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The 22 Best Crystals For Emotional Healing

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Emotions can be overwhelming. Whether dealing with wounds or wonder, big sadness or bold joy, pleasure, or pain, it can be tough sometimes to get all our ‘feels’ balanced out. When our emotions are running rampant it can be tricky to make the best choices for ourselves, to keep our stress levels down, and to focus on what we want in life. It can also impact the way we communicate with those around us.

Crystals for emotional healing can guide us into a place of balance and harmony. They can help teach us to ride the wave of emotion and let it pass rather than getting fixated. From letting go of narratives that no longer serve us to healing old wounds and keeping nuance as part of our emotional lives, this all encourages us to embrace acceptance, reflection, and to see our ‘feelings’ as lessons rather than life traps.

Why Crystals are Perfect for Achieving Emotional Balance 

With their aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and uncanny ability to bring your vibrations to their healing level, crystals are an excellent complementary way to help lead you away from the ledge of overwhelm. These stones have been picked for their savvy stress management, their ability to strengthen intuition, and for their gentle energy that brings strength, resilience, and personal power to those who place their trust in holistic healing. These are the best crystals for sorting through emotional trauma so you can find inner peace and soft self-esteem. 

Amethyst for serenity and overcoming sadness

Rose Quartz for heart healing

Moonstone for balancing big hormonal energy

Citrine for more pleasure and play

Amazonite for replacing confusion with clarity.

Carnelian for reclaiming your power

Rhodochrosite for finding beauty during troubled times

Labradorite for filling your energetic cup right up

Obsidian for staying grounded and tethered

Smoky Quartz for connecting to your one true heart

Aquamarine for cool-headed energy and going with the flow

Agate for inward journeying

Chrysocolla for life lessons and wisdom

Lepidolite for its big stabilizing energy

Blue Calcite for unconsciously overcoming limiting beliefs

Clear Quartz for chakra alignment

Chrysoprase for being held upright

Morganite for finding balance in relationships

Unakite for working through it and rediscovering your dreams

Opal for thawing you out of freeze mode

Bloodstone for a warrior like resilience

Howlite for patience and perspective

1) Amethyst 

 amethyst for emotional healing

What it looks likePurple power

What it does: Amethyst is one of the most serene stones you can find. Soft violet hues and big crown chakra energy help you to find your wisdom, trust your third eye, and to learn to let go of negative emotions that can weigh us down. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: This is a great gem for helping you heal during times of loss or sadness. It has calming vibes and helps to release tension and encourages sleep.


2) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz for emotional healing

What it looks like: Pretty in pink

What it does: Brimming with endless love, Rose Quartz is a dab hand at packing up heavy negative energy and replacing it with the power of trust, love, and shades of self-care instead. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: Rose Quartz is a must for those looking to heal the heart chakra. Whether you struggle with old stories of abandonment, trust, or loneliness, this stone reminds us that self-love conquers all.


3) Moonstone 

 moonstone for emotional healing

What it looks like: A glowing orb of white light

What it does: Just like the moon that ripens each month, this stone reminds us that everything changes, everything passes, and we must simply do what we think we should do. It helps us to find balance, acceptance, and ease. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: Moonstone is awesome in times of flux and is also a great stone for those who are battling big hormonal energies too as it brings hormones into balance.


4) Citrine 

citrine for emotional healing

What it looks like: A dose of Vitamin D ready sunshine

What it does: Citrine is sunshine on a cloudy day. It helps us to release our fears and anxieties so our hands are open and ready to receive abundance, joy, and optimism instead. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: If you tend to be quick to negative energy, Citrine will shake that out and bring positive play into your world. It ups creativity, concentration, and clarity and is perfect for those who don’t want to be weighed down.


5) Amazonite 

 amazonite for emotional healing

What it looks like: Teal colored shades that bring instant calm.

What it does: Peace comes with many pleasures and Amazonite is here to lead you out of stress and into gentle acceptance. It also helps to calm anxious scattered thoughts, replacing confusion with clarity. Find out more about the meaning of Amazonite.

When to use it: If you have changes going on that are sending you into panic mode, turn to Amazonite and let it softly speak to your innate sense of wisdom. This will help you to see clearer and to accept that which you cannot change.


