16 Crystals For Positivity - Let Go of Negative Energy For Good!


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16 Crystals For Positivity - Let Go of Negative Energy For Good!

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The power of positivity can carry you far in life. Positive thinking has been linked with everything from gifting you a longer life span, cutting down on bouts of distress and depression, keeping your immune system working well, and ensuring your emotional and spiritual self is well-loved and looked after.

The world can be tough at times and keeping yourself looking on the bright side of life can certainly be a challenge. Carrying a positive mental attitude shouldn’t be about stuffing all your other feelings into a box, but about acknowledging those feelings and not letting them hold you down for too long. Positive thinking is powerful. It can lead us to live our very best lives. When we project fear and negative energy into the world, this can become the reality we find ourselves locked in. Positive thinking can release us and it can also help to manifest a mood, magic, and a methodology for bringing abundance to our door.

A positive mindset can mean minimizing that negative self-talk and stepping into ownership of your choices in life. It can mean caring for ourselves in a thousand tiny ways, encouraging ourselves as we would a friend, and looking for the silver linings and growth in situations that may seem difficult. Crystals for positivity that we have picked are known head cleaners, heart healers, light-bringers, and mood stabilizers. Take a look at these awesome crystals for bringing beautiful thoughts and adding rainbows to your storm… 

Let Go of Negative Energy for Good!

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Agate for feeling heard and overcoming social stress factors

Clear Quartz for clear-headed thinking

Rose Quartz for empathy and an open heart

Citrine for inner child play and juicy joy

Amethyst for positive serenity

Selenite for batting away bad energy

Carnelian for encouraging a creative passion

Aventurine for balancing moods and kicking frustration

Lapis Lazuli for easing social anxiety and living in authenticity

Black Tourmaline for protecting against draining people and situations

Tigers Eye for big bold confidence

Moonstone for self-control, goddess energy, and embracing change

Chrysocolla for self-awareness and perspective

Fluorite for staying solid and shadow work.

Obsidian for building resilience and boundaries

Sunstone for seasonal affective disorder and finding warmth


1) Agate


blue lace agate

What it looks like: Blue Lace Agate is soft and dreamy in shades of gentle blue, like a dawn summer sky.

What it does: Aligning with the heart and the throat chakra, the beautiful Blue Lace Agate is all composure, compassion, and authentic communication. For all those anxious hearts out there, this is exactly the list of luscious healing ingredients you need. When we feel able to express ourselves and when we feel heard, we are better equipped to wash out bad feelings and to occupy a serene mental space. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.

When to use it: Call on Blue Lace Agate when you are feeling the weight of social anxieties or if you struggle to express yourself. This gentle gem is here to calm the mind and put you back in control of your destiny. 


2) Clear Quartz Crystal

What it looks like: Clear and bright and icy white, this quartz is a sparkle of starlight.

What it does: Like washing in spring rain, the Clear Quartz crystal brings aeons of positive power to your body, mind, and soul earning it the name of the master healer. This shimmering clear-headed gem balances the chakras, chases away negative energy and keeps you living in light and clarity. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Grab your Clear Quartz stone whenever you need to purge those bad feelings or when your mind feels muddy and cluttered. This gem is like pressing the reset button. 


3) Rose Quartz

rose quartz

What it looks like: Shimmering pink with its heart-shaped color schemes.

What it does: Whether mulling a love problem or just looking to heal the heart, Rose Quartz makes sure that you get your daily dose of deep compassion. This stone is all about empathy, building trust, and keeping your heart wide open – all the traits you need to live a positive and vibrant life. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: Call on the Rose Quartz after a breakup or during times of troubled love. This stone soothes and heals and makes sure that all your relationships are serving up shimmering positivity (especially the relationship you have with yourself).


4) Citrine


What it looks like: Sunlight pouring through the window, we love this happy go lucky stone.

What it does: Citrine is sunny and bright and has the good moods to match. This gem is a perfect pick me up whether you are feeling blue or just want an extra dose of juiciness to get you through the day. Citrine is called the merchants stone as it brings luck and abundance to your door. It ups your energy and also makes sure that your inner child gets plenty of time to play. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: Call on sunny Citrine when you are low on mood and energy and need a light reminder to carry a brighter state of mind. 


5) Amethyst


What it looks like: Mystical purple splashed with violet or brighter lilac delights.

