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Crystal Ganesh

By now you’re probably familiar with the healing powers of different crystals. But there’s a way you can make those powers even stronger – by getting your favorite crystal in the Ganesh form. This is a statue in the shape of the god Ganesh, a boy with an elephant’s head. Ganesh is there to protect you and ward off the evil eye. Combined with your favorite crystal, it will enhance the crystal’s powers and have an even greater impact on your life. Everyone should have a crystal Ganesh to protect them.

History of the Stone

Lord Ganesh will protect you, guide you through obstacles, and lead you on a path to personal development. This god is represented in the form of a human body with an elephant head and comes from the Hindu culture.

It’s thought that he was the son of two gods, Shiva and Parvati. The goddess Shiva created him to protect her privacy while she bathed. When the god came back from a war, the boy blocked his way into the house. Furious, Parvati chopped off the boy’s head. After the horror of realizing what he did, he was looking for the first living being to cross his path. The first thing he came across was an elephant. He placed its head on the boy’s body, bringing him back to life.

Lord Ganesh in Crystals

The crystal Ganesh idol can be made of various crystals, such as amethyst, rose quartz, amazonite, obsidian, and clear quartz. You can choose any, depending on the energy and affects you wish to bring into your home and life. Carrying a baby Ganesh in your pocket might be a good idea as well, to keep you protected no matter where you go. The same goes for wearing a crystal bracelet. Whenever in doubt about which crystals to choose, refer to the crystal guide.

Placing Lord Ganesh in Your Home

Feng Shui experts have advice on which parts of your home to keep the Ganesh idol in, and how it will affect you. First of all, make sure the statue is facing the room. Turning its back to the room is said to bring poverty. Also, don’t have more than one Ganesh statue per room. The statue should be placed in an elevated place, like a table. Don’t put it on the floor. Do not place it in the following rooms: bathroom, kitchen, garage, under the staircase, and bedroom. It’s not good to keep it near waste waters or in a vacant place, as you don’t want its energy to leave you.

Whichever crystal you decide to go with, having a Ganesh idol will have a positive impact on your life. Get yours today!


What are ganesh crystals?

Ganesh crystals are shaped like the god of the same name. They protect you from negative vibrations and the evil eye. You can use this crystal when meditating or dealing with hard times. It can be made of various crystals, depending on your choice.

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