Orange Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits


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Orange Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

orange orgone pyramid

The Importance of Healing Stones 

From chakra cleansing to crystal grids, the comforting weight of worry stones, sparkling gems vibrating against the skin, and spheres for glimpsing into the future – healing crystals bring a wealth of opportunity to our world. For those who welcome the shimmering light of healing stones, you open yourself up to the power of the universe and the promise of subconsciously and consciously doing the work to walk in harmony with the world. We all benefit from a little help to encourage us to be ourselves, to welcome authenticity, and to let the cosmic and earthly energy flow through. These are all the things that crystals can do for you.

Orange Gemstone Benefits

orange painting saying and light will find you at every place on the journey

Shine on you crazy diamond. Orange gemstones come laced in the light of life. For all those who feel their energy is being depleted in these wild and unpredictable times, just having the fabulous fruit of an orange gem close by can catapult you back to feeling on top again. Orange gemstones work across the board beautifully. Not only do they stir up the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra, but they encourage creativity, adaptability, the courage to embrace change, and the ability to find your joy. These gems collect the passion and fiery energy of the color red and blend it with the good fortune and purity of gold. This incredible combination infuses orange crystals with a certain kind of power, one that splashes you in optimism and keeps you comfortable in your own skin. Here are a handful of ways in which orange gemstones can help…

Physical healing

We’ll delve into the sacral chakra healing below, but part of this is helping to clear out blockages and setbacks when it comes to sex. For those who have physical issues or pain in the pelvic area, who are struggling with reproductive issues, and who have PMS related problems, orange crystals can bring their healing glow. They also help with rheumatism thanks to their warmth and keep your lower organs like the bladder and bowels in check.

Sacral Chakra Healing 

Open your sacral chakra and let that creativity and joie de vivre pour right out. Orange crystals are connected to the sacral chakra and don’t think twice about getting in there and clearing any blockages right out. The sacral chakra is the center of our emotions, the home of our artistic expression and creative happiness, and where our intimate passion awaits. When we open our sacral chakras we can bloom with zest and magical motivation for life.


In matters of the heart, orange crystals help you to fill your love cup right up with the taste of optimism. As they strengthen the sacral chakra, this encourages you to tap into new avenues of pleasure and intimacy. As orange is the color of warmth, sun, hope, and prosperity it seems right that these gems help you to welcome all of the above into your life when it comes to connecting with others.


While orange crystals certainly attract all kinds of luck and abundance, they do so without putting your generous soul in jeopardy. Success can be a double-edged sword but the warm glow of orange gems invites you to stay humble and keep giving to others wherever you can because you know it too feeds the soul. For those who hold back when it comes to wealth and work, orange crystals give you the confidence to come out of the shadow and stand in the light where you can be seen and appreciated.

16 Crystals You Should Use

With the simmering sun of orange on your mind, we have collected a list of some of our favorite orange crystals to keep you basking in the simple beauty of being. There are many reasons to be drawn towards a stone and one of these can be the fact that it shares a color that warms your heart. Intuition and learning to trust your own choices is a huge part of the healing journey that crystals bring to us. Orange gemstones echo with happiness, strength, confidence, and the art of expression. If this sounds like something that calls to you and stirs up your chi, then take a look at these gorgeous glowing gems…


Orange Agate 

orange agate stone

Agate stones are always gorgeously grounding and the Orange Agate is no exception. This beautiful sunlight and fire banded gem is a great example of a comforting stone that brings equal measures of weight and dreaming. This stone helps to give you courage, invites you to see the truth in every situation, and stabilizes the aura so you can connect to that inner light. It’s a stone that reminds us that our roots should run deep and our branches should reach high. It balances the yin and the yang and dissolves old traumas so we can feel safe and solid in our world once more. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


Orange Tourmaline 

orange tourmaline

A stone that comes in a thousand different shades, today we are grabbing hold of the radiant pleasures of Orange Tourmaline. While one of the rarer versions of Tourmaline, Orange Tourmaline brings purifying energy that sweeps across the body, mind, and soul. This gem helps us to grow our self-awareness so we enter every situation with our eyes wide open. It also welcomes spiritual blooming, gentle reflection, and a soft sense of joy. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.


