Iolite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses


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Iolite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Iolite Stone


  • Meaning: Iolite, also known as the Viking's Compass, is a stone of vision that exudes clear communication and cosmic connections, guiding ancient explorers and aiding in soul exploration.
  • Healing Properties: Iolite offers physical healing by detoxifying the body, especially from alcohol, strengthening the liver, calming nerves, aiding digestion, and combating insomnia, while emotionally, it aids in self-discovery, independence, and healing from codependency.
  • Protection: Serving as a compass, Iolite protects travelers, guides them through stormy shores, and helps individuals navigate the depths of their souls, seeking new pathways of thought.
  • Usage: Iolite can be worn as jewelry, placed in homes and offices for Feng Shui practices, used in meditation, and kept in bedrooms to foster healthier relationships and combat addictive behaviors.
  • Care: To maintain its energy, Iolite should be cleansed with warm water and mild soap, recharged under natural light, and can benefit from being tumbled with other rock crystals.

What is Iolite?

Iolite is a variety of the mineral Cordierite. It is rich in iron and comes in shades of purple and grey or can be colorless. It has a vitreous luster and a transparent look. Iolite is highly durable and shows different colors when viewed from different angles. Iolite exudes clear communication and cosmic connections.


Find Your Inner Vision

Violet visions and soul exploration comes into play with the compass stone of Iolite. Sharing its shades with the stormy winter skies and seemingly ever-changing its shades of violet-blue or dark blue depending on angle and light, one glance at Iolite makes you feel as though the sky has swallowed you whole and you are on your own shamanistic sojourn. The name Iolite comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘Ios’ which translates to violet – a nod to the soft and rich purple shading of the mystical stone.

Iolite was also called the Viking’s Compass. It was a stone that would help the ancient explorers steer their wooden ships across wild seas as they sought new land far from the sweeping icy fjords. It’s no coincidence that Iolite served as a compass, it is a stone of vision across all plains. Not only is Iolite known for guiding the way but this water sapphire is also about the deep dive one can do into their own soul when seeking pathways to new ways of thinking.

Iolite may be called the water sapphire thanks to its purple and blue hues, but the crystal is rich with the natural phenomenon oof Pleochroism, where the gemstone seems to change in shades of different color according to light and movement. Iolite can seem to shimmer from blue to violet and even gray and yellow. Like all the moods of the ocean under sunlight or storm clouds, it’s a gemstone that is full of life. Iolite is a variety of cordierite, it’s a mineral made up of magnesium iron aluminum cyclosilicate and is named after the French geologist Cordier. Iolite is mined around the world and can be found across a myriad of continents and countries including India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Myanmar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania, and parts of the USA. If you want to know more about the compass stone then keep on reading.

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Iolite Healing Properties

Various Iolite Stones

Whether on a personal vision quest to find your true self or looking for a stone to stimulate and strengthen you, Iolite brings a bounty of heavenly healing properties into your world. It’s a stone known for bringing you back from the edge of disorientation and planting you firmly in your own body. It is also a stone of journeys and endurance, again – relating back to the compass that guided ancient travelers across stormy shores and to new pastures. Here are all the ways in which Iolite can light up your life…

Physical Healing Properties

 Iolite is the perfect mascot for anyone wanting to detox and especially when it comes to alcohol and side effects. If you feel like you have been sipping one too many wines, having Iolite close at hand can effectively help your body to heal from the after-effects by strengthening the liver and even cutting down on fatty deposits in the body. Iolite is also an amazing tonic for the nerves. If you find yourself feeling jangled or ever on edge, this stormy blue and purple stone will swoop in to calm the heart. Iolite is also known for mopping up migraines, lending a hand when it comes to healthy digestion, and giving the body all the tools it needs to fend off fevers and other ailments. When it comes to insomnia you can also slip Iolite under your pillow and dream in the arms of sweet slumber.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Take a deep breath and get ready to plunge into the far-flung corners of yourself as Iolite invites you on a journey of discovery. The vision stone is all about getting to know yourself better so that you can stand strong and true and independent in your power and have all the knowledge and tools you need to throw out your fears. If you feel as though certain events in life have taken you apart and scattered the pieces, Iolite is here to help you recover those missing pieces. It wants you to live a full and vibrant life and it will work its magic to grant you the tools to do that.

For those who have a tendency towards codependency, Iolite will also swoop in to change that mindset. It serves as a gentle reminder that we are the masters of our own choices and can steer our own destiny. It teaches us to self-soothe by reminding us that we don’t need to look outside our own hearts for love, compassion, and assurance. When we let go of codependent ideas we are better equipped to find balance and heal uneven relationships. In the midst of chaos, Iolite helps us to take that big deep cleansing breath and to approach the problem from a place of calm, poise, and positivity.

Metaphysical Properties

Astral travel and deep shamanic journeys seem to be the MO of Iolite. This stone beautifully supports psychic abilities and sharpens your inner vision. Iolite has a close-knit connection to the third eye chakra. This is the chakra that sits in the midst of the brow and is the epicenter of our intuition, our inner sight, and relates to how we understand ourselves and the world around us. When the third eye is clear and open we are better attuned to the signs of the universe and we are better equipped to be reflective. The energy of Iolite also seeps up towards the crown chakra, stimulating that cosmic connection with the spirit realm and strengthening clairvoyance skills and the ability to leap to higher plains. While Iolite meaning is mostly attuned to those higher chakras, it also works well with the throat chakra, enticing clear communication that comes from the very true depths of the self. Iolite has also been known to help people unravel their memory banks and past lives. 