What it does: Amethyst is here to kick out those woes and worries and leave you with a deep sense of serenity. Positivity doesn’t have to be all singing all dancing, sometimes it can be the beauty of being calm, collected, and knowing that you have a handle on things. This can truly help to keep negative vibes at bay and put you fully at peace with yourself. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: Sit and meditate with your Amethyst crystal whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or like you want to weave more positive serenity into your life.


6) Selenite

selenite stone

What it looks like: Pale and white with shades of peach in its raw form.

What it does: Sweet Selenite is said to be an awesome absorber of negative energy. This bright and gleaming gem is here to mop up anything bad that could be coming your way and to keep you connected to a sense of stable serenity. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: Selenite is said to be at its strongest during big moon moments. While you can use it throughout the month to keep bad vibes at bay, you should be sure to soak your Selenite stone in the glow of the full moon to keep it ripe and full and ever ready for action. 


7) Carnelian


What it looks like: Red and orange and gloriously glowing.

What it does: Vibrant Carnelian comes with a creative kick and is ever ready to stir up your passion and help you rekindle your zest for life. For those who are feeling the pressure of burnout, a loss of interest, or for those who feel like their solar plexus chakra has shut right down, Carnelian is here to change all of that. This energetic gem is all about confidence and joy. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

When to use it: Choose Carnelian when you are in a creative slump and want to shake your artistic soul awake. Creativity can be an awesome outlet and can help you to balance emotions, live with purpose, and live in the light of pleasure.


8) Aventurine


What it looks like: Shades of green and cool waters, Aventurine is still water lakes and healing algae.

What it does: With its soft green coloring and gentle approach, Aventurine is a heart chakra stone that heals and soothes in equal measures. This is a great stone for stabilizing moods and reducing the imprint of stress and anger on your life. When we don’t have to live under the shadow of anger and unpredictable moods, we are able to live a calm and charming life that works for our sense of wellbeing. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.

When to use it: If you are someone who struggles with frustration and can’t get your flight fight, or freeze in check, then Aventurine can be an awesome amulet at helping to balance that out. Like taking a deep breath, this stone invites you to keep your cool. 


9) Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

What it looks like: Silver starlight and dark blue midnight skies, Lapis is light and shadow.

What it does: Ever ready to connect communication with intuition, Lapis Lazuli opens your throat and third eye chakra. This stone is all about living in the light of truth and making decisions that connect with your heart. When we are well-equipped to live with sincerity, grace, and being held by our own wisdom, we can live richer and more fulfilled lives. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.

When to use it: If you find that you are forever second-guessing yourself or that your shades of social anxiety are holding you back, Lapis Lazuli can give your confidence the lift it needs. 


10) Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

What it looks like: Pitch black and volcanic energy, Black Tourmaline is your protective shield.

What it does: Keep that bad energy at bay not just emotionally but physically too. Black Tourmaline is a powerful protective crystal and totally adept at throwing up a shield around you. Black Tourmaline is awesome to have on your body or at home as it keeps your space sacred and safe. Not only can it protect but it also keeps you grounded and gives you the clarity and power you need to make decisions based on need rather than fear. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.

When to use it: Carry Black Tourmaline with you if you tend to get swept along in the bad moods of others or when you know you will be facing a draining situation or someone who tends to take your energy. 


11) Tiger's Eye

tigers eye

What it looks like: Luminous as the big cat's eye, this stone is gold and black and banded orange.

What it does: Strength and confidence simply ooze from the Tigers Eye making it a must-have stone for those who want to stride through life. Confidence can lead to higher levels of self-esteem, putting you in a place where you are more willing to make bold decisions and effectively deal with negative energy. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.

When to use it: If you are someone who finds your confidence lacking when it comes to confrontations and expressing your needs, Tigers Eye is just the ticket. Turn to this bold and vivacious gem to shake off those people-pleasing habits. 


12) Moonstone


What it looks like: Glowing like the harvest moon hanging heavy in the sky.

What it does: There is nothing but power and shards of positivity in the glorious goddess stone. Moonstone is magic, make no doubt about it. This pale and milky bright gem is forever a guiding light in the darkness and can lend a torchlike quality even during the blackest of times. Moonstone also helps to balance out emotions, puts you back in touch with your deep inner self, and deepens your intuition. It also helps us to embrace change. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: Turn to Moonstone when you find yourself panicked or fighting against inevitable change. Change can be scary and feel out of our control, but this stone teaches us that we can only control ourselves and as long as we have that power, we can handle anything that rolls our way. With this mindset, you are able to stop resisting and to live richer in the knowledge that there is nothing you can’t handle. 


