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Rainbow Fluorite Crystals

Rainbow Fluorite Crystals

Rainbow Fluorite Crystals

Rainbow fluorite or “Genius Stone” as people call it, is a mesmerizing crystal everyone struggling with focus and mental fog should have. The vast spectrum of colors reflects its ability to promote multitasking, productivity, and concentration. It improves mental abilities, relieves stress and anxiety, and helps the owner make wiser decisions.

The Origin of Rainbow Fluorite Crystals

The stone comes from China, Mexico, and Argentina. The name derives from the Latin “fluo,” which means flow. This name had a different connotation in ancient times, but in the context of spirituality today, it refers to its ability to promote flow in life, mind, and body. It’s also connected to its ability to glow in the dark, which is why it was once used in religious rituals and as decorative stone in architecture.

How to Use Rainbow Fluorite Crystals

A recommended way to use your rainbow fluorite stone is by placing it on your desk. It’ll help you focus on your task and be a daily reminder of your goals and aspirations. You can also carry small pieces around with you, in your pocket or as a spiritual necklace.

Use it as you meditate before a difficult or important task to help yourself get through it. Visualize yourself succeeding and direct positive vibes into the stone. Then, take the stone with you and hold it close while you go through the task.

Find the Perfect Rainbow Fluorite Crystal for You

At Tiny Rituals, you can find rainbow fluorite crystal angels, worry stones, and gemstone bracelets. You won’t find rainbow fluorite crystal as a birthstone necklace, but this stone does create a strong bond with people whose zodiac sign is Pisces or Capricorn.

If you’re struggling to find the right gemstone for you, let us be your crystal guide and determine the right choice.


What does rainbow fluorite crystal do?

Rainbow fluorite crystal promotes creativity, boosts confidence, supports inner harmony, and calms your soul. All that contributes to better productivity and higher performance at your daily tasks. Whether you’re struggling with work or studies, having a rainbow fluorite crystal will be a daily reminder to keep going and never give up.

Is Rainbow fluorite calming?

Rainbow fluorite is a stone that helps with focus and productivity, making you feel calm, stable, and confident. It helps you take one step at a time and do things gradually instead of feeling anxious and distressed.

Does Rainbow fluorite glow in the dark?

Rainbow fluorite crystals are gorgeous in the daylight, but they’re even more exceptional during the night. In ancient Chinese books, they were even referred to as “Night Pearl.” Fluorites typically emit fluoresce, which glows in the dark after being exposed to ultraviolet light, heating, or cathode rays. The emission can be short or long-lasting, depending on the fluorite’s components.

What does rainbow fluorite protect you from?

Rainbow fluorite crystals sharpen intuition and enhance mental clarity, helping you determine whether someone or something is deceiving you or trying to manipulate you and your spirit. It protects you from imbalance and prevents chaos.

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