The Crystal Meaning of Aquamarine: Everything You Wanted to Know


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The Crystal Meaning of Aquamarine: Everything You Wanted to Know



  • Meaning: Aquamarine is a blue gemstone, part of the hexagonal crystal system, symbolizing emotional clarity and often associated with mermaids and the ocean.
  • Healing Properties: Aquamarine is known to soothe anxiety, encourage deep meditation, balance hormones, and support physical wellness, especially related to the throat and eyes.
  • Protection: Historically, Aquamarine was carried by sea merchants for protection against drowning and was believed to offer safe passage during storms and act as an antidote to poison.
  • Usage: Aquamarine can be worn as jewelry, such as pendants or bracelets, to directly benefit from its healing properties, and it's especially effective for clear communication and inner strength.
  • Care: To cleanse Aquamarine, submerge it in water for a few hours or wash with warm soapy water, ensuring the water isn't too hot to prevent thermal shock.

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a popular blue gemstone. It is a greenish blue color and part of the hexagonal crystal system. Aquamarine has a vitreous luster and is a specimen of the beryl mineral. It’s shade can range from very pale to vibrant. The meaning of Aquamarine is emotional clarity.


The Meaning of the Mermaid Stone

The mermaid stone is a song from the deep and brings whispers of salt-water fables, cleansing swims, and water, water everywhere. Aquamarine is the ocean turned from water into stone, but it doesn’t lose its sparkling sea hues, its immediate calming nature, and its precious and pure healing properties. Everything about the Aquamarine Crystal swirls around water; from its name to its beautiful blue colorings, and even deeper – right down to its very meaning.

It was said that sea merchants would carry Aquamarine in their pockets to protect them from the fear of drowning, The Greeks believed it gave safe and sage passage across stormy seas, the Egyptians adored the blue hues and believed it was a stone gifted as a symbol of happiness. It was said by many to be an antidote to poison, a mermaids spell, an oracle, and a talisman or offering that helped to bring the rain thundering down upon lands of drought.

It is written into Ancient Greek mythology that Aquamarine washed ashore from the toppled treasure chests of the sirens. Those creatures from the Odyssey who would sing to tempt men into the murky waters. It was a sacred stone to Neptune and carried with it the call of the ocean always. Above all it was believed to be a beautiful healer; a crystal that carried the surge of strong healing vibes that brought great relief to the body, mind and soul.

Aquamarine comes from the beryl family; it is the blue version of this. It comes from the rich lands of Pakistan, the scorched corners of Kenya, the white sands of Madagascar, the tumbling tea plantation vistas of Sri Lanka, and even from ice-blasted pockets of Russia. The most precious cuts of ocean bright Aquamarine come from the Latin landscape of Brazil. For those who seek to know more about aquamarine meaning, here’s all you ever wanted to know about the gem of mermaids…

Aquamarine Healing Properties

woman wearing mermaid tail underwater

Brimming with amazing healing properties, Aquamarine crystals sparkle with the soft shimmer of healing vibes. Considering the human body is made up of seventy per cent water, perhaps it comes as no surprise that this ocean bright stone was born to be in our possession. Aquamarine fills us with the elixir of life, washes away residual toxicity, and keeps us feeling squeaky clean and ever ready to let the current carry us wherever we need to go. Let’s take a look at the glorious healing vibes of the pale blue Aquamarine stone.

Physical Healing Properties

An excellent stone for physical healing, since the moment it was discovered, Aquamarine has been used as a tool to bring wellness back to every corner of the body. As a throat chakra stone, it is hugely helpful in helping soothe sore throats, bring down swollen glands, and help with any kind of thyroid problem. It’s also a brilliant booster of the immune system, ever ready to remind the body not to overreact when it comes to hayfever and other such allergies. A rare regulator of hormones, you can always rely on Aquamarine to balance you out. As sailors need clear eyes to watch for storms on the horizon, Aquamarine is all about supporting strong eyesight and bringing life, light and vision back to tired eyes.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

