Throat Chakra Stones: 14 Essential Crystals To Clear Blockages


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Throat Chakra Stones: 14 Essential Crystals To Clear Blockages

woman with hand at throat wearing gemstones for throat chakra

The throat chakra stones are Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Angelite, Blue Apatite, Chrysocolla, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Celestite, Azurite, Larimar, and Blue Calcite. They help to remove blockages in the throat and facilitate clear and open communication.

Understanding the Vishuddha Chakra

women in blue dress wearing gemstone bracelets

The throat chakra is also called the Vishuddha chakra in Sanskrit, this translates to ‘pure’ or ‘purification’ – a perfect word for the power of learning to use one's own voice. The fifth chakra and energy center in our body, the throat chakra is how we communicate our dreams, thoughts, feelings, and how we externalize our sense of self. It’s a hugely important chakra that carries with it feelings of confidence, self-worth, connection, and helps form a bridge or flow of energy between the heart and the mind.

When our throat chakra is open and clear we can use our ‘soul gate’ to speak freely, to be heard, and to deepen our relationships with those around us. Signs of a blocked throat chakra can include feeling like your voice isn’t valid, being timid or shy, avoiding conflict or any kind of confrontation, being indecisive, and indulging in people-pleasing behaviors. It can also go the opposite direction and you can find yourself being dishonest, speaking without thinking, and saying insensitive things that could hurt people. In a physical sense, a blocked throat chakra can show itself in problems around the throat and the neck. You may have sore throats a lot, mouth ulcers, jaw pain, thyroid issues stiffness of the neck, dental issues, and any physical symptoms that affects the throat area, etc.

Bringing our throat chakra into balance is important. When our throat is clear, our tongue free, and our jaw unhinged – we can use our voice to rise up in this world and find our own sense of power. Your words are an important sense of expression and whether penned on paper or spoken aloud, these words help us to share who we are and give us permission to shine.

Healing Crystals that Clear a Blocked Throat Chakra 

Throat chakra stones tend to share a similar blue color theme with the throat chakra. Beautiful in blue, these gems are all about encouraging the flow. When our throat is clear it can connect with the heart and the mind. It helps us to occupy our space, speak our truth, and to express our authenticity. Throat chakra stones work with high vibrations and bring traits like courage, compassion, trust, and emotional balance to the table to strengthen your communication skills, your sense of self and ease of expression. Take a look at some of our favorite healing crystals to shake loose any blockages in the throat chakra…


1) Aquamarine 

aquamarine for throat chakra

The stone of courage, Aquamarine is a mermaid kiss that forever invites you to dive right in and swim deeper, deeper, deeper into your own soul. We love this glittering blue and green throat chakra gem. Aquamarine is a talisman of the seas and brings a siren song of clarity and truth even when the waves around you are rising. This gem soothes fears around the throat, loosening the grip of anxiety, and keeping you connected to your one true voice. Find out more about the meaning of Aquamarine.


2) Lapis Lazuli 

lapis lazuli for throat chakra

Deep blue and flecked with golden glory, Lapis Lazuli is every inch the regal gem and inspires great words backed up by sublime self-awareness. This stone of truth is perfect for the throat chakra and has long been a companion of seers, sages, and public speakers as it encourages eloquence and expression. Writers too will beautifully benefit from this block-breaking stone as Lapis knows how to tap into that creativity. Another way in which Lapis Lazuli can help you shine is by strengthening friendships as it’s a stone that puts great weight and purpose into the power of truth. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.


3) Amazonite

amazonite for throat chakra

The stone of warrior women, it’s no surprise to hear that Amazonite is a heart chakra and throat chakra healer. This beautiful stone comes shimmering with blue and green shades and promises strength, knowledge, protection, and meaningful positivity. Like the Amazonian warriors, it’s a gem that guides us to a place of agency and trust in our own power. This can all start with the voice and our ability to filter our own truth from the chorus that surrounds us. Amazonite says yes to putting yourself first and to moving away from the shadowlands of self-doubt and fear of judgement. It offers crystal clear communication and connection with the sisterhood. Find out more about the meaning of Amazonite.