6) Carnelian

carnelian for emotional healing

What it looks like: Radiant shades of red and orange.

What it does: Full of life-giving energy, Carnelian is all about stirring up your chi. This stone is awesome for survivors looking to bring healing to old scars and reclaim their power. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

When to use it: If you feel like you have lost agency in this world, keep Carnelian close and let the stone shake out rage and replace it with a dose of acceptance, self-confidence, and the promise of warmer days.


7) Rhodochrosite 

rhodochrosite for emotional healing

What it looks like: The color of love – rose pink perfection.

What it does: Just like the rose from which it takes its name, Rhodochrosite reminds us that beautiful things can bloom even from a tangle of thorns. This stone invites us to embrace themes of truth and to see the beauty even when things seem painful.

When to use it: Unconditional love, empathy, and gentle energy are here to balance you out whenever you feel like life is waving its stinging tail at you. Hold this stone close and let its affection fill you up.


8) Labradorite 

labradorite for emotional healing

What it looks like: Flashing green and blue with silver threads.

What it does: A mystical stone laced with healing energy, Labradorite is all about clearing out the junk, easing emotional baggage, and helping you to move weightless and full of artistic wonder through the world. Find out more about the meaning of Labradorite.

When to use it: Labradorite is one of the best gems for filling your energetic cup right up after it has been drained.


9) Obsidian 

 obsidian for emotional healing

What it looks like: Jet black and brimming with grounding energy.

What it does: Like all grounding stones, Obsidian keeps you tethered when your emotions threaten to sweep you away. Staying grounded, knowing you are protected by this potent gem, and helping to clear out those emotional blockages makes Obsidian a must. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: An excellent stone for helping ease overwhelming feelings of sadness and grief. Also hugely supportive for those battling addiction.


10) Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz for emotional healing

What it looks like: A wispy thread of golden silver smoke.

What it does: Despite the name, this style of quartz actually moves you through the smoke and mirrors act and presents you with your personal truth. With emotional overwhelm comes confusion and loss of self, but this stone keeps you connected to your one true heart so you stay balanced and strong in your belief systems. Find out more about the meaning of Smoky Quartz.

When to use it: When your head and heart feel clogged with toxicity and old habits, let Smoky Quartz grant you that spring clean you need.


11) Aquamarine 

aquamarine for emotional healing

What it looks like: A watery wonder in shades of blue and green.

What it does: Aquamarine is true to its name, bringing sweet soothing energy and the cooling feeling of plunging right in. Forever calming, this gem brings balance to hot-headed blow-ups. Find out more about the meaning of Aquamarine.

When to use it: For those who feel scattered, quick to frayed nerves, or ever ready to fly off the handle, Aquamarine invites you to go with the flow.


12) Agate 

 agate for emotional healing

What it looks like: Comes in many different shades from gentle blue to fire and earth too.

What it does: These are stones of strength and courage – whether that’s seeking serenity, awakening your inner fire, or letting go of trauma and staying tethered to our earthly goodness. Strength shows itself in many ways. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.

When to use it: Pair Agate with other healing gems to bring grounding and protection during healing work.


13) Chrysocolla 

 Chrysocolla for emotional healing

What it looks like: Watery greens and blues meet earthly golds and browns.

What it does: The teaching stone, this gem invites us to find life lessons and wisdom even when things feel hard. Chrysocolla helps to spin bad memories and heartache into something softer so you can carry those lessons forward. Find out more about the meaning of Chrysocolla.

When to use it: Call on Chrysocolla when you need to cut through big feelings that are enveloping you in a cloud. This gem also helps with hormonal balance and communication in relationships.


14) Lepidolite 

 lepidolite for emotional healing

What it looks like: A storm of purple and pink.

What it does: A stone with big stabilizing energy, Lepidolite wants you to sort through your feelings before they get on top of you. Find out more about the meaning of Lepidolite.

When to use it: Whenever you feel overwhelmed, hold your Lepidolite close and let it help you to reclaim your center and find your serenity.


15) Blue Calcite 

blue calcite for emotional healing

What it looks like: A pale pop of pretty cornflower blue.

