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Obsidian Crystals

Obsidian Crystals

Obsidian is a volcanic glass rock formed by the rapid cooling of volcanic lava. After the lava cools down, it becomes as hard as glass. Glass is also how Obsidian’s texture appears, sporting sharp edges and a vitreous luster.

The sharp edges are symbolic, given that the Obsidian crystal is used as a sword against negative energy. This potent crystal pierces through the darkness and guides you toward the path of light.

Many people instantly associate Obsidian with a jet black color. However, Obsidian comes in several types.

Black Obsidian. The most recognizable form of Obsidian. It’s as dark as night and a powerful crystal for protection, grounding, and healing.

Rainbow Obsidian. This mesmerizing gem features several brilliant hues underneath its surface. Besides its aesthetic appeal, Rainbow Obsidian is known for its ability to ground and center its wearer and balance the root chakra.

Snowflake Obsidian. The Snowflake Obsidian is awe-inspiring, with its dark surface hosting mesmerizing white patterns that resemble snowflakes. It can assist in changing patterns and behaviors no longer serving you while soothing frayed nerves.

Mahogany Obsidian. This visually striking piece of Obsidian is famous for its fiercely protective powers, warding off attacks on the wearer.

Golden Obsidian. Also known as the Wizard Stone, Golden Obsidian helps activate your third eye and eliminate negative energy.

You can expect intense healing properties and ultimate protection regardless of the Obsidian type you choose. As such, this crystal was beloved by healers, shamans, and spiritualists throughout history.

Today, Obsidian particularly suits individuals born under the Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac signs. It protects fiery individuals from getting overwhelmed with passion and burning out.

The Obsidian crystals will keep your feet firmly on the ground, regardless of your zodiac sign. To welcome this perfect companion into your life, visit our crystal shop and find the ideal Obsidian item. If you prefer wearing crystal jewelry, browse our collection of Obsidian bracelets, rings, and chakra bracelet packs. You can also find striking worry stones, spheres, and hearts for your home or pocket.

The Benefits of Obsidian

The Obsidian meaning is all about keeping you protected and stimulating your growth. Physically, this crystal will aid blood circulation, remedy digestive issues, and encourage deep tissue healing. Emotionally, Obsidian will eliminate negative energy, giving you the courage and confidence to pursue your dreams. This powerful stone will strengthen your root chakra and clear blockages from your solar plexus chakra.


Is Obsidian a crystal?

Technically, Obsidian isn’t a crystal. Rather, it’s a mineraloid. Obsidian is formed from a liquid that has cooled and coagulated and has traces of minerals and rocks within it.

What does Obsidian crystal do?

The Obsidian crystal keeps you protected and grounded and helps you build an authentic life.

How to charge Obsidian crystals?

To charge Obsidian crystals, place them in the moonlight overnight. The lunar energy will bring your Obsidian back to the top of its game.

How to cleanse Obsidian crystal?

To cleanse Obsidian crystal, simply run it under lukewarm water. If you prefer a less harsh cleansing method, leave your Obsidian in the moonlight or smudge it with sage or other potent herbs.

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