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Gold Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

close up of woman holding gold crystal in hand

A symbol of sublime purity, a wealth of self, and earthly warmth – there is something truly precious about gold. Whether it’s a golden nugget or gold caught beneath the surface of a quartz crystal, we tend to feel blessed and protective of this special force. We are drawn to the beauty of gold and all that shares in its color scheme seems to bring us joy. Whether it’s a slant of sunlight, the sparkle of a star, or a thousand grains of sand beneath our feet. Gold is life-giving and a reminder of the worlds natural beauty.

For thousands of years, people have been drawn to gold. It is mined all over the world and is also one of the heaviest minerals. It crosses a bounty of borders and industries and shows up in everything from medical treatments to fashion statements. A lot of gold deposits can be found in the USA in Mariposa, Nevada, Colorado, along with Brazil and beyond. It’s considered to be truly valuable as it has a unique energy that is receptive and cooperative too. Gold gemstones have a rejuvenating nature and a purity to them which helps amplify positive feelings. It’s no surprise that gold is such a sought after form in our world and this is also true when it comes to crystal healing too.

If you want to find out more about the spectrum of healing in different crystals, check out our essential gemstone guide right here. 

The Main Benefits of Gold Stones 

woman gazing intogold sunset

A wealth of self, abundance, and energy – these are just a few of the pleasures that golden gemstones bring to the party. Gold comes in many forms – the color of the sun, the coin in your pocket, the cheery flower bowing in the meadow. It’s a color of light, luck, and a full and precious life. Gold stones are here to rouse you out of dormancy and to show you the doorway to all the delights.

Physical Healing 

Whether on the brink of burnout, feeling stretched thin or running on fumes – one of the best ways that gold stones can help is by giving you a boost of energy. These gems are vitamin D for the soul and just like spring light after a long cold winter, the warmth and radiance of gold gems will wake you up. Golden gemstones also help the body to heal. They have a huge positive emphasis on healthy cell turnover, strengthening the respiratory system, and encouraging your body back to full health after a bout of sickness.

Mental Healing 

The power of positivity can be found shimmering beneath the surface of gold crystals. As the color yellow is often associated with our lower chakras, it’s no surprise that golden yellow gems are all about raising confidence, nurturing creativity, and inviting you to access your warrior spirit with ease whenever you need it. Being bold, letting go of dependency, and cutting back on negative behavior cycles are all at the core of gold gemstone healing. They are also excellent at clearing the mind and keeping you focused.

Spiritual Healing 

 Being focused on the solar plexus and the sacral chakra, gold stones help you to reclaim your power. These gems stir up creativity, energy, and a sense of confidence that stretches right up to help you rise in your spiritual power. When we are confident and sure of ourselves we are better equipped to channel our energy in positive ways and to bring abundance flowing into our open arms.

The Best Golden Gemstones 

Gold and golden gemstones are radiant with their own rare energy. While something like Pyrite is closer to gold in appearance and style, all gems that hold a golden hue share many healing qualities with the precious metal of gold. Gold is known for being a master healer, for purifying the heart, and for being solid. The same can be said for many golden yellow gems too. For those who crave more brightness and brilliance in their lives, these gold gemstones are full of joy.


pyrite stone

The nickname of Fools Gold gives us a clue as to the glimmering color of fiery Pyrite. This stone comes laced with energy, healing, and is ever ready to shake up your spirit. Pyrite takes its name from the Greek word for fire and this ruminates beneath the surface of this passionate stone. Pyrite is all about raising your vibrations, lifting your self-confidence, and inviting you to be assertive and take your space. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.



citrine bracelet

Check out our Citrine gemstone bracelet

Splashed with sunny golden warmth, the Citrine stone is sheer sunshine and positive healing light. This stone is known as the merchants stone as it doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to helping you welcome abundance and the wonder of wealth in many different ways. Citrine is optimistic, confident, good at problem-solving, and always looking to bring a lighter touch to your world. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


