8 Best Crystals for Confidence - Boost Your Self Confidence


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8 Best Crystals for Confidence - Boost Your Self Confidence

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  • Tune into higher vibrations
  • Embrace positive thinking
  • Accept your radiant light

Whether you need to take a giant leap in your self-esteem or if you are just looking for a little confidence boost to get you to that next level, crystals can help. Confidence can be a tricky beast – sometimes we have it, sometimes we don’t, and sometimes we just need a little shake to get us back on track. Confidence can affect everything. It can help us to make decisions that are in-line with our heart, it can help us to attract the love that we deserve, and it can propel us onto different pathways in life, making sure we don’t miss out on the ample opportunity that is waiting for us. On the other hand, self-doubt holds us back and can make us question our personal power and lead to low self-esteem. 

There are times when we can be our own worst enemy and fall into patterns of self-sabotage. This can all link back to those feelings of low-esteem and either feeling like we are forever too much or not enough. By calling into power the properties of healing crystals, you can tune in to those higher vibrations, embrace positive thinking, and learn to see yourself in a healthier, more accepting, and radiant light. Let’s delve in and find out which are the best crystals for confidence…

Here Are The Best Crystals for Confidence and Self-Empowerment

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The art of confidence comes from deep within. It’s a belief that you have value and that you bring that value into the world. When our confidence is high we are connected to our authenticity, we bring our own spark and a sense of magic that impacts all that we do. The best thing about confidence is it can become a habit and the more you call it into being, the better at it you will be. To help you get there, here are some of our favorite crystals for boosting your esteem…

Carnelian for activating the lower chakras.

Citrine for a positive take.

Tigers Eye for shaking off fears.

Lapis Lazuli for communicating clearly.

Green Aventurine for bold decision making.

Green Jade for joy and moving out of co-dependence.

Rose Quartz for quiet compassion and heart strength.

Rhodonite for getting off the fence.


carnelian stone

What it looks like: Bursting with bright red fire and all kinds of glowing chi, Carnelian is a smoldering flame of energy and confidence.

What it does: This radiant stone is known for activating the lower chakras which can provide the very foundation for our confidence to shine. Carnelian connects with the root chakra to keep us strong. It warms our sacral chakra to ignite our passion, and it shimmers in our solar plexus to boost our personal sense of self.

When to use it: When fatigued by life and feeling like you don’t have what it takes to thrive. Carnelian is a stone of courage, creativity, and endurance – it helps us to embrace the challenge and to feel that inner-strength to overcome all obstacles in our path. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian. 


citrine stone

What it looks like: Get ready to walk on sunshine as you soak in the light of the bright Citrine stone. Loaded with sunny positive vibes as soon as you hold Citrine your confidence steps up a notch.

What it does: Not only will this stone bring bright energy your way but it is also known as the lucky merchants stone which means it has the power to draw in abundance and happiness.

When to use it: When feeling trodden down by negative energy and a little lost in your soul. When we override those low feelings and chase away the storm clouds, suddenly our sense of wellbeing can bloom. Citrine connects you back to your core, inviting you to stand up straight and tall in your own authenticity. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye stone

What it looks like: Sharpen your mind and let your confidence follow suit as you call into power the fierce nature of the Tiger Eye gemstone with its gold and black bands.

What it does: Lending superior mental focus, this stone is known for stepping up when you need to shake off those fears that could be holding you back.

When to use it: Tigers Eye is one of the best stones for tapping into your own judgement and learning to trust in your own tough decisions. It helps prevent us from falling into the trap of questioning ourselves and gives us confidence in our own leadership abilities. Find out more about the meaning of Tiger Eye.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli stone

What it looks like: Regal and radiant in shades of blue and gold, Lapis Lazuli never shies away from anything.

What it does: This stone is connected to the third eye chakra, the place that helps us to tap into our own limitless intuition. No matter what the world throws at us, somewhere deep inside we have the answer and Lapis invites us to find and trust that instinct wholeheartedly. It also connects with the throat chakra, the place that holds all our truths.

When to use it: For those times when struggling with communication. When we are able to open the throat chakra and communicate our needs and desires with the world, this lifts us up to a whole new place of perfect confidence as we feel heard and understood. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.


Green Aventurine

green aventurine stone

What it looks like: Glimmering in green, thiswealthy stone does a lot more than just attract luck, it also brings a burst of confidence to bang down your door. A green style of quartz with darker hues and a shimmering quality, Aventurine takes its name from chance and gives you more esteem than you bargained for.

What it does: Green Aventurine was said to once stud the shields of Amazon warriors. It’s little wonder then that this gem is a heart chakra stone that stirs up the hardiness in your heart too. Hardiness doesn’t have to be negative; this stone is all about will, strength, space, and finding the courage tucked deep inside.

