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10 Major Teal Gemstones To Know

teal gemstone tower against greenery and pine cones

Beautiful in shades of blue - the world is full of sparkling stones and crystals with cool colored hues, but teal gemstones seem to be something special indeed. The color teal blurs the lines between green and blue. It is neither sky nor sea, heaven nor earth - but somewhere softly in-between. It harmonizes the calming powers of blue with the fresh shoots of spring green. The Egyptians believed the color teal to be the color of truth and faith above all things. There’s no doubt that all of these powers and potent beliefs seep into teal gemstones. 

Teal gemstones are laced in meaning. Being truth-seekers and with the energy of renewal, these stones are higher chakra healers and here to help you find balance, beauty, and a sense of serenity. These gemstones are all about harmony. Teal stones can be found in many far-flung corners of the earth - from the fragrant islands of Madagascar to the mountains of Montana, these gems are enchanting, unique, and here to soothe in a thousand different ways. Teal colored gemstones are often celebrated as being birthstones for those born under the banner of Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio. You can find teal jewels in fine jewelry like pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings as the blue color works exceptionally well against white gold or silver, catching all kinds of light and glittering like the sea under moonlight. We love teal gems and the way the color changes from dark to light, sparkle to stillness - these gems truly are poetry in motion.

If teal stones don’t speak to you or if you are seeking a fierier gemstone then check out our guide to all the essential gemstones you need. 

Teal gemstone benefits

collection of teal gemstone spheres

Teal gemstones lighten the way. Of all the gemstones, these stones bring serene healing to the body and softness to the soul. Teal is a cooling color but it also keeps one foot in the ethereal and one foot on solid ground. It is the shade of sea and air, depth and whimsy and it comes with links to truth, being, and oneness with the self. Take a look at all these healing benefits that come with choosing teal gemstones.


As teal gemstones work with the throat chakra, they can help to clear out any issues with the throat. From sore throats to vocal problems, these stones will shift any blockages and ensure your larynx is loud and clear. As soothing and balancing gems, they can also help with thyroid issues, clear out migraines and headaches, and flush out viral infections, seasonal allergies, and anything causing your upper body discomfort. 


Cool balance - these are the two magic words that make teal stones exactly what they are. For all those who want to stop surrendering to those manic ups and downs in life, keep a teal stone close by and let it soothe every inch of your being. Another way in which teal stones can help is by getting you super clear and intentional when it comes to what you want in life. These gems nurture communication and clarity, helping you to find your way and find your truth.


Spiritually teal gemstones come soaked in higher light and healing. These are upper chakra cleansers, meaning they get to work on the heart, the throat, and even the third eye and the crown. This higher flow of chakras are all about trust, intuition, inner wisdom, and being open to giving and receiving love. Teal stones can even go a step further and help you to leap higher, connect to the angel realms, and even encourage divination and foresight.

Here are the ten teal gemstones you need to know about..

  • Aquamarine
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Tourmaline
  • Apatite
  • Blue Topaz
  • Tanzanite
  • Zircon
  • Agate
  • Alexandrite
  • Teal Chalcedony

    The Major Gemstones to Know

    Teal stones are rare and beautiful and you may find yourself drawn to the eye-catching limpid light of these gems. Some will be closer to brighter shades of blue whereas others will hold more green in their heart, but really it's that marriage of earth meets water that strikes a chord in the heart. From easy flowing Aquamarine to regal softer shades of Sapphire, here are the major teal gemstones to know about.

    1) Aquamarine 

    aquamarine gemstone

    The saltwater stone is all ocean shades of aqua green and blue. Forever cooling, Aquamarine invites you to plunge right in. It's a gemstone that soothes in every single way and can immediately douse hot heads and frayed nerves. Aquamarine is all about the throat chakra but also gets the heart glowing too. This pretty shiny sea urchin shakes loose any blockages in communication, so your story can flow sweet and easy. 

    2) Blue sapphire 

    blue sapphire gemstone jewelry

    Rich in regal shades, we all know the Sapphire comes sparkling with power and integrity. There are several different shades of Sapphire - from the icy green and blue hues of the Montana Sapphire to the velvet green sapphire and the Sri Lanka ruby-like sapphire. The Blue Sapphire is a stone of joy and wisdom. It helps the body to detox, welcomes in abundance, and is an awesome stone for channeling energy and helping us stay connected and balanced in our own feelings. As stones of abundance, connection, and love - it's not unusual to see a hefty carat of Sapphire sparkling on engagement rings.