When it comes to keeping your mental and emotional wellness afloat, this is where Aquamarine as one of the best healing crystals truly seems to shine. The blue green coloring instantly promotes calm, bringing a wash of relief to a scorched and frayed soul. Said to hold the pale blue coloring of where the sky meets the sea, Aquamarine holds themes of reflection, inviting you to plunge in and delve a little deeper to discover your own truths. Thanks to its gentle joyous moods of balancing out emotion, Aquamarine ensures your emotions don’t seep into overwhelm. It has a powerful tendency to keep you feeling soft and balanced and soaked in emotional clarity, so you are able to set aside all judgement and be tolerant of yourself and others.

If in the past, you have struggled to keep your judgmental nature in check, Aquamarine works to build your understanding high. By piling on empathy it invites you to set your harder edges aside and makes you a little more malleable but in a way that doesn’t compromise your integrity or leave you raw and exposed without firm boundaries.

Those who have a mind that tends to surge out of control, Aquamarine brings you back to the here and now. It is an amazing stone for tempering anxiety and thanks to its super chill nature, it is often used in bringing about a deeply meditative state. It is said to a stone that holds its own well with those who have a sensitive nature. Thanks to its unraveling of confusion to get to the truth, it's also a great stone for those seeking closure on certain life events.

The Aquamarine is also called the Stone of Courage, paying homage to the inner strength and soft resilience it builds inside, not to mention its nurturing ability to help you step out of the shadows and into the light. Any form of communication that brings you fear; whether public speaking or simply stating your needs to friends and family, Aquamarine works with the throat chakra to keep your voice steady and brings strength to the soul. It’s high time for overwhelm to be washed away so you can step out into clear-headed communication and start getting the things you want in life.

Metaphysical Properties

Find your flow with the sublime spiritual side of the sea stone. Aquamarine has a ton of physical and emotional things to teach you, but like all great healing crystals it comes with a touch of spirituality too. It is said to have clairvoyant properties, great for those who want to glimpse into their future and deepen their relationship with the universe. It is said to be connected with the Hanging Man of the tarot pack. A card that isn’t as macabre as it sounds, but more relates to reminding us how important it is to take time out from hectic lives to allow space for quiet contemplation and keeping in touch with our core selves. In short, Aquamarine sharpens intuition, something which we all know leads to being wise, better attuned to everything around us, and sitting pretty in a place of prophecy and peace.

Zodiac Birthstone

Aqumarine stone

The birthstone of March, the blue green glimmer of Aquamarine is perfect for Pisces. The star sign that is also all about water with its symbol being the fish, Pieces are creative, generous and can be super emotive. While the expression of emotions is an amazing thing, sometimes it helps to have a stone to keep it from spiraling and this is where Aquamarine gemstones and their temperate moods come in handy. The watery nature of a Pieces can also turn them into shapeshifters, meaning they move fluidly with the crowd rather than becoming solid and stuck. While this versatility is amazing, it can also mean that Pieces struggle to amplify their voice and be heard. This is why picking a stone connected to the throat chakra can be medicine for the soul.

It may not be your birthstone, but all those born under the Gemini star sign, Aquamarine makes a perfect stone for you too. Again, its this light as air, go with the flow nurturing that you need. Gemini’s are hugely joyful creatures, but sometimes their overactive minds can drag them down into a whirlpool. Think of Aquamarine as being the iridescent still waters lapping at the shore, inviting you to plunge in to cool your inner heat and find fabulous refreshment in the depths. Aries and Scorpio can also benefit from the healing energy of this light blue stone.

