Angel Number 1122: What Does it Mean in Love, Relationships, & More?


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Angel Number 1122: What Does it Mean in Love, Relationships, & More?


Angel number 1122 means you can expect a healthy dose of self-growth, union, and expansion. This is an angel number sequence that brings essential energy to the table. Combining the master number 11 with the angel numbers 1 and 2 doubled and mirrored - there’s a lot of powerful magic and messages within this setup. Angel numbers are number sequences or single digits that appear in our lives because our guardians or spirit guides want to share messages with us or send us support from the divine realm. Each digit from 1-9 will have its own unique meaning and angel numbers can be seen in a range of ways - often everyday ways. You may find yourself glancing at the clock and it always seems to read 11.22 or maybe you see this sequence show up in phone numbers, on receipts, license plates, or any other places where numbers spring out at you. Far from coincidence, this could be the synchronicity of the universe trying to share a message with you. While there are lots of repeating number combos, today we are taking a look at the meaning of angel number 1122.

Meaning of Angel Number 1122

The angel number 1122 brings together two master numbers making for a powerful combination. With themes around new beginnings, higher thinking, spiritual self-expression, manifestation, and nurturing your personal power, there are some high vibrations rippling through this number sequence. When you see this number, you can be sure that awakenings are on the horizon and that your angels are here to lend a hand and help you to get comfortable in your own skin so you can find your true self. To fully understand the expression and energy behind this number combination we take a look at the individual digits and sequences that form this angel number.

Angel Number 1

The number 1 is present not just once, but twice in the angel number 1122. The number 1 in numerology and angel numbers is a glorious representation of new beginnings, fresh starts, and turning the page. It is also a number that is ripe with the divine energy of leadership qualities, freedom, and personal power. Its energy is strong and anything but passive. This number invites you to channel your strong vibes into something that will help create a positive change. 

Angel Number 2

Angel number 2 is one that comes cloaked in love, harmony, and the idea of unity and duality. It’s a balancing number and one that reminds us that we need not walk the path alone but can share our successes, trials, and tribulations with those we love in order to lighten the load. When this number shows up it can be a gentle nudge from your angels to lean into love, trust those around you, and build harmonic connections that work. 

Angel Number 11

A master number - the angel number 11 is blessed with good fortune and divine guidance. When you see this master builder number show up in a sequence or in your day-to-day life, you can be sure that it has a big spiritual meaning for you. It also has the energy of your angel guides letting you know that a change could be coming your way, but that this change is for the better and will lead you to your higher self. It’s also a message of comfort and strength - inviting you to keep on pushing through whatever challenges and obstacles are presenting themself because you are so much stronger than you think. 

Angel Number 22

The angel number 22 comes blessed with abundance and prosperity. When you see this number show up, it’s a glorious sign that your luck is about to pick up speed. This number is ripe with opportunity and encourages you to think big, think bold, and chase all of your dreams because with hard work and self-belief - you are going to become a magnet for all the positive things that will stack up and help you achieve your soul mission. Keep that good energy riding high. 

Angel Number 1122 Significance

There is a lot to unpack within the meaning of the number 1122 and there’s also plenty of significance stashed within this number that could apply to various aspects of your life. Whether dealing with love and twin flame relationships or taking a closer look at spirituality and success, the angel number 1122 can be sent by your higher guides to lead you to something spectacular. It’s a number that ripples with positive change, the importance of having faith in yourself, and is endowed with encouragement from those who watch over you. Here are some significant messages and meanings within the angel number 1122.

Angel Number 1122 and Spirituality

Angel number 1122 comes soaked in spiritual meaning and can point towards spiritual enlightenment. The epic combination of two master numbers cannot help but be a spiritual heavyweight. This is your angels casting their net and letting you know that now could be a delicious time to seek out your soul purpose and become your own leader. If you feel like you have been blown along by the dreams and desires of others, this could be a good time to take a deep look inside and see what it is that turns your inner light on. This number is one of faith, freedom, and finding your spiritual path. It’s also one linked to spiritual growth so whenever you see this sequence show up, you know there’s a track to take that will lead you to your higher self. 

Angel Number 1122 and Love

When it comes to love and matters of the heart, the angel number 1122 is a sequence of harmony and trust. It’s a sign from your angels that now could be the time to open up to those who are important in your life, to communicate with the heart, and to use honesty so that you can construct a strong house of love that won’t fall down. It can be a number that echoes with the energy of soul mate reunions and rare connections that can help us on our spiritual quest - but only when served with honesty. 

Angel Number 1122 and Twin Flames

Twin flame relationships are closely connected and impacted by seeing the powerful number 1122. As it’s a number that ruminates with the energy of change, spiritual openings, and unity - all of these elements link to twin flame partnerships. Twin flames are two halves of the same soul that are separated and supposed to be reunited. Not everyone has a twin flame and not every reunion happens but as they can be intense and demanding relationships, it’s important to be open and ready for yours when it comes your way. The angel number 1122 can be a sure sign that your twin flame connection is close and that taking a few more steps and keeping those positive thoughts flickering can lead you to it. But remember, working on yourself is the most important part of the process because this is where we truly find our strength and power to stand in our independence (even when surrendering) and these are the relationships where we are less likely to lose ourselves.

