Crystal Palm Stones


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Crystal Palm Stones

Crystal Palm Stones

As their name suggests, crystal palm stones are designed to snuggly fit into your palm and provide spiritual comfort. They're also sometimes referred to as worry stones, thumb stones, and touch stones.

What Are Crystal Palm Stones?

Unlike crystal angels, heart crystals, and similar, they're flat and finely shaped so their smooth surface feels gentle and reassuring to the touch. They're typically shaped with hand tools to reach that fine smooth oval appearance. This process creates a unique look for each stone ever made, giving every crystal palm stone owner a personal treasure to hold close to their heart.

Palm stone crystals can also be made of various healing gemstone materials and offer different benefits to the owner.

How to Use Crystal Palm Stones

From healing, chakra balance, and aura cleansing, to happiness, love, and prosperity promotion, palm crystals help you in your everyday life. Like other crystals in your collection, they’re perfect for relaxation, prayer, meditation, and yoga.

Palm stones like black tourmaline, black opal, and red tourmaline offer protection from negative energies. If you need quality sleep, clear quartz or an amethyst palm stone will provide the perfect lullaby.

Healing and regeneration properties comes with serpentine and amazonite palm stones, while blue apatite and green fluorite palm stones will help you with mental exhaustion and focus on work and studies.

Apart from various benefits, palm stones are lovely home décor pieces. Place them on the nightstand or on your desk to reap the benefits while admiring their beauty all day long. Apart from being an enchanting birthstone necklace pendant, amethyst will look beautiful alongside your other gems or home decoration.

Find the Appropriate Palm Stone for You

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What are palm stones for?

Like spiritual necklaces, pendulums, gemstone bracelets, obelisks, etc., crystal palm stones provide the owner of the stone with spiritual healing powers and inner peace. Different types of palm stones have different properties and effects on the owner, so future crystal users should read through a comprehensive crystal guide before they settle on the one they want.

What are the benefits of crystal stones?

Crystal stones have an infinite number of benefits if you find the right match for your needs. They can help with distress, anxiety, insomnia, and overall body health. They aid you in your spiritual journey and promote creativity, spiritual awareness, growth, and progress.

What is a palm rock?

A palm rock is also called a palm stone, worry stone, touch stone, etc. They’re made to be held during meditation and other spiritual activities.

What does amethyst palm stone do?

Like other palm stones, amethyst palm stone soothes your being, guides you in your spiritual development, and helps you attain higher states of consciousness. They’re frequently used for better sleep, tranquil dreams, and overall relief. Amethyst is also a February birthstone, so people whose zodiac sign is an Aquarius enjoy even stronger benefits.

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