Stones that work well with Goldstone include CarnelianTiger’s Eye, Amber, Orange Calcite, and Hematite, 

How to Cleanse Goldstone

goldstone beads

Even though Goldstone is manmade, that doesn’t mean that it should skip out on traditional crystal care and cleansing. Goldstone has vibrational energy and as it cuts through bad energy and keeps your positive flow going, it should be cleaned regularly to make sure it can do that all-important and uplifting work. The best way to cleanse your Goldstone is to run it under tepid water to discharge any energetic build-up. You can also use a soft cloth to wipe it clean or a soft brush for a deeper clean.

Geological Properties

Goldstone Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Mineraloid
Chemical Formula Not applicable; man-made material
Crystal system None; amorphous
Color Dark brown with glittery specks
Streak Brown
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Opaque
Occurrence Man-made material created by adding copper or other metals to molten glass
Formation Manufactured in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere furnace
Diaphaneity Opaque
Cleavage None; amorphous
Mohs Hardness 5.5 to 6.5
Specific Gravity 2.40 to 2.90
Diagnostic Properties Glittery specks caused by metallic inclusions
Chemical Composition Man-made material created by adding copper or other metals to molten glass
Crystal System None; amorphous
Optical Properties Isotropic
Refractive Index 1.508 to 1.545
Birefringence None; amorphous
2V angle None; amorphous
Dispersion None; amorphous
Other characteristics Often used as a decorative material in jewelry and art

Final Thoughts 

Goldstone is glorious. It’s a simple strengthening gem that isn’t tricky to use and helps you to welcome awesome things into your life. For those who want to awaken any dormant ambition or for those who just want to stay open to possibility, personal power, and self-preservation, Goldstone can bring a lot of pleasure to your collection.

What are your thoughts on Goldstone? Do you have any experience with the gem or do you prefer naturally born healing crystals instead? Share with us in the comments.


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