Orange Calcite

orange calcite

Soda pop shades and the sweet chalk sketches of citrus trees in bloom, Orange Calcite is an afternoon cocktail for the soul. This bright gem is bursting with life and makes us fall in love with the power of positivity. Orange Calcite is a stone that wants you to go with the flow and glow while doing so. Sparkling with fizzy fresh joy and radiant energy, you can use this stone to ebb and embrace change and not get stuck in the same old tired patterns. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.


Hessonite Garnet 

hessonite garnet

Sweetly known as the cinnamon stone, the Hessonite Garnet is all soft shimmer and spicy vibes. While the stone takes its name from the Greek word for inferior, it is anything but. This gem is softer in density than other garnet stones which is why it has that name. Softer doesn’t mean weaker. It means welcoming flexibility, adaptability, and having the power to be more malleable which reduces stress, anxiety, and invites you to flow with grace and poise. This gem gives you the frame of mind you need to thrive even when everything around you is in chaos. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.


Orange Zircon 



Zircon crystals are known for bringing bright balance and beautiful grounding. Orange Zircon also comes with a splash of sparkling joy, sweet optimism, and tapping into that intuition. These gems are said to help develop stagnant psychic abilities connecting you to higher thinking all while keeping you solid and strong. For those who feel sluggish when it comes to energy levels, Orange Zircon can get involved and shake things up again. Bringing a burst of fresh motivation, this is exactly the stone you need when looking for a new lease of life.




As warm and languid as a sweet summers eve, the Sunstone unwinds every muscle and helps you come back to the joys of your body, mind, and soul. This peachy, pink, and orange gem was once a compass that helped guide Vikings across the seas. It’s a glorious guiding light that helps you to step into your boundaries, speak your truth, and carve out your own way in this wide and wonderful world. With Sunstone on side, you never feel lost. Find out more about the meaning of Sunstone.


Spessartite Garnet 

Spessarite Garnet

Always turning the vibrations right up, the Spessartite Garnet is a stone that boosts positive feelings, encourages creative practice, and wants you to be well equipped to welcome home the powers of manifestation. Spessartite Garnet is also called the stone of harmony. This name reminds us of this orange gems capability to keep us connected to logical clear-headed thinking, to soften our reason, and the fact that this glowing piece of garnet keeps you on the ride you’re on, not the one you think you’re on.


Orange Fire-Opal 

orange fire opal

A great flame is waiting to leap up inside and instead of bringing destruction it brings warmth, light, and zeal. The Orange Fire Opal is a thing of fantastic beauty and symbolizes all the joy that is caught in your heart. This joyful gem helps the wearer to overcome shades of shyness or lack of confidence. Fire-Opal brims with passion in the belly and is also said to stir up energy and spirit in your sexual organs. For anyone carrying around bad memories of trauma, the Orange Fire can turn these feelings to ash and keep you burning bright with the essence of a life that is meant to be lived.


Orange Carnelian 


Like a fiery sunset sky over the desert, Orange Carnelian can set your soul aflame in all the finest ways. This glowing gem is radiant and brings with it all that energy you need to clear out your sacral chakra and stand in your power. For those who crave a new dose of creativity, courage, motivation, the strength to lead, and a big dollop of self-belief this is absolutely the gem you want on your side. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


Orange Citrine 

orange citrine

Like the sun that sends light soaring across the sky, with Orange Citrine on your side you can be sure that it's all blue skies from here. This gem is forever joyful and full of radiant life-giving properties that ignite every cell of happiness in the body. Citrine can raise your confidence, encourage calm and collected self-expression, and welcomes wonderful abundance in every way possible. Citrine is called the merchants stone because it attracted wealth and delightful deals. If you are looking to up your luck game and keep yourself sweetly soaked in positive vibes, Citrine brings a dose of sunshine to brighten darker days. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


Orange Aventurine 

orange aventurine

Take a deep breath, Orange Aventurine is about to send a thousand new possibilities sailing your way. This go-getter gem may be all earthy energy and solar plexus sun, but it also invites you to leap outside of what you know and let go of any fears that keep you from saying a hearty yes to life. Sparking the imagination, enticing you to move forward and leave heavy pasts behind, and stirring up all the shades of joy, optimism, and sublime healing, the idea of fortune changes from a far-flung fantasy to the here and now when you welcome in Orange Aventurine. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.