Angel Number 1122 and Numerology

Numerology and angel numbers go hand in hand and the sequence of 1122 is no exception. This sequence comes blessed with creative energy and is forged from the power of positivity. It can be a reminder from our angels that negative thoughts can hold us hostage and keep us from having the faith we need to make leaps that will change our life. There’s also a lot of balancing and mirroring energy within this sequence and so it invites you to cultivate harmony in your relationships and to be committed to nurturing honesty and truth within yourself too. 

Angel Number 1122 and the Law of Attraction

Manifestation and abundance overflow in the number sequence of 1122. If you see angel number 1122 show up on your radar, it’s a glorious sign from your angels and higher beings that you need to focus your thoughts and energy right now in accordance with the law of attraction. Our thoughts can become reality so keeping those negative mind cycles at bay and ensuring positive energy is all around you can be the best way to get what you need. It can also be a sign of encouragement from your angels that small steps can lead the way. Rather than slipping into overwhelm by making big and grand changes, it could be more important to stay grounded and find divinity in the details. 

Why Do You Keep Seeing 1122 Angel Number?

There are many reasons for seeing angel numbers and even myriad reasons for seeing the same sequence. Angel numbers are ethereal and dynamic and don’t always succumb to a one size fits all truth. The reason you are seeing this number show up could be completely different from someone else’s reason for seeing the number. That’s not to say that the themes and energy within angel number 1122 don’t share similar themes. If you see this number, there is probably a message regarding changes, personal growth, manifesting, creating abundance, and learning to trust and believe in yourself and your own inner wisdom. Here are some reasons why could be seeing the angel number 1122 constantly showing up in your life. 

Spiritual Growth

There’s a lot of energy around the self stashed within the angel sequence of 1122. Not only do you have the energy of the master number 11 but you also have the numbers 1 and 22 too. These are all spiritual numbers and all to do with learning and growing. Seeing the angel number 1122 can mean that you are going or about to go on a spiritual journey that will lead to glorious growth. It can be an invitation to step outside your comfort zone, take the risk, feel the feels, have the hard conversations, and do what it is you need to do to push yourself and extend those boundaries. By doing this, we can open ourselves to the next chapter and say yes to spiritual growth rather than keeping ourselves small. 


Another reason for seeing the angel number 1122 could simply be because your angels want to share their encouragement with you. Angel numbers often show up in our time of need and this can be when things feel challenging, or we feel stuck, or uncertain about which way to turn. Our angels can send numbers like 1122 down to us as a reminder that we have the answers and we can lean into our own sense of wisdom and self-worth to take the paths we know are right. Remember angel number 1122 has themes of strength, leadership, and creative thinking all wrapped up within it. This can serve as an amazing sign of encouragement that our angels trust in our process and back us every step of the way because whatever happens is going to lead us exactly where we need to be. 

Power of Thoughts

Connected with the laws of attraction, abundance, and manifestation, the angel number 1122 can show up when it comes to reminding you of the importance of the power of thoughts. You can see this number when your angels are sending a message or even a gentle warning - reminding you that our thoughts can shape our reality. If you have been finding yourself locked into negative cycles or downward spirals when it comes to that inner voice, this could be the time to address that issue. Positive thoughts create positive vibrations and this opens us up to positive things that can flow our way. While nurturing our own positive thinking is important, it can also help to surround ourselves with those who have positive vibrations too. This could be the perfect opportunity to test out those positive affirmations.

What Should You Do When You See 1122 Everywhere?

If you see the angel number 1122 show up then take this as a positive sign from your guardian angels that good things are coming and a change could be on the horizon that will elevate your experience of life. It’s a good moment to practice gratitude for the things we have but also to let go of the fears that may have been holding us back. This number sequence invites us to pay attention, think outside the box, take those leaps of faith, and find our one true purpose so we can start aligning our everyday small actions with our overall goal. Stay open, stay curious, stay honest, and stay playful - these are the invitations that come sealed inside the envelope of the number 1122. 

1122 Angel Number FAQs

What Does 1122 Mean for Your Career?

If you see the angel number 1122 it can mean that a positive change is coming in terms of your career. This could be a big creative breakthrough, it could be finding the inner courage and strength to make a much-needed change, or it could be a sign of good fortune or a promotion coming your way.

What Does the Number 1122 Signify?

If you see the angel number 1122 it can be a message of comfort and strength from your angel guides. They are letting you know that they are with you and that a spiritual awakening or positive change could soon be close by, This number has themes of leadership, creativity, harmony, higher thinking, unity, self-expression, and finding our true life purpose.

What is the Meaning of 1122 in Pregnancy?

If you have been waiting for the right time to start trying for a baby, seeing the angel number 1122 could be a positive sign. As this number is related to themes around change, spiritual growth, connection, and harmony - it could be that your angels are sending encouragement for this to happen. If you are already pregnant, it can be an invitation to open up with your partner about fears and feelings because this can strengthen your bond.

What Does 1122 Mean for Soulmates?

One of the major themes that you can find in angel number meaning 1122 relates to unity and harmony and spiritual growth. This could be a clear-cut sign for your love life that you are going to find your soulmate or if you already have, it’s an invitation to deepen your relationship with them. Sometimes we allow past experiences and fears to hold us back, but this number reminds us that communication and commitment, and positive thinking can lead us to the other side.


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