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Amber Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

amber stone


  • Meaning: Amber, often orange or brown in color, is a gemstone of cleansing and renewal, embodying ancient energy and natural warmth.
  • Healing Properties: It is a healing talisman that can alleviate pain, boost immunity, and energize those who feel sluggish or down.
  • Protection: Amber is known to cleanse spaces and auras, shielding from negative energies and promoting a sense of safety and empowerment.
  • Usage: Wearing amber close to the skin as jewelry is the best way to utilize its healing properties, keeping one's aura protected and chakras balanced.
  • Care: To maintain its energy, amber should be cleansed with tepid water and a soft cloth and can be recharged by placing it in sunlight or burying it in the earth.

Even though it is considered to be a gemstone, the origin of Amber is fossilized tree resin. It’s an organic substance that is often used to make jewelry and decorative items. The color of Amber is often orange or brown and it has a range of transparencies. It comes in at 1-3 on the Mohs hardness scale. The meaning of Amber is cleansing and renewing. 

With its ancient energy and rich natural warmth, Amber has long held a fascination for all those who adore crystals. Straddling the line between precious gem and wise old tree, Amber carries with it the weight and knowledge of millions of years. There’s something about this au natural crystal that calls to us. We wanted to follow that thread and unturn every stone to figure out just how Amber gets its luminous golden light and gorgeous energy. After doing a deep dive into the delights of Amber, we want to share that wisdom with you. 

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The Gemstone of Renewal 

close up of hand holding amber ball

Scented sweetly with pine, warm to the touch, and swirling in a display of dancing golden light, Amber is a soul-stirring stone. While some crystals are formed in fiery pits and others find their flow in water, Amber is a little bit different. This gem is actually the hardened resin of pine trees. This golden hardened fossilized resin could have been around for 30-90 million years making this gem a truly ancient treasure. The oldest piece of Amber is said to be a staggering 320 million years old. It takes its name from the Arabic word Anbar before being adopted in the middle ages as ambergris and settling on ambre jaune in old French. In ancient Greek, the classical name for amber meant sun - in homage to the amber light that pours down from the sky.

Amber is found around the world - from the Baltics to Myanmar and the dreamy Dominican Republic. Sometimes Amber collects living creatures as it hardens, immortalizing them within its golden kingdom forever. When we think of Amber, we often imagine the golden hues of copper and orange. But Amber actually comes in over 300 different shades including blue, white, green, black, and red. Blue Amber is the rarest form and the orange and yellow color tones are the most common shades - although these also vary in everything from the palest honey to the darkest smoked whiskey shades. 

As it’s such an ancient stone, Amber has collected quite the folklore fables over the years. In Asia, it was called the Soul of the Tiger and linked to the energy of courage and power. There’s no doubt that this stone rouses your spirit. It is known for being a gemstone of renewal. It cleanses spaces, places, and people and can shield you from negative energies too. Make no mistake, Amber is an absolute joy to be around.

Healing Properties 

healing bracelet set for the sacral chakra

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Lively, warm, and steady as she goes - Amber is truly a healing talisman and a glorious good luck charm too. Whether given to teething babies to help quell their cries or helping recovering people pleasers to set loving healthy boundaries, this gem is all about inviting calmness and healing into your life. Amber is the lifeblood of ancient trees and it brings all that energy with it into the here and now. It infuses us with a sense of nourishment, awakens our sacral chakra, and gives us all the tools and empowering vibrations we need to heal ourselves fully.


This crystal can cut through pain, boost immunity, and provide a perfect pick me up for fatigue and low vibes too. Amber is rich and warm which makes it a great go-to stone for those who are suffering from colds, flu, headaches, and respiratory ailments too. This golden gem is also an effective pain reliever, meaning that any chronic issues, or even simple toothache or complex arthritis can be calmed by the soft healing light of Amber. For those who are feeling sluggish, lethargic, or lost in a depressive slump, Amber can also pick you right up. It stimulates metabolism, raises energy levels, and even revitalizes tissues too. As Amber is potent in its energy of renewal it can revitalize your internal systems and even clean your blood and detox you too.

