The Beginner Guide to the Root Chakra


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The Beginner Guide to the Root Chakra


The first of the seven major chakras, the root chakra is our home and where we feel safe. While all of the seven are sweetly important to bringing balance and wellbeing to our life, the Root Chakra is one that holds us to our core. If our roots aren’t strong, then our branches won’t grow high enough to reach the sun. The root chakra represents our most basic needs in life, and here’s all you need to know about keeping yours in the clear…


What the Root Chakra Does


Sitting at the base of your spine, right where your tailbone roots you in rest is the first of our main chakras. Also called the Mūlādhāra in Sanskrit, the root chakra is our foundation and represents how grounded we feel in this world. Yet, the benefit of a grounded root chakra goes beyond keeping yourself tethered to the here and now. A strong root chakra makes you feel safe, supported and comforted in your own skin. When we are able to meet our own basic needs for security, we are able to expand and grow and take our place, both here on earth and in the higher universe.


Emotional Issues From a Blocked Root Chakra


Those who have a blocked root chakra will find themselves feeling off balance in the most vital of ways. You may constantly fall into the mindset of thinking negatively, not being able to see the light, and always feeling that you are not enough or you do not have enough. You may start to live in a constant state of scarcity, becoming a little selfish, staying stuck in the fear space, and feeling insecure in every choice and step you make. Feeling this way makes it difficult to feel like a fully-fledged and flowing participant in life, it can be hard to open up to trust, to learn to share in the sweet things and to let go of constantly feeling on edge.


Physical Issues From a Root Chakra Block


If your root chakra is blocked then it’s not just your emotional health that suffers. You may feel complete lethargy as life on the edge of not feeling safe and secure can be super exhausting. You may also have problems with letting go physically which can cause health issues in the colon and bladder. Your lower body may feel more inflamed, inviting in symptoms of cramping and muscle aches. Some chronic health problems can be rooted in a blockage as part of this chakra.


How to Unblock Your Root Chakra


When you are able to unblock your root chakra you will feel a new lease of life. Not only will your energy levels move from sluggish to sublime, but you also find that suddenly your place in this world makes sense. You are able to let go off fear and to play in the place of creativity, love and wonder. Your relationships will be healed and your communication can come with crystal clarity. Here’s how to start unblocking…


Crystal Light

Using crystals to help heal blocks can have a detoxing and beautiful low vibration effect. Whether opting for crystal jewelry or to set an intention at an altar, the best crystals for root chakras are those that ruminate in the same shades. The root chakra is red and therefore Red Jasper makes an energized choice. Other crystals which work include the those with an earthy nature like Smoky Quartz.


Food For Thought

Stocking up on your root vegetables is a simple way to help heal your relationship with the root chakra. Anything that comes from the depths of the earth – carrots, parsnips, potatoes, beets, garlic and onions – all these will boost vitality and connection to that sacred inner space.


Yoga Practice

Daily yoga practice is a great way to crack open your chakras, especially when it comes to the root. Making time each day, even if it's just a few minutes to connect to your body can truly help. Pay extra attention to those poses that keep you grounded and close to the floor beneath your feet.

Do you have problems with your root chakra? Share your experience in the comments.


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