When to use it: For those who feel they are forever stuck in a rut and want to shift some stale energy or find new thought patterns to propel them forward, Green Aventurine is a surefire bet. This stone clears the heart space and calls the solar plexus, throat, and the third eye into connection too, granting you clear channels to flow. Find out more about the meaning of Green Aventurine.

Green Jade

green jade

 What it looks like: Pale and green and cool to the touch, there is something about Green Jade that instantly soothes a tattered soul. This stone has centuries of history connected to radiant health, riding a lucky streak, and basking in the glow of gorgeous self-confidence.

What it does: Green Jade is here to help you live in abundance in every single way. This stone is a protective talisman, meaning that just having it close is enough to give you a little more spring in your step as you know it is sure to keep you safe. It also turns up the dial on your self-sufficiency levels which grants you the wisdom and the confidence to become the master of your own making.

When to use it: Also known as the dream stone, Green Jade is awesome for when you want to stir up those long-dormant dreams and move out of co-dependent behaviors. If you have been feeling like you need more of a push than a nudge, Jade can bring a shift through heart chakra healing. Find out more about the meaning of Green Jade.


Rose Quartz

rose quartz

 What it looks like: Confidence doesn’t all have to be about a swagger in your step, sometimes it can be soft and gentle encouragement which is exactly what you get with the Rose Quartz. This lovely pink stone oozes heart chakra healing and unconditional love and helps you to bloom into being.

What it does: Rose Quartz is a radiant reminder that sometimes you need to soak yourself in self-love to bring out your confident side. It eases us into a sense of comfort and helps us to unravel our emotions and open our hearts to love, trust, and compassion. When we feel carried by our own strength and our loved ones, this is when we can shine.

When to use it: If you feel like the hard knocks in life and love have cut too deep, Rose Quartz encourages you to unfurl rather than curling up in a ball too tight. Even after a great pain, being able to open to love and all things good and know that you can bear whatever burden there is can work wonders for your inner strength and self-esteem. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.



What it looks like: Another pretty pink stone but one that comes rippled with veins of black, Rhodonite is a reminder that confidence isn’t all rose-tinted glasses but pushing ourselves to our limits while staying grounded and balanced.

What it does: Rhodonite is all about finding the ebb and flow when it comes to yin and yang energy. This stone sorts through the decision-making process and makes sure that whatever route you choose truly comes from the heart space. It gifts confidence and a sense of capability when it comes to problem-solving, meaning you will rarely question your mind and motives again.

When to use it: If you find yourself constantly shifting on the fence when it comes to decision making, turn to the heart-strengthening core of Rhodonite to rouse you into action. For those times when you just need a boost, a deeper breath, or the mantra of ‘I am, I am’, this stone will settle everything. Find out more about the meaning of Rhodonite.

Tips on Using These Gemstones to Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

tiger eye crystal spheres on white blanket

Check out our Tiger Eye Spheres

  • Wear for confidence
  • Place on body for chakra cleansing
  • Play with a worry stone

Now you have your list of crystals that can pull you out of that pit of doubt and into a place of confidence and sweet self-love it’s time to put all that positive energy to work. Crystals for confidence are such a great reminder that we don’t have to step out on the path alone, that there are other forces at work that can fill our hearts with joy and guide us to where we need to be. Take a look at the best ways to say a hearty yes to living your fullest life with the help of confidence-boosting crystals…

  • Wear a piece of gemstone jewelry and let the crystal boost you full of confidence every single day. This is one of the best ways to tap into the power of the crystals as it can pull up your esteem day after day.
  • Place the crystal on whichever chakra you feel needs clearing in order to get a confidence boost. Confidence issues can often rest on not feeling safe (the root chakra), not feeling sexy and powerful (the sacral chakra), not feeling able to speak or be heard (the throat chakra), not trusting your own wisdom (the third eye chakra).
  • Hold onto a worry stone or use a crystal sphere when meditating on a problem or preparing to face a certain person or issue. Holding the stone during a confrontation (even if it's in your pocket) can help give you the courage you need to speak your needs.

Other crystals for energizing your confidence, clearing negative thoughts, and giving you what you need to live up to your full potential include Sunstone, Hematite, Moonstone, Agate, Amethyst, Amazonite, Calcite, Pyrite, Red Jasper, and Chrysocolla. 

A Final Thought

Confidence isn’t always something we are born with, sometimes we need to go out there and seize it for ourselves. It’s a trait that certainly takes time, patience, effort, and work and this is where crystals can help to hone your skills. Confidence comes with embracing who we are, shaking off the myths of being too much or not enough, and trusting ourselves and our instincts inherently. When we find that pot of self-confidence gold we can be bolder in our decisions and we can step forward into living our fullest lives. Go forth and prosper.

What are your favorite crystals for confidence? Share all your esteem boosting tricks with us in the comments.


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