What it does: Helping you to explore the unconscious without becoming overwhelmed, Blue Calcite helps you to organically move through blockages through the process of gentle dreamwork and letting self-limiting beliefs melt away. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.

When to use it: Turn to Blue Calcite when you feel emotionally overwrought, anxious, or held back from your fullest potential without knowing why.


16) Clear Quartz

clear quartz for emotional healing

What it looks like: Like the clearest shard of starlight

What it does: The master healer, Clear Quartz is all about amplifying energies and getting your chakras into alignment. As the name suggests, it's also a gem that brings clear-headed energy and stops you from getting lost in a maze of confusion. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Whenever you feel out of whack, Clear Quartz can get to work on all your energy points to bring a channel of clear light and healing.


17) Chrysoprase 

chrysoprase for emotional healing

What it looks like: Soft green and blue with white.

What it does: Reminding us of our earthly connection with the world beneath our feet, you cannot help but feel supported and held upright by the calming energy of cool Chrysoprase.

When to use it: Vibrating with the energy of divine truth, this stone keeps you breathing deeply in the here and now so you don’t lose your footing when walking through the world.


18) Morganite

morganite for emotional healing

What it looks like: Beautiful beryl pink

What it does: This stone is all about pure love – and who doesn’t need more of that! When we feel overwhelmed or anxious, Morganite can reset the mood and stops you from rearing up with defense mechanisms out of habit. Find out more about the meaning of Morganite.

When to use it: For those who feel overwhelmed in relationships or like they constantly slip into bad habits, this stone will set your inner record straight.


19) Unakite 

unakite for emotional healing

What it looks like: Visions of green and pink

What it does: Unakite is a stone that is synonymous with the art of letting go. This gem pulls back that inner curtain to reveal truths to you, helping you to process and work through things you have been holding close to your heart.

When to use it: Turn to Unakite when you need some urgent energy to shake things loose. Sometimes our emotions can hold us hostage but this gem makes sure that we forgo being prisoners to our past.


20) Opal

opal for emotional healing

What it looks like: A precious stone of light and pale fire

What it does: Opal gleams with goddess energy which means it's also filled with seductive energy too. This is a great stone for those who tend to become overwhelmed when it comes to sex and desire as it helps you find your flow.

When to use it: For those times when you find yourself in freeze mode, Opal is the flame that can thaw your desire.


21) Bloodstone 

 bloodstone for emotional healing

What it looks like: Dark and green-black with flecks of deep red

What it does: The warrior stone takes it’ name from its ability to fill your heart with endurance and power. Instead of falling apart in the face of emotional upheaval, it will keep you centered, solid, and grounded. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.

When to use it: For those who are quick to fear-based responses of aggression, irritability, or who fall into helplessness when overwhelmed, Bloodstone builds you up with resilience.


22) Howlite 

 howlite for emotional healing

What it looks like: Pale and snowy bright

What it does: A stone of patience and perspective, Howlite can stop you from jumping to conclusions and keeps you connected to truth. Find out more about the meaning of Howlite.

When to use it: Turn to Howlite when you need to clear the internal chatter from your mind and when you need to focus on the honest vision of here and now.

How to Use Crystals for Emotional Healing

gemstone bracelets for love and acceptance

Call on these healing gems when you need to feel more balanced and brighter in your life. When those storm clouds of emotion roll in you want to make sure you have one or more of these crystals on hand. The best way to utilize these powerful stones is by wearing them in the form of gemstone jewelry. Having healing gems pressed against the skin invites continuous positive vibrations to sync up with your own and for blockages to be shaken loose too.

You can also use these stones in meditation, chakra cleansing, and reiki. Sit with a stone in hand and visualize white light melting away your worries or place the gem on the chakra that feels blocked or out of balance.


We can’t always stop big emotions from showing up. Life is full of twists and turns and part of the journey is experiencing those highs and those lows. But holding close to the idea that these emotions fluctuate and pass and also work on a full spectrum is essential for emotional wellbeing. These stones will help you to find just that.

What are your go-to healing crystals when you feel overwhelmed? Share with us in the comments.


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