    3) Tourmaline

    Paraiba Tourmaline gemstone jewelry

    Tourmaline is another stone that comes laced in the light of a thousand shades, but the Paraiba Tourmaline is the gem that glows in shades of green and blue. This teal colored version of Tourmaline is expensive and rare and is celebrated for strengthening intuitive powers. It is also known for helping you to verbalize your thoughts and feelings so you can move through life feeling heard and seen rather than being a passenger on this journey. The neon brightness of the Paraiba twinkles with its own fire and is said to be a stone that guides you to truth and understanding. 

    4) Apatite

    apatite stone

    Water, flow, and truth echo in the easy-going nature of the Apatite stone. This gem is here to encourage calm communication, help you feel at ease in social situations, and can awaken the powers you need to manifest magic in your life. Not only does Apatite encourage cell regeneration but it also helps strengthen the body in so many ways. Apatite can also gift you the power of truth and ownership over your own voice. 

    5) Blue topaz

    blue topaz gemstone

    Beautiful Blue topaz comes with a glint that will light up your life. This is one of the most heavenly blue gemstones with softer shades of blue and teal. Blue topaz is deeply linked to themes of wisdom, communication, and surrendering to your own sense of success. Blue topaz is also known as the writer's stone as it enhances creativity but also helps you to communicate your ideas with the pizzazz of poetry, ensuring that eloquence comes with ease.

    6) Tanzanite

    tanzanite stone

    Tanzanite is one of the rarest stones out there. Known as the gemstone of transformation, it carries all kinds of violet light energy and ruminations in shades of soft purple and teal. Tanzanite has huge high vibrations and lashings of serene joy. It’s a highly spiritual stone that invites all your worries to simply melt away. Tanzanite connects to the throat chakra and the third eye, it cleanses our channels of wisdom and communication. Regardless of its gentle joys, Tanzanite is big into stirring up yang fire energy which makes it a great choice in gemstone jewelry for those who tend to be more passive in nature.

    7) Zircon

    blue zircon gemstone ring

    Blue Zircon is the best blue stone you can hope for if you want to spring clean your mind. This pure and brilliant shining stone steps in when things feel foggy and gets to work sweeping out the dust so you can reclaim your sense of clarity. This glimmering teal blue Zircon is a dab hand when it comes to understanding feelings so it will tune right in, amplify the messages your subconscious is trying to share, and help you to channel energy in all the right ways. 

    8) Agate

    blue agate gemstone

    Amazing Agate comes in all kinds of shades. From bright teal blue to earthly brown. It’s a super grounding and calming gemstone that uplifts confidence levels and helps those who struggle with decision making. Because Agate is a stone of courage and strength, it sharpens all the tools in your box, keeping you clear, lucid, and ever connected to the things that you want. Agates also help to flush toxicity from the body, combat negative energy, and help you to work through trauma all while staying safe and secure in your own soul. 

    9) Alexandrite

    raw alexandrite stone

    Alexandrite is a gemstone of good fortune. This beautiful blue-green teal-colored gem is filled to the brim with all the wild energy that comes from its home in the Ural Mountains. Alexandrite is all about embracing change and keeping us beautifully balanced even when we are riding the swells of big emotion. It helps dissolve internal debris and works as a gorgeous guardian stone to help you get back on track. With Alexandrite stashed in your pocket or close to the body you can be sure that your crown chakra is beaming out the brightest light and you are tucked up in protective energy. 

    10) Teal Chalcedony 

    blue chalcedony stone

    Teal chalcedony is a version of Chrysocolla meaning it shares similar properties to the teaching stone. Teal Chalcedony promotes sisterhood, connection, and the gift of a generous spirit. There is so much good and light to be found in giving and the Teal Chalcedony helps you to achieve that without any resentment or clinging to the things you have. By learning to let go and to give, this supportive stone can keep you cool and gentle, and connected to the here and now. 

    What are your thoughts on the teal color in gemstones? Do you have any firm favorites from this list? Share with us in the comments.


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