Mental & Emotional Healing 

Renewal and cleansing don’t just heal the body physically but also helps emotionally too. Amber is an exceptional tool for soaking up heavy moods and bad vibes. It cleans your emotional house by sweeping out negative energy and replacing it with positivity, a sense of empowerment, and a balanced and flexible attitude too. Empowerment is essential to our daily wellbeing as this relates to everything from our sense of self-worth in the world and how we engage with the energy of others around us. Amber helps us to bring out that inner strength that ensures we set beautiful boundaries in respectful ways. As Amber has a potent protective quality too it also keeps us safe from situations and individuals that could cause us harm along with quieting the voice of our inner critic too. Amber welcomes patience and inner wisdom. It is here to keep you balanced, nourished, and warm no matter what.

Metaphysical Properties 

Glowing with a golden quality, Amber is a dab hand at helping cleanse and clear the sacral chakra. This delightful gem is all about balance and stability and building the wisdom within your spiritual house. Amber encourages creative self-expression and the purification of one’s own thoughts. The sacral chakra is the center of our passion and intimacy, it’s where we find our sense of joy and even our spiritual connection with others. When blocked, we may feel empty inside - we might have a low or unbalanced libido. We can fall into overwhelming easily and turn quickly to fear and insecurity. When fine-tuned and flowing, our sacral chakra is a sublime source of movement, energy, creativity, and sensuality. 

Zodiac Birthstone 

The Amber stone is named as the astrological birthstone for those born under the banner of Leo. Leo’s are full of big bold energy and the golden warmth of the lion and the Amber stone can match that power and even channel it to a fine tuned focus. It helps Leos stay balanced and better equipped to manage their emotions so that they can make quick decisions without getting bogged down by the details. As Leo’s are considered natural born leaders, Amber encourages this side of them. 

Amber can also be a good match for those born under the sign of Aquarius. This is because it brings stability and earthly energy making it a much needed amulet for the water bearers. It nurtures creativity and joy - matching the optimistic drive of the Aquarian. As Aquarians are calm and sensitive, Amber can help to balance this and make sure that effective boundaries are in place. 

How to Use Amber Stones 

collection of amber stones

One of the best ways to welcome the warmth of Amber into your world is to wear it close to the skin. Amber has long been used as jewelry because it is so beautiful and decorative but also because that’s how it best gets down to healing. When Amber has direct contact with the skin it can send those healing vibrations to where they are needed the most. By wearing it you also carry the elements of Amber with you and are able to keep your aura protected and your chakras balanced and cleansed. 

Amber is also popular within feng shui practice. It can bring grounding to your space and an earthly warmth to any cold corner of your home. If you want to raise your sense of wellbeing, you can place Amber in the center of your home. You can also place it in the bedroom or beneath your bed if you want to attract stability and support. 

You can also use Amber in reiki healing and by placing it on the sacral chakra directly to welcome healing. Other stones that Amber works well with include the earthiness of Moss Agate and Jasper. As Amber is a warm sun stone it will also work well with Peridot. 

How to Cleanse Amber 

Keeping your Amber cleansed and charged will keep it ticking at the top of its game. As an absorber of negative energy, you want to disperse some of that build-up from time to time. Amber likes to be cleaned with tepid water and a soft cloth and just running it under a tap for a few seconds is enough to send any stagnant energy flowing away. You can charge your Amber back up by letting it sit in a patch of sunlight for a while. Make sure it isn’t exposed to extreme high and low temperatures as this could cause damage to your gem. Being an earth gem, you can also place Amber in the ground or some potted soil to let it renew itself time and time again.

Final Thoughts 

Amber is one of the loveliest and most organic gems out there. Ancient, warm, and with thousands of years of wisdom to lean on, it tethers us to nature and the cycles of rebirth. This stone is pure golden warmth ever ready to rouse your authentic desires and fill your spirit with calm and beautiful energy. For those who want to feel cleansed to the core, Amber is your golden angel. 

What are your thoughts on Amber? Do you feel drawn to its evocative inner glow? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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