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Crystal Pyramids

Crystal Pyramids

Cloaked in myth and legend, the pyramid is one of the most important shapes in sacred geometry. With a solid base and balanced equilateral sides that meet together in an apex, the pyramid occupies that space between staying gloriously grounded and using all your natural forces to connect with those higher energies. When crystals are carved into pyramid shapes, this intensifies that energy even further and works with heaven and earth to make magic happen. Crystals have power and pyramids have power, but put them together and you get something that intensifies the whole experience.

The Power of Crystal Pyramids

A wide base that constantly stays in contact with the earth, four sides that rise equally to balance and distribute the weight, and an apex that provides a clear contact of energy to the universe, the pyramid has long been a spiritual symbol of the past. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Mayans, ancient civilizations have long known about the power of this incredible shape that can create an energy vortex. While the tip of the pyramid collects energy from the higher universe, the base stays connected to all our earthly splendor, bringing balance and the essential reminder that only when we are grounded can we truly ascend. Yet, there’s many meanings woven into the folds of pyramids. This sacred shape is also said to work as a filter, drawing off negative energy and clearing blockages. Pyramids can act as an anchor point for your dreams and intentions, and the apex can send all of this out into the universe, meaning that whatever you wish for - the pyramid can help you to manifest.

Channeling Crystal Energy

Crystals that come in a pyramid shape can take that healing energy to a whole new level. Crystal pyramids work with the universe and can draw in and send out exactly what is needed. Whatever crystal favorites you have, you can harness so much more healing when it comes in this shape. An Amethyst crystal pyramid is an amazing match for those who want to harness crown chakra healing and a Rose Quartz pyramid healing crystal pyramid will fill your heart with love and harmony and attract new love to your door. For those who want to take their healing instruments to a higher level, choose a seven chakra pyramid to balance you from head to toe. If you crave protection from EMFs, an orgone pyramid can help filter toxic energy and spin darkness into light. For those who trust in ancient wisdom, who celebrate the sheer force of sacred geometry, and who acknowledge the beauty of staying balanced, open, and connected to both heaven and earth - crystal pyramids are your ultimate healing tool.


1. How to use crystal pyramids?

Crystal pyramids are much more than pretty objects to decorate a home. Holding one or placing it in front of you can give power to your spiritual practice during meditation. Some people also place them directly on body parts for energy circulation or create crystal grids with them for advanced healing. Even just having a pyramid in your living space will uplift its energy so you can enjoy a more pleasant space.

2. What are crystal pyramids used for?

Fans of crystal healing use crystal pyramids as a tool for spiritual healing, growth, and wellness. Unique properties of each crystal can manifest desires, activate the chakras, raise vibrations, and cleanse negative energy from the environment. These powerful tools are also believed to support deep meditation, attract positive energy, improve sleep quality, and create a harmonious atmosphere. In short, crystal pyramids bring balance to the body, mind, and soul.

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