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Crystal Hearts

Crystal Hearts

Crystal hearts capture the core of our being. The heart is the capital of all our emotions and big bright feelings. It’s the home of joy and gentleness and it’s also the chamber of struggle, belief, and feeling our way through the decisions of our inner and outer world. When crystals are carved into this shape, they bring with them their own unique healing elements, high vibrations, and rich energy to cleanse the chakras and balance the body, mind, and soul. Crystal heart gemstones are one of the most giving and nurturing stone shapes out there. For those who want to blend gemstone power with sacred geometry, this is a match made in heaven.

Crystal Hearts and Harmony

The gentle curve and the tap of the drum, the heart shape has long been a symbol of love, affection, community, and deep healing across a wealth of cultures. The heart shape is something sacred and surpasses language, we can find it in nature, in the sketchbooks and doodles of dreamers, and as a sweet message shared between friends and lovers. There is so much to celebrate about the symmetry of the heart shape. Another benefit that comes with choosing to welcome a crystal heart gemstone into your life is the fact that these stone shapes can resonate deeply with the heart chakra. Keeping our heart chakra cleansed and clear can ensure that we stay connected to those around us, embrace the art of self-care, and are open and willing to give and receive love freely.

The Cut of the Crystal

Whether you want the sweet and heady hug of a Rose Quartz Heart crystal or the deep healing vibrations of the serene Amethyst Heart, you can find crystal hearts cut from your favorite kind of gemstone. Each gemstone carries its own energy and each taps into its own elemental healing and chakra cleansing. For example the Selenite Heart will infuse you full of feminine power, the Clear Quartz Heart will help you find your clarity, and the Carnelian Heart will awaken your warrior spirit and kickstart your creative powers. Whichever crystal heart you have selected for your collection - you can be sure of elevating your authentic self.

How to Heal

There are many ways you can use your original crystal heart for healing and activating self love. Just having that stone in your presence will immediately welcome higher vibrations and connect with your heart space. You can also hold your crystal heart during meditation or place it on your heart chakra to cleanse and clear out blockages. Celebrate love in all its finery and stay connected to your core and the positive vibrations of community as you say yes to these harmonious heart crystals.


What is the use of crystal hearts?

Crystal hearts are an excellent way to combine gemstone abilities with sacred geometry. With their unique shape, heart chakra crystals promote love, affection, compassion, respect, and healing.

How do you activate your heart chakra?

Activating your heart chakra is the start of your healing process, regardless of what hardships ail you. Meditating and doing heart opening yoga poses like camel, upward facing dog, and the bridge are ways to stimulate your heart chakra and release stressful thoughts. Another heart-opening practice is incorporating items with hearth chakra colors in your daily life (green and pink).

What crystals help with heart and anxiety?

Healing your heart and freeing yourself from anxiety is crucial for inner peace and tranquility. Crystals that help with daily struggles and distress are amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, sodalite, blue lace agate, citrine, and rhodonite. You can use them as crystal hearts or carry them with you in the form of crystal heart necklace, earrings, or other jewelry.

What weakens the heart chakra?

Since the heart chakra is connected to positive thoughts and feelings, all negative emotions weaken it. This includes not letting go of past trauma, feeling uncertain, unloved, and unneeded, not being able to forgive yourself, holding onto toxic relationships, and being uncompassionate towards others.

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