How To Meditate With Crystals: 10 Crucial Gemstones You Need


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How To Meditate With Crystals: 10 Crucial Gemstones You Need

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Turn off and tune in as we delve into all you need to know about how crystals bring their healing light to lift your meditative practice and empower you on a journey through mindfulness.

Why Crystals Rock For Mindfulness & Meditation

Shimmering with light, laced with love, and forever a protective amulet against negative energy, crystals can truly be the sidekick we need for feeling our way through this world. For thousands and thousands of years, crystals and precious gems have been coveted, admired, and used in healing remedies. These stones struck from the ground are full of high vibrations and whether it's balancing chakras, sweeping out bad vibes, or simply reminding you to stay connected and mindful in all that you do, crystals rock.

While there are tons of ways you can harness the healing nature of gemstones, sometimes the simple choice can be the most effective. Meditating with your crystals is an easy way to take a deep breath, get connected, and tap into the deep healing powers that your perfect stone brings to the practice. Meditation and mindfulness can be lifesavers. In our modern world where business and bustle seep into every moment and the yang outweighs the yin, making space to sit and contemplate and quiet the mind are essential techniques for staying true to our own dear hearts. This simple ethos helps us to live in the moment, embrace gratitude, steer the monkey mind away from constant distraction, and always be in communication with our sense of intuition and authenticity. This is how we live brighter and lead more enriching and beautiful lives. And crystals can help.

Each gem comes wrapped up in its own kind of energy. Some stones are sun and others shade, some bring clear-headed decisions and others allow for room to dream. They can be hugely beneficial in meditation and mindfulness as they can heal old wounds, help you let go of attachments, turn your mind to what’s important, manifest your will, and strengthen your spiritual muscle. If you want to know which gems to move into your meditative space and how to vibe with them, keep reading.

Choosing the Best Crystals For Your Meditation Practice 

woman holding amethyst worry stone

Crystal bliss comes in many shapes and shades and knowing which sparkly stones can bring you joy takes a little practice. One of the most important things to remember when it comes to any kind of crystal work is that intuition reigns supreme. Working on a spiritual level is all about learning to listen and to trust your own heart. One of the most potent lessons that crystals can bring to us is the recognition that we have the answers and that we just need to clear the pathway to get there.

Finding the right crystal to realize this and to leap forward in life works with that deep wisdom and access to inner knowledge. It's not as tricky as it sounds and there is no wrong answer. As the age-old sentiment goes, you may not get what you want – but you always get what you need.

Before you start selecting crystals to sit quietly with, it helps to have some kind of idea as to what outcome you are seeking. Knowing why you are turning to meditation can be a good place to start. Are you sitting quietly because you are seeking answers to a certain problem? Are you just trying to get some space from rampant business and anxiety? Are your energy levels low and you are meditating for a pick me up? When you have a clearer idea, you can choose a gemstone that complements the properties you are seeking. Knowing which stones relate to which chakra can also help if you feel there is a block somewhere that needs shifting. Usually, the colors of a gemstone will give an indication (pink and green for the heart, blue for the throat, and reds and oranges for those roots). Above all, call in that intuition and trust it.

To help kickstart your journey into the magical world of meditation with crystals, we have mapped out a few must-haves for your collection. Each of these gems brings its own unique array of body, mind, and soul benefits to the table and each is an absolute vibe in its own right. Take a look at the crystals you need for every meditation mood…



selenite stone

This higher thinking stone is all peaches and cream, making it a must for brightening your mood during meditation. If you have been feeling particularly heavy, Selenite can sweep in and vanquish all that negative or stagnant energy you may have been carting around. Selenite is all about release meaning it gets to work on blockages and raises your vibrations. For those seeking a meditation session all about peace, balance, and creating a shift then Selenite is certainly the stone to sit with. Find out more about Selenite.



obsidian for meditation

Get grounded and enjoy the cloak of protection that Obsidian brings to your meditative space. This dark and delicious crystal is a sponge for negativity and can clear the clutter in seconds. One of the most essential gifts that Obsidian brings is its ability to ground you completely. Staying grounded, connected to our core, and in touch with the here and now is essential when meditating as it helps us stay safe and present. Obsidian also grants courage for those times when we are ready to take a deep breath and do the shadow work, all while staying protected of course. Find out more about Obsidian


Rose Quartz

rose quartz for meditation

Full to the brim of soft and warm loving energy, Rose Quartz makes for a beautiful meditation tool. This gem is all about radiating peace and love and a sense of compassion and self-worth. Rose Quartz is a dab hand at removing negative thinking and returning you to kindness for those around you and most importantly – for yourself. For those mindful meditative sessions when you want to open your heart, put your faith in love, and just live a more gentle and loving life, Rose Quartz carries you there. Find out more about Rose Quartz.