4) Sodalite 

sodalite for throat chakra

With colors that capture the promise of salt addled surf and Atlantic swells, Sodalite has a wonderful harmonizing energy. It is a little more active in its energy and is considered to be the stone of poets as it rouses creativity and helps you find the words. Sodalite connects to the throat chakra and also the third eye chakra, calling in that wisdom to back up your communication. For those who don’t want their words to be empty, Sodalite grants you the knowledge to fill in the gaps and to bring meaning, magic, and melody to the sounds that spill out. Find out more about the meaning of Sodalite.


5) Blue Lace Agate 

blue lace agate for throat chakra

Gentle and light, Blue Lace Agate is about careful and authentic articulation. This throat chakra stone doesn’t skip a beat, it knows that sometimes the truth isn’t pretty, but shows us how to wield our words in a responsible way. Because of its soft nature and its nurturing element, it helps us to have those difficult conversations with those we love but also makes sure that we don’t lose our sense of self in the process. It’s a stone that diminishes hurt and anger, encourages easy energy, and keeps our flow of truth soaked in positivity and higher purpose. For those who want access to their highest truth, Blue Lace Agate is every bit the stone you need. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Lace Agate.


6) Angelite 

angelite for throat chakra

Angelic in both name and nature, Angelite is simple shades of heavenly blue and brings with it the essence of pure truth and higher thinking. This dreamy cool gem is all about leaping to the next level and knows that to do that, you need a clear throat chakra, a tapped in third eye chakra, and a luminous light crown chakra too. Angelite unblocks the pathways between these chakras and makes sure that love, light, and balance is forever present. It can also encourage clairvoyance skills and astral travel too. Find out more about the meaning of Angelite.


7) Blue Apatite 

blue apatite for throat chakra

Turn on the tap of truth and let your words flow with the deep blue bright energy of the Apatite stone. This gem is throat chakra heaven and loves to take negative black cloud energy and turn it into clear blue skies. That’s not to say that Blue Apatite is about positive whitewashing. This gem makes sure that you always stay strong in your personal power and that you pay attention to your own truth. It just makes sure that you don’t get attached to stories of the self and that you learn to move past negative thought patterns and to embrace the energy of truth with openness and ease. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Apatite.


8) Chrysocolla 

chrysocolla for throat chakra

Gorgeous in shades of dancing green and blue, Chrysocolla has sublimely soothing energy to back it up. This gem is pure throat chakra and healing heart chakra vibrations. It forever wants to calm you and bring your whole being in harmony. Chrysocolla is all about easing anxiety, depression, and encouraging sweet self-expression and the reclamation of personal power. This is a great gem for recovering people pleasers who still hold on to anxious feelings around finding joy in owning their own voice. Thanks to its ability to strengthen communication and let go of fear-based thinking, this is also a great gem for healing frayed relationships. Find out more about the meaning of Chrysocolla.


9) Blue Chalcedony 

blue chalcedony for throat chakra

Soft and sublime and the shade of shallow waters and sunlight, Blue Chalcedony trickles in with its vibes of stillness, calm, and trust. For those who are quick with their words or heavy with their sense of expression, Blue Chalcedony heals the throat chakra and rouses the third eye chakra so that your expression has a featherlight touch without losing its weight of meaning. It also helps you steer clear of quick anger and thoughtless speech making sure that you speak from a place of wisdom.


10) Blue Kyanite 

blue kyanite for throat chakra

Whittled in white and blue, the Kyanite stone radiates with love for the throat chakra and the third eye chakra too. Communication and inner wisdom go together beautifully as when we are in touch with our intimate inner selves we can speak from a place of authentic understanding. Along with healing and filling the energy gaps in your throat, Kyanite also taps into those buried psychic abilities, stirring up any clairvoyance energy and telepathic gifts you may have. See deeper, speak clearer with Kyanite. Find out more about the meaning of Kyanite.