Gold Quartz 

gold quartz gemstone

Brimming with vitality, Gold Quartz is sheer crystal sunlight. This gem has also been nicknamed the hair of Venus as the golden color seemed to brim with goddess energy. Gold Quartz is all about cell regeneration and helping to slow down progressive or chronic conditions. It also brings high frequencies to the party meaning that it can clear out any stagnant energy and put you back into a place of peace and balance.



gold nugget

Pure gold is a very vision of purity, strength, and communion. This precious metal helps you to put down your burdens, wash away your worries, and to override any feelings of self-doubt. Natural gold doesn’t just bring spiritual and emotional healing, but it also helps the body build itself up. From helping the nervous system to encouraging digestion, a strong respiratory system, and bringing a sense of physical warmth too, gold is all about the glory of purification of body, mind, and spirit.


Rose Gold 

Blushing with a rosy glow, this kind of gold is glorious for spiritual healing. Rose Gold has gentle energy – it is often considered to be one of the more romantic shades of precious metal and with that shard of romance rose gold crystals bring open-heartedness, love, trust, compassion, and deep relaxation. Rose Gold is sheer spiritual bliss, it invites you to balance your chakras and cleanse your aura, to enhance your sense of clarity, and it also encourages quick recovery and good health.


Yellow Topaz 

yellow topaz gemstone bracelet

Check out our Yellow Topaz gemstone bracelet

Golden Yellow Topaz is here to help you attract the people you need into your life. This stone makes sure that your confidence is raised high, your thoughts aren’t consumed by sweating the small stuff, and that any stagnant energy is cleared away. This golden gem is all about moving forward in a positive direction so you have every chance to live your very best life.


Gold Beryl 

Beautiful Gold Beryl is here to fill in the gaps when it comes to any depleted energy you may be experiencing. This stone not only recharges your batteries but it brings back a golden glow of warmth to any projects or feelings you may have gone cold on. It helps you to trust your decision-making process, to purify negative energy, and to bathe yourself in the light of blissful being. Gold Beryl is also a wonderfully willful stone and it passes that energy on.


Golden Tourmaline 

gold tourmaline

A powerful stone that keeps you connected to a sense of light, Golden Tourmaline helps clear out neurotic behaviors and free up bad feelings. This stone wants you to glow inside and out and it knows that vibes like jealousy, resentment, and insecurity are only going to get in the way. Golden Tourmaline helps the body to move past fatigue, shakes out any EMF stress factors, and develops positive and independent mindsets. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.

Other Stones to Use in Combination 

Lift yourself out of the cold shadowlands and into sheer sunlight and warmth with these golden crystals. Splashed with creativity, comfort, and an essence of purity, these gems and metals are an amazing match with a handful of other stones that share their outlook on life. Using gold crystals with Rose Quartz can help you soak your heart chakra in light and bring pure radiant positivity to your relationships. Amethyst is another good stone to use in harmony with gold crystals as this crown chakra gem is all about higher thinking and embracing sheer serenity. You can also use gold crystals with Agate to further restore your energy levels and to stay grounded.

Gold crystals like Citrine are a good birthstone choice for those born in the darker days of the year. Citrine for example is a November birthstone – a gift from the sun even when the winter winds feel heavy.

How to Use Gold Crystals 

yellow topaz bracelet placed on book

You can welcome gold crystals into your world in many different ways from feng shui to reiki healing and even just sitting with a worry stone and letting that energy radiate through. One of the best ways to embrace the healing nature of gold crystals or gold metals is to wear them close to the skin. Gold gems and metals when they have direct bodily contact are better equipped to send their high vibrations humming right through. This can clear out any stagnant energy or emotional blockages, get straight in touch with your cells to help them heal, and can generally bring positivity to every pocket of your being.


For those who want to bring more warmth, joy, and abundance into their world – gold crystals are definitely worth exploring. These gems glow with good grace and rich energy. They are here to awaken dormant dreams, refuel empty energy reserves, and generally remind you that a pure heart and positive mindset will get you very far in life.

What are your thoughts on gold gems and which one is striking a chord with your heart? Or do you prefer gold metal or rose gold instead? Share with us in the comments.


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