citrine for meditation

For all those who enter their meditative practice feeling in a down and out energy slump, sunny Citrine is the dreamy dose of Vitamin D you need. Full of sparkling bright and sunny vibes, this yellow form of quartz is queen when it comes to instilling a sense of optimism and joy. For those meditation sessions where you are aiming to call in abundance and manifest your desires, Citrine should absolutely be the star of that party. Find out more about Citrine.



pink tourmaline for meditation

Bringing a serious dose of positivity to your meditation practice, Tourmaline is one of those awesome gems that you can’t pin down. While Black Tourmaline keeps you powerfully grounded and protected, Pink Tourmaline will all gentle joys and swathes of self-love. Tourmaline also works across the board with all the chakras, making it a great stone for when you want to feel aligned and balanced from root to rise. Find out more about Tourmaline.



aquamarine for meditation

A shimmering stone of blue and green that tempts you to plunge right in, Aquamarine is a gem all about going with the flow. For those who feel like they always try to heavy hand their meditation direction or who struggle to simply ‘let things go’, then Aquamarine can be an amazing crystal to carry into your practice. This gem is a stone of communication and courage meaning that it invites you to listen to your own voice first and foremost. It sings a siren song of prophecy and peace – both impeccable qualities for any mindful practice. Find out more about Aquamarine.



labradorite for meditation

A mystical stone of shooting colors, Labradorite ignites the imagination. This aurora-like crystal is an echo of the ages and is a gem that wants to raise your consciousness as high as you dream or dare to go. Labradorite does have that dreamy quality but that doesn’t mean it won’t keep you connected and grounded to the here and now as it’s a hugely stabilizing stone. For those who want their meditative practice to encompass creativity, adventure, memory, and illumination, this multifaceted stone is known for leading you through the doors of transformation. Find out more about Labradorite.


Clear Quartz

clear quartz for meditation

This icy bright starlight stone is known as the master healer. Clear Quartz has a light that lingers with you long after your meditation session has ended. This gentle gem is all about clearing the mind. Consider Clear Quartz as a spring clean for your body and soul. This stone is exceptional at blocking the monkey mind from swinging all over the show. If you have been feeling distracted, uneven, or can’t seem to follow through, then Clear Quartz clears out the debris and leaves you with nothing but the shiny truth of pure direction. Find out more about Clear Quartz.



Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli for meditation

The stone of truth and awareness, Lapis Lazuli is a dab hand at helping you enter that inner world during meditation. Blue and gold, Lapis is a third eye chakra stone, it ignites that intuition that leads you in and through the caverns of your own soul. While Lapis plays on awareness, it is also all about authenticity and having the courage to be a hundred percent you. For those who feel as though they shy away from their truths, this stone can be a mirror to turn to especially during meditation. Find out more about Lapis Lazuli.



amethyst for meditation

Purple pleasures are waiting to welcome you to leap higher with the shimmering crown chakra stone of Amethyst. The penultimate meditation tool, Amethyst is famed for being one of the most mindful crystals in the pack. This glowing lavender and grape colored gem is all about washing away stress and anxiety and inviting you to get stacked with serenity. Amethyst quietens every corner of your being and encourages you to delve deeper and climb higher when it comes to spirituality. For those who want to crack open that crown chakra and journey further in their meditation, Amethyst is it. Find out more about Amethyst.


Different Crystal Meditation Practices 

beach scene

There is no singular right way to meditate and everyone’s journey will be enchantingly unique. Some may prefer to lie down, others will sit, some will require a quiet room whereas the birds and the bees will sing for others. Try not to be too serious when constructing your meditative practice and don’t get hung up on the details. The aim is to always be quiet, be calm, to notice our body, notice our breath, and notice when and where our mind starts to wander so we can bring it back to the here and now. Here are some popular ways of welcoming crystals into that practice…

Hold them in your hands

One of the simplest methods for bringing crystals into your practice is to simply hold them in your hand while meditating. This fuss-free connection allows you direct bodily contact with your crystals and is a tangible choice that invites the sharing of energies and the raising of vibrations.

Place them on your chakras

Each crystal out there correlates with a certain chakra on the body. There are seven energy points on the body and these are responsible for the tip to toe flow of energy that radiates through us. When one of these chakras or energy points is blocked it can throw us out of alignment. Crystals help to remove any stagnant energy that could be causing the blocks and also ensures a release of any associated trauma. Place crystals on these chakra points during meditation and focus your intention on letting the energetic power bring you back to a feeling of wholeness and harmony.

Make a crystal grid

If you prefer to keep your body clear of crystals during meditation so as not to be distracted you can also create a crystal grid around you. Place your gems in a circle around you as you sit or lay down on the floor. Not only will this bring a forcefield of protection but it will also surround you with high vibrations to lift your practice to a whole new level of health, well-being, and embracing your higher self.

What are your favorite healing crystals for meditation or your favorite practice tips for entering a meditative state? Share with us in the comments and let’s make the leap together.


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