11) Celestite 

celestite for throat chakra

Another of the angel stones, Celestite is all about celestial energy, third eye chakra wisdom, and the beauty of bright and clear communication. Forever a throat chakra cheerleader, Celestite will unflinchingly clear those blockages, tap you into deeper dream work, and make sure that your vibrations are always riding high. This gorgeous pale gem radiates peace and pleasure and brings air and water energy to douse the fire. When we communicate from a place of fire, the flames of passion can lead to destruction. Celestite makes sure that we are connected with our truth and that we find a way to take a breath, promote stillness in thought, and speak from a place of purpose. Find out more about the meaning of Celestite.


12) Azurite

azurite for throat chakra

While we may associate Azurite with the infinite wisdom of the third eye chakra, this velvet blue stone is also a throat chakra cleanser. Vibrant with verbal energy, Azurite brings those radiant blues so reminiscent of Egyptian royalty and reminds us that you have the power of pharaohs, goddesses, and queens too. Azurite is a soft mineral and while it definitely has gentle properties, that doesn’t mean that it comes without strength. Azurite is excellent at encouraging clear communication in the present and also can help with verbalizing past issues that may have been holding you back. Find out more about the meaning of Azurite.


13) Larimar 

larimar for throat chakra

A lush stone soaked to the bone in feelings of relaxation, Larimar is all about those high vibrations and shaking fears loose. This gem is primarily a throat chakra stone but also connects to the heart chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra too. Dealing with all those upper chakras reminds us how everything is connected and that when we clear these blockages we can access our higher power and move through the world with purpose. For Larimar, that means speaking your truth without fear. Larimar is about the highest good and it will encourage you always to do what you can to embrace that.


14) Blue Calcite 

blue calcite for throat chakra

Heal your throat chakra and your third eye with the colorful pop of pretty Blue Calcite. This lovely gem is all about bringing a boost to your energy flow and making sure that stagnant energy is well and truly shaken out, leaving a clear path for light to travel from tip to toe. Blue Calcite comes with high vibrations making it a good addition to your stone set for accessing higher realms too. While this gem works on an earthly level for encouraging communication to flow, it also works on a spiritual level too. Facilitating clear communion with spirit guides and making verbal sense of your psychic gifts. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.



How can you use these Gemstones 

blue gemstone braclets for the throat chakra

Now you have a list of the best lyrical stones for cracking open that throat chakra and finding your own voice, there are a few ways in which you can use these gemstones to clear out stagnant energy. Free your voice and find meaning in the magic of your own words with these methods for harnessing vibrational energy...

    • Choose blue gemstone jewelry to keep on your person at all times and to stay connected.
    • Place throat chakra stones on your throat when practicing meditation, reiki or 5th chakra cleansing.
    • Hold a stone in hand when having tricky conversations or when public speaking.
    • Form a crystal grid, altar, or keep blue gems close by when communicating with the spirit realm.

What else you can use

hand holding rosemary sprig

If you feel like your throat chakra is well and truly blocked and you are keen to keep healing that area and to strengthen your connection, you can use a range of simple and deeper spiritual practices too. Take a look at this list of things that can help shake loose your throat chakra blockages and keep the conversation flowing with energy and ease…

    • Daily affirmations or mantras
    • Singing or chanting
    • Journaling or any kind of creative writing practice
    • Yoga poses that encourage an open throat or shoulder stands
    • Breathwork
    • Talk therapy or even sharing with a trusted friends
    • Bringing blue to your wardrobe
    • Essential oils like rosemary, eucalyptus, frankincense, and sage


The throat chakra is an integral part of our daily life. When we feel like we are heard and understood rather than swallowing our tongue, we rise up in personal power and confidence. We are better equipped to speak our truth and we don’t fall into the traps of frustration and fear. These beautiful blue gems can help us heal and can encourage us to reclaim our voice because after all, no one will speak up for us.

Which throat chakra crystals are you loving? Share with us in the comments.


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