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Worry Stones

Worry Stones - The Best Way to Fidget!

Take a deep breath and learn to ride the waves with these crystal therapy worry stones to soothe the body, mind, and soul. Smooth and polished and perfectly made by nature to sit in the palm of your hand, these stones are a healing antidote to modern stress and bring a beautiful energy to ease worries and anxiety.

While childhood memories may have taught us not to fidget, quick and tiny movements and keeping your hands busy can actually release stress and help finetune our focus. By turning the stone in hand and rubbing the thumbprint back and forth, you can relieve some of the stress build-up in your system. Worry stones are a wonder and aren’t just for fidgeting but come with myriad benefits. From mindful meditationto chakra cleansing, worry stones shaped from crystals are a glorious way to go when it comes to quick and radiant healing.

Worry stones are packed with ancient energy. The process of using precious gems for healing and of connecting with the calming essence of nature is a practice as old as time. Worry stones blend the art of crystal consciousness with tactile grace and reconnection with the natural world.  A perfect pocket chiller, worry stones can be seen as a modern day prayer bead, a holistic stress buster, and a healthy alternative to some of the more debilitating habits we may have for dealing with high pressure.

Instantly calming, having a physical object you can fidget with or touch can be a really helpful way of staying grounded and connected. While for some people meditation, breathwork, and yoga provides a foundation for staying in flow, other people may struggle to settle into those practices when feeling flighty and anxious. Worry stones can be held to bring you back to the body and they can also be a health boosting tool to turn to when meditating or practicing breathwork as they add another layer of mindful magic.

These worry stones are certainly one to watch for those who want to rise above the weight of anxious thinking. These comforting stones connect the head and the heart, help to bring intention and purpose back to your mind, and clears the mind of tension so you get to see all the beauty and bliss this wild and wonderful world can offer you.

Benefits of Gemstones

Gemstones in general are one of the oldest ways of raising your awareness, connecting the chakras, and welcoming deep healing into every corner of your soul. From gemstone bracelets to individual stones, crystals carry energy and vibrations that help shift stagnant thoughts, clear out blockages, and bring you up to a whole new level of being.

Crystals are born from the earth and hold elemental power. They hum at a certain frequency and depending on your own needs, they can encourage your own frequency to align with the vibrations of the stone. Living in the light of a higher frequency can mean that your energy levels rise, your health and wellbeing finds its balance, and you are able to stand grounded, to open your heart, go with the flow, and to find your sense of purpose so you can reach your fullest potential.

Knowing which crystal will be the most beneficial for your individual being is often based on intuition and understanding what you need. From building boundaries and invoking passion and a zest for life to learning to calm the mind and tap into your third-eye, whatever you need more of in life, you can be sure there is a crystal there for you. Crystals help you to set intentions and to carry these commitments with you. They help you to align the chakras so that positive energy can radiate from tip to toe. They also help you to stay clear of mind and soft of heart all while keeping you protected from negativity.  

There are so many beautiful and incredible crystals out there – you can choose the stone color that calls to you, the echo of a feeling that stirs your wonder, or you can select a crystal that has the healing traits you need. When it comes to anxiety and stress, crystals that help you feel grounded can be a gorgeous way to start. Look for those root chakra stones that keep you stable – Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Hematite or Black Tourmaline are tantalizing protective and grounding gems. Clear your space of stress by calling in the healing light of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Moonstone, and Rhodonite.

Beating Anxiety & Stress

Worry stones can soak up your fears and fill your heart with a solid slice of pure love and confidence. By breaking negative thought patterns, keeping energy flowing, and having something tangible to hold in a time of rising anxiety, all of this can truly help to put you on the path to healing. Trying to shake off weighty thoughts, burying feelings, and turning your back on yourself may prevent you from processing your experiences and can lead to burnout. We live in stressful times and modern life demands more of us than we feel able to give. To help you balance and breathe deep – here are some additional ways to beat stress and anxiety…


Sometimes we are able to make sense of the world and certain circumstances by saying it aloud. This is exactly what therapy gifts us. Whether its somatic healing, talk therapy, or even CBT to help train your mind to stop falling into self-destructive cycles, there are many different therapies out there that can be beautifully stress-busting. Having space to speak and explore without fear of judgement and with someone who isn’t emotionally immersed in your world can help you to understand yourself deeper and find pathways to healing. If the idea of talk therapy makes you nervous, you can even bring your worry stone for comforting hand-held support.


Another way to ease feelings of stress and anxiety is to channel it with energy. Stress and anxiety can often feel like a build-up of energy that has nowhere to go. Sending that energy somewhere can bring you back to emotional regulation and physical balance. An amazing way of easing anxiety can be through moving the body – dancing, yoga, running, swimming. Reiki can also help to clear excess anxiety and stress as it brings your spiritual body and your chakras back into harmony. Remember, the earth wants you to heal and it will take and give the energetic forces that can help you to embrace an easy, effortless and beauty filled life.


There’s an old saying that goes ‘learn to master your mind before it masters you’. In short, this is all about how we view ourselves and our place in the world and how this may feed into our cycles of stress and anxiety. Letting go of the stories and narratives that no longer serve us, finding our feet with gratitude, and learning to ease into the flow and cyclical nature of life can help to flush out anxiety. Letting go of abstract thinking, cutting out catastrophizing, and practicing staying more in the present moment can all contribute to a different view-point that can help to carry you out of anxiety.

We are sending healing thoughts and support to everyone out there working through their anxiety. Remember, the universe is on your side.


Do worry stones work?

While there is no medical proof that worry stones relieve stress, many people who use them insist that they really work. Rubbing the stone and feeling its surface can be calming - much like other items that lessen tension, like stress balls or fidget spinners.

What is the best stone for worrying?

It all comes down to individual preference. River rock or marble can be incredibly smooth, but for some people, the vivid colors of agate, jasper, or quartz make all the difference. Comfort matters the most in choosing a worry stone - it should feel like an extension of your hand. Some might even choose one based on the stone’s rumored healing properties.

What is the significance of a worry stone?

Worry stones for relief and meditation have been around for centuries. We can trace their use back to Ancient Greece, but even today, Tibetan, Celtic, and Native North American cultures still revere them as a means of self-soothing. Whenever life gets overwhelming, people might find solace in rubbing the worry stone and focusing on it instead of their anxieties, almost like using it as a mantra or meditative practice.

What happens if you break a worry stone?

If your worry stone cracks into two or more pieces, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed for bad luck. Instead, many crystal lovers would say the broken stone has taken on all your worries and stress. You can keep the pieces as a memento, or if it feels right, discard them and find a new stone. It’s up to the individual to decide what they believe is best.

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