Orange Moonstone 

orange moonstone

Like the harvest moon of early fall, the Orange Moonstone is a mega mood. This gem has all the bright intuitive joy of the Moonstone, bringing feminine energy, guiding light, and a glut of glorious goddess power. Let all that tightly held stress and anxiety melt away under the full glow of the moon and bring your emotions into balance. This gem also reminds us that life is a cycle, seasons come and go, and that we are better equipped to float downriver when we stop trying to control and just simply be. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


Orange Andesine Labradorite 

Ever ready to help metabolize your energy, the Orange Andesine Labradorite is a very special stone indeed. This gem is here to help you release negativity and to let everyday anxieties wash over you. This doesn’t mean that anxiety won’t flare up, but when it does, you will be able to let it pass rather than sitting in the story. Like other forms of Labradorite, Andesine comes with a delirious dose of mystical magic too. This gem is rare and brings that rare splendor with it. This Labradorite is lush calm and leads you back to the haven of your own mind. Find out more about the meaning of Labradorite.


Orange Mali Garnet 

Garnet is the gift that keeps on giving and this Orange Mali Garnet is the golden cherry on top. Simmering with all the shades of hope and empowerment, this gem reminds us that we are worthy, we are light, and we have the capacity for great joy and great love. This glowing orange stone also echoes with Gaia energy. In its sparkling face, it whispers of the wonders of sunsets, rolling plains, deep earth, morning light, and new growth. In keeping with this theme, on a physical level, Orange Mali Garnet also says yes to boosting the immune system, stirring up healthy cell turnover, and making sure you are forever thriving.


Imperial Topaz 

imperial topaz

The stone of good fortune swoops in to remind us that the bright side is always there if you know where to look. This regal gem is all sparkle and spirit and is said to bring lashings of prosperity raining down upon all those who sport this stone. It’s a great gem for bringing into your spiritual practices, especially when it comes to visualization, manifestation, and nurturing your creative and generous side. This charismatic crystal tunes in to the highest level and raises your vibrations to meet it there. Imperial Topaz shifts through the lower chakras to ensure there are no blockages and matches your moods with the magic of universal energy.


Orange Spinel 

orange spinel

Set aside your ego and say yes to higher desires with the radiant energy of Orange Spinel. This gem encourages passion, deep devotion, connection with divine will, and decadent root chakra healing. It also taps into that sacral chakra to boost bodily intelligence and help you get out of your head and into your heart. These are all the traits you need to center yourself firmly in joy and keep yourself safe and stable in a fast-moving world. The Orange Spinel can also boost fertility for those wanting to start families. There’s a lot to celebrate in this luster rich stone.

What to use in combination with these stones

orange carnelian bracelet on a book

While orange crystals bring an oasis of pleasure to your door, you can strengthen their power and double up on healing when you combine them with other stones. Whether in the form of gemstone jewelry, crystal grids, or building an altar, working with multiple stones is hugely beneficial.

Orange stones work well with other red-orange stones for those who want to ramp up that sacral chakra healing. From fiery gems to tangerine and citrus pop stones, you can blend red or yellow crystals with orange to open up your lower chakras, strengthen your root, and find your zest. 

If you want to balance your sacral chakra with softness and higher thinking, you can also call on the serenity of Amethyst or Selenite or even Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz to help you balance fire with air. Those wanting to welcome protection to the pack can also pair their orange chakra stones with the cloak stones of Hematite, Obsidian, and Pyrite. 

Wrap up

Orange crystals come laced with dynamic energy. They are the first morning rays that fall across your face, the taste of a peach on a hot summers day, and the warming fire or steaming bathwater that pulls you out of a deep freeze. These orange gems are joy and an awesome step towards rekindling your inner fire, stoking your creative spirit, and learning to laugh again.

Which are your favorite orange healing stones for raising up positive energy and personal power? Or do you prefer other colored crystals instead? Share with us in the comments.


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