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Tiger Eye Crystals

Tiger Eye Crystals

It takes confidence and belief in yourself to make your dreams come true. But it can be difficult, especially if you’re going through life on your own. Tiger Eye crystals can help boost your self-confidence. The stone comes in shades of orange and brown, with black stripes. But the stone’s appearance isn’t the only thing that gave it its name. A tiger is fearless and confident, just like you will feel once you incorporate this stone into your life.

What Do Tiger Eye Crystals Do?

In ancient times, these stones were considered more valuable than gold and were thought to ward off bad spirits.

Today, these stones have a different meaning. We use Tiger Eye crystals as a reminder of what we can achieve if we believe in ourselves and fight for what we want. The stone builds self-confidence and repels bad energy. It’s also said to help with problems with the endocrine system. Wear a bracelet around your wrist whenever you start to doubt your powers.

Wear It at All Times

You can wear this stone as jewelry or keep it in your house as a palm stone. However, we recommend keeping your Tiger Eye crystal with you at all times, as you’re more likely to need its help outside of your home. Wearing a crystal bracelet will enable you to do so.

Each gemstone has its own qualities and features. You can read more about that in this crystal guide. No stone can cover every aspect of your life, so it’s best to go through this guide and decide which stone combination would suit you best.


What are tiger eye crystals used for?

This stone is used for emotional strength, protection from bad energy, and for good luck. Tiger Eyes are considered a worry stone, as they chase all your worries and negative thoughts away. It may also help with your endocrine system.

How to make salt water to charge crystals and tiger eye bracelet?

Some of you might be worried about taking your tiger eye into salt water. Some stones shouldn’t be taken into salt water. However, that’s not the case with a Tiger Eye stone. In fact, sea salt is one of the substances used to cleanse your stone. It’s advised to leave it in salt water for two weeks to let it release all the negative energy accumulated in you. You just need regular water and a few spoons of sea salt.

How to charge crystals and tiger eye bracelet in a black moon?

Another way of cleansing your Tiger Eye is to leave it outside during a full moon. When this happens, leave your stone outside for 15 minutes. It should be in a completely natural environment to replenish its energy without obstacles. Remember not to leave outside in the cold.

Also, you can’t charge it during a lunar full moon. This time of the month is represented by chaos and negativity – and certainly not the energy you wish to charge your crystals with.

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