13) Chrysocolla


What it looks like: Deep-sea shades of green and blue with hints of bright and beautiful copper

What it does: Known as the teaching stone, Chrysocolla is brimming with awesome life lessons to help you step into your full and radiant self. This stone is a soul soother and comes with excellent nervous system properties. For those who feel they are forever tiptoeing on the edge, this gem is all about massive self-awareness (in a good way), helping communication to flow, and helping us to garner perspective even from the things that have been challenging or painful in our lives. When we are doing that healing work we are better equipped to find joy and meaning once more. Find out more about the meaning of Chrysocolla.

When to use it: Let Chrysocolla guide you whenever you are feeling the drive to make a change but can’t quite put your finger on what that change may be. This stone works with you in ways you don’t even feel at first, but as you feel your confidence and self-esteem start to grow, positivity is sure to follow.


14) Fluorite


What it looks like: Crystal light shot with colors of purple and green.

What it does: Rainbow Fluorite is shades of powerful positivity and is here to be your rainbow after the storm. This simply beautiful gem is a joy and brings clarity, focus, and clean thinking to the table. Fluorite is also incredibly grounding in a way that doesn’t tie you down. It’s a good solid crystal to come back to when you have been dabbling in vision and dream work. When we have a clear vision of who we are and we feel grounded in our joy, we are less likely to be swept away by the debris of circumstance. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

When to use it: Sit with Fluorite after doing a deep dive and let this stone guide you home. Doing deep soul work is important for embracing our shadow selves and acknowledging who we are. But instead of getting lost in the folds of those stories, Fluorite can bring you back and help you to stay positively tuned and grounded.


15) Obsidian


What it looks like: So dark and black it flashes silver at a second glance.

What it does: Another highly protective deep dark stone, Obsidian is a mighty sponge, ready to mop up all that bad juju that could be coming for you. Whether it's toxic vibes from people, places, or things, having Obsidian close by means that you are well and truly kept out of harms reach. This truth seeker stone also invites you on a journey into self-discovery, encouraging you to find out exactly who you are so you don’t have to live in falsehood anymore. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: Empaths, in particular, may find Obsidian a truly useful stone to turn to at times. Empaths can easily absorb the energies of others (good and bad) and Obsidian can help to build resilience and boundaries so you can stay sweet in your own light rather than being eclipsed by others. 


16) Sunstone


What it looks like: Baked gold and brown like terracotta tiles on Spanish shores.

What it does: The stone of good fortune and forever bringing warmth and a bright disposition, the Sunstone is a sheer force of fabulous thinking. This powerful stone has a long history of being associated with all things good and it brings a boost of vitamin C to your soul. It clears out your solar plexus chakra, keeps you in a healthy and balanced mindset, and carries a certainty and optimism that uplifts even the lowest spirits. Find out more about the meaning of Sunstone.

When to use it: Whenever you feel sluggish, cold, or unconnected to the world around you, call on the warmth of Sunstone to lift you up and help you to bask in the light of the living. It’s also an awesome stone for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. 

How to Use these Stones to Increase Positive Vibes 

woman wearing gemstone bracelet and smiling

This incredible list of positive vibe crystals is the ultimate pick-me-up experience you need. While just having these powerful crystals close by is enough to raise your vibrations, fill your heart with self-love and make you feel great, there are some other tips and tricks to truly harness their healing power. Take a look at these ideas for bringing out the best in your stones…

  • Wear gemstone jewelry and let the crystal constantly tap into your own vibrations and match that power.
  • Create a crystal grid for healing.
  • Place the crystals on your yoga mat or hold tight during your daily mindfulness practice.
  • Place your hand on a crystal sphere or worry stone when going through your morning affirmations.
  • Use these crystals in any purifying ritual or practices like reiki
  • Use feng shui practice to place the crystals around your home and to bring in mental clarity and to shut out negative thoughts.


Crystals can help to tempt you into a more positive way of thinking. These special gems are ripe and radiant with self-confidence, good luck energy and high vibrations and these are all the ingredients you need for feeding your body, mind, and soul the good stuff.

What are your favorite healing crystals, affirmations, or practices for amping up your positivity? Share with us in the comments and let’s build a brighter world together.


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