Using Aquamarine

Aquamarine energy bracelet

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So how do you bring the stone that captures the sea into your daily life? Having your own piece of Aquamarine is guaranteed to keep you soft, soothed and feeling cleansed right down to the bone. This stone is super adept at helping guide you out of toxic situations and encouraging you to leave the baggage of the past on the shore so you can swim to sweet freedom. From Feng Shui fabulousness to the glimmering ocean-inspired gemstone jewelry, here are all the ways you can bring a blue dose of Aquamarine into your life…

Home & Office 

Aquamarine brings its watery wonder to Feng Shui, ensuring that its peaceful presence soothes a room in an instant. It’s a great stone to place in the bedroom for those slumberous sleeps that aren’t interrupted by the mind working a million miles an hour. It can also be placed on the eyes for those days when energy levels are low and you feel in the need for a quick revival. For those who feel they need a little extra help in the work department, Aquamarine can be a great office tool too. Thanks to its ability to encourage the best levels of communication and its high levels of empathy it can effectively cut out all that office drama in your life. Aquamarine is also an amazing meditation tool as it invites the mind to sink down deeper into undisturbed bliss. Like the ocean itself, Aquamarine is less about wading in or wallowing, and more about getting as deep as you can bear to be.


Princess Eugenia of Spain is said to have adored Aquamarine as a precious jewel pressing against her skin. It is a stunning stone to behold, a beautiful blue that fills the heart with calm. One of the best ways of upping your inner vibrations is to choose gemstone jewelry. Direct skin contact is without a doubt the best way of soaking up that soothing mood. Whether pendant, ring or Aquamarine bracelet that connects directly to the pulse, you can feed your heart directly with the healing properties of this ocean-bound stone.

If you are seeking complementary stones that help raise the vibrations of Aquamarine you can also pair it with Topaz, Morganite, Tourmaline and Agate.

How to Cleanse Your Aquamarine

women holding hands and running towards the sea

While your Aquamarine jewelry may make the most of its shimmering ocean moods, it always helps to keep your gemstones cleansed and clear so they are able to be recharged with energy ready for the next round. Unsurprisingly, Aquamarine takes to water like a duck. To keep it clean you can submerge it in water for a few hours or if you want a quicker cleaning, use warm soapy water to wash away the toxicities and rinse well. Ensure the water you use to clean isn’t too hot as the last thing you want is for your beautiful bluish green crystal to go into thermal shock.

This is a stone that also loves the rain so if you want to give it its Joie De Vivre back, you can also leave it out in the rain the next time a spring or summer storm rolls into town. Not only will this cleanse it with Mother Nature’s touch, but it will also invite a potency back in and up the vibrations.

Geological Properties

Aquamarine Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Beryl group mineral
Chemical Formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6
Crystal system Hexagonal
Color Blue-green to greenish-blue
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Occurrence Brazil, Pakistan, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Zambia, Mozambique, and several other countries.
Formation Formed by the crystallization of magma or by hydrothermal activity.
Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent
Cleavage Imperfect basal cleavage
Mohs Hardness 7.5-8
Specific Gravity 2.68-2.74
Diagnostic Properties Distinct pleochroism, which causes the stone to appear blue or greenish-blue from different angles.
Chemical Composition Be3Al2(SiO3)6
Crystal System Hexagonal
Optical Properties Uniaxial negative
Refractive Index 1.57-1.58
Birefringence 0.005-0.009
2V angle ~40-46°
Dispersion 0.014
Other characteristics blue-green color, hardness of 7.5-8 on Mohs scale, hexagonal crystal structure

Final Thoughts on Aquamarine

Aquamarine is an amazing stone for those who are drawn to the cleansing energy of water. Its name even translates to water of the sea in Ancient Greek. Whether landlocked or even if you live close to the sea, it’s a special thing to always have the surge of the ocean close to your heart. We know how healing it can be to the body, mind and soul to immerse ourselves in ocean moods. It’s why we flee to the beaches and fall into a sweet calm whenever we hear the song of the waves. Like the element that runs through us, water truly is the elixir of life, and Aquamarine invites you to wash away those toxic vibes, to cleanse ourselves of pollutants, and to move through life pure of heart and ever ready to let go and be with the flow.

What do you think of the mermaids stone? Does it sing to you? Share your thoughts and feelings about the amazing Aquamarine in the comments.


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