Zodiac Birthstone

With its astral connections and cosmic vibes, Iolite is an amazing astrological stone for those born under the banners of Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius. For all those Taureans out there, Iolite can help to uplift this stoic earth sign to heavenly new heights. Taureans are all about the practical side of life and sometimes they need a little nudge to think outside the box and dream bigger. Iolite can do this.

Sagittarians too will fall head over heels for the balancing beauty of Iolite. Sagittarians are already inquisitive and independent and Iolite with its strong psychic connections and protective spirit, is ready to be a talisman for these born travelers who don’t think twice about stepping off the path.

If you are keen to know which gemstone matches your zodiac take a look at our guide to crystals and astrological signs right here.

How to Use Iolite

Iolite Energy Bracelet

Check out our iolite energy bracelet

See further, think deeper, and leap higher when you bring Iolite into your life. With its storm blue coloring and its mystical qualities, Iolite is a showstopper when it comes to gemstone jewelry and means you can carry its magic with you wherever you go. Iolite also makes for a highly potent stone when you choose to bring it into your home for Feng Shui practice, meditation, or making a sacred altar. Here are just a smattering of ways you can light up your world with Iolite…

Home & Office 

Iolite is an incredible energy stone for those who want to bring more spirituality and seer like wisdom into their life. In Feng Shui, the Iolite Stone can be used to bring about spiritual healing, strengthen relationships, and to lend a hand in that deep shadow work we sometimes need to do in order to face all angles of the self. It makes an amazing stone to place in an altar or sacred space or to be a part of your daily meditative rituals. You can also place Iolite in places where your relationship takes up space. If you want to untangle yourself from codependent relationships and to have healthier mindsets with lovers then be sure to keep your Iolite stone in your bedroom. For those battling with addictive behaviors and wanting to commit to detoxification, having Iolite in the home can also help to nurture that desire and make it a reality.


With its shifting clouds and clean energy, Iolite blends beauty and incredible energy making it a stunning choice for your gemstone jewelry collection. Even beyond the borders of beauty, wearing an Iolite bracelet or ring comes with a bounty of benefits. Iolite pressed close to the skin can send all that uplifting spiritual energy directly to your soul. Having direct contact to your pulse points and your own vibrations invites Iolite to truly connect to who you are and to align its high vibrations with your unique sense of energy.

If you are seeking stones that suit the mood of Iolite well, you can also choose to pair your gem with the crown chakra jewel of Amethyst - another stone flooded with spiritual energy. The ruby hues of Garnet also work well alongside Iolite. Green Aventurine and Tanzanite are two more gems that find a sparkle of joy in the company of the Water Sapphire, as does Lapis Lazuli and the protective stone of Hematite. If you want to mirror the magic of Iolite you can wear it alongside a Blue Sapphire for striking deepwater energy.

How to Cleanse Your Gemstone

closeup surface of Iolite

If you want your Iolite to beam with light when it comes to endless energy levels its important to keep your crystal charged and cleansed. Crystals are deep energy workers and they often require a little pick me up to keep them working to the fullest of their ability. Iolite can be cleaned by a little warm water and mild soap before being discharged by running under a stream of water. It is quite susceptible to heat so be sure to always use soft mild temperatures to keep it in check. If you want to charge your Iolite then you can place it under natural light for an hour (avoiding super-strong direct sunlight) and let nature work its magic. It’s also a stone that benefits from being tumbled with other rock crystals to infuse it with higher levels of energy.

Geological Properties

Iolite Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Silicate mineral
Chemical Formula (Mg,Fe)2Al3(AlSi5O18)
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Color Blue, violet-blue, yellow, gray, colorless
Streak White to pale gray
Luster Vitreous to subvitreous
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Occurrence Metamorphic rocks, typically found in gneiss, schist, and other high-grade metamorphic rocks
Formation Forms through regional metamorphism of clay-rich sediments and volcanic rocks
Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent
Cleavage Distinct in two directions, imperfect in a third
Mohs Hardness 7-7.5
Specific Gravity 2.58-2.66
Diagnostic Properties Distinct pleochroism, yellow-brown to blue-purple
Chemical Composition (Mg,Fe)2Al3(AlSi5O18)
Crystal System Orthorhombic
Optical Properties Biaxial negative
Refractive Index nα = 1.522-1.578, nβ = 1.523-1.584, nγ = 1.527-1.590
Birefringence δ = 0.005-0.012
2V angle Measured: 0° to 88°, Calculated: 70° to 84°
Dispersion 0.017
Other characteristics May exhibit asterism

Final Thoughts on Iolite

For those who want to steer their ship into unknown territory and to see beyond the confines of their own mind – Iolite is the stone to guide and stretch you. It’s a stone that serves your intuition and encourages you to take responsibility for your own journey. Just like the explorers of the ancient world, Iolite becomes the wind that carries us across stormy shores and to the true land of the self.

What are your thoughts on Iolite? Share in the comments.


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