19 Essential Crystals For Balance - Emotional & Spiritual


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19 Essential Crystals For Balance - Emotional & Spiritual

woman wearing crystals for balance

Shadow and light, high and low, yin and yang, root and crown – balance is everything in life and can have a huge impact on your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Being out of balance can be super jarring and can cause us to trip up and feel unsteady as we move through life. Without balance, we can feel lost or pulled in a thousand different directions and we may struggle with decision making, healthy emotional flow, and in our sense of communication and connection, both with ourselves and the wider world.

We are all made up of energy points and crystals for balance can connect with these energy points and help us to shake off any blockages or stagnant energy. From the seven chakras to our own vibrations, these ancient and precious rocks and stones can raise us up and help us to find a sweet sense of inner peace and faith in our own ability.

Healing Stones for Emotional Balance 

From balance in the body to striking the right note in work and life, these gems remind us to nurture a strong foundation, finetune our focus, and get in touch with all the aspects that help us to grow.

Calcite for complete alignment

Clear Quartz for clarity and focus

Rose Quartz for balancing the heart chakra

Citrine for balancing the solar plexus chakra

Amethyst for balancing the crown chakra

Tigers Eye for a feeling of wholeness

Carnelian for balancing the sacral chakra

Jade for getting back on top

Fluorite for structure and stability

Moonstone for staying in sync with natures cycles

Moss Agate for transforming negative energy

Aventurine for acceptance and ease

Hematite for willpower and courage

Obsidian for balancing the third eye chakra

Selenite for making internal space

Smoky Quartz for clearing the mind

Bloodstone for balancing the root chakra

Chrysocolla for balancing the throat chakra

Garnet for putting down baggage

1) Calcite 

orange calcite for balance

What it looks like: Always a pop of color, Calcite comes in shades of orange, pink, red, blue, and black.

What it does: These gems are all about emotional balance. Black Calcite can help you most past depressive moods, Blue Calcite soothes anxious thoughts, Orange Calcite is a dose of courage, Pink Calcite encourages forgiveness, and Red Calcite brings better understanding. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.

When to use it: To truly bring your chakras into balance, you can create a crystal grid with all the different shades of Calcite. Or just pick the one that speaks to you and meditate with it resting on the chakra the color associates with.


2) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz for balance

What it looks like: As bright and clear as ice.

What it does: The master healer and ultimate amplifier, Clear Quartz brings clarity and focus and helps to put all the chakras in balance. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Turn to Clear Quartz when you are feeling stuck in a decision making process and let this stone tune in and help you to find the answer.


3) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz for balance

What it looks like: Soft in pink and dressed in a loving glow

What it does: Rose Quartz is a heart chakra stone that encourages us to fill out lives with loving empathy. From strengthening bonds of self-love to opening our hearts and nurturing trusting relationships with others, this sparkly piece of pink is perfect for bringing your self-worth and loving energy into balance. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: Keep Rose Quartz close when you are feeling blockages and barriers that are holding you back or tying you down. This stone will help you to move from frustration to forgiveness and love.


4) Citrine 

Citrine for balance

What it looks like: A slice of pure sunshine in sweet yellow hues.

What it does: Citrine is a burst of bright energy and can help bring the solar plexus chakra into balance. This stone is all about abundance, manifesting your dreams, and upping your self-confidence. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: Run your Citrine stone over your solar plexus chakra for ten minutes each day to clear any blockages that could be preventing you from accessing your creative zest and your personal power.


5) Amethyst 

Amethyst for balance

What it looks like: Serene vibes of sparkling purple

What it does: Amethyst is the ultimate soul soother. Amethyst oozes feelings of peace, prosperity, and purpose in this world making it a beautiful balancing gem for aligning your energy. Amethyst taps into the crown chakra ensuring that we are well equipped to connect with the spiritual world. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: When you want to unravel stress and get back in touch with your spiritual side, meditating with Amethyst can elevate your mood and your mind.


6) Tigers Eye 

tigers eye for balance

What it looks like: Banded in black and gold and brimming with powerful energy.

What it does: Tigers Eye is a strong stone of balance. It helps us to marry our physical wellbeing with our spiritual leaping. It does this by strengthening our core center and bringing weaving together all those wild tangents and threads to create harmony in the body and mind. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.

When to use it: For those times when you feel all over the place, hold tight to your Tigers Eye stone and let it bring you back into a steady sense of wholeness and balance.


7) Carnelian 

carnelian for balance

What it looks like: Lush in vibrant shades of red and orange.

What it does: Carnelian is here to help you balance your fire element. Instead of being wishy-washy, light as air, or all sturdy earth, this gem will bring flickering flames of passion and empowerment to the party. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian

When to use it: When you feel depleted or like you are constantly seeking validation from other people, it’s time to turn up the heat on your fire energy. Place Carnelian on your sacral chakra daily, wear it as jewelry or hold a stone and meditate to turn your inner spark right up.


8) Jade 

jade for balance

What it looks like: Gorgeous in shades of deep green, Jade is all cool-headed energy.

What it does: Green Jade is considered to be a stone of sublime good luck and useful for those who want to welcome wealth and abundance. But beyond money matters, Jade is also great at balancing the nervous system and grounding the body too. With this stone, you stay cool and level-headed no matter what. Find out more about the meaning of Jade.

When to use it: If you find yourself falling into emotional overwhelm and feeling out of sync, in poor health, or like you are just down on your luck, meditate with Jade or keep a stone close to get back on top.


9) Fluorite 

fluorite for balance

What it looks like: Rainbow bright in many hues, Fluorite can be found in everything from ice white to purple and green.

What it does: Fluorite can bring structure and stability back to your life and will do this along with serving up a huge dollop of positivity too. This gem cleanses and purifies the body and mind, stabilizes emotions, and makes sure your subconscious is always looped in. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

When to use it: Fluorite is excellent at balancing all the chakras, so use it in your daily meditation or as part of your crystal grid to keep yourself upright.


10) Moonstone 

moonstone for balance

What it looks like: An orb of brilliant white light brightened by pearly hues

What it does: Just like the cycles of the moon, this stone recognizes that energy and emotions can be linked to different phases. Full of feminine nurturing energy, It helps us to stay in balance by ensuring that we are in touch with our inner wisdom, we have strong intuition, and that our ego is kept in check. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: Moonstone can be used as a daily stone to keep us in sync with natures cycles. It can be placed on the solar plexus chakra to help release negative energies that we are holding onto and it can be carried with us to soothe and destress when on the go.


11) Moss Agate 

moss agate for balance

What it looks like: Ancient natural energy is caught in the patterns of different greens.

What it does: Moss Agate is as calming as a forest walk on a summers day. This stone exudes hope, patience, quiet serenity, and good vibes. Because of its big connection to nature, Moss Agate puts us back into earthly balance and a glorious sense of grounding. Strong and rooted, Moss Agate nurtures creativity and abundance too. Find out more about the meaning of Moss Agate.

When to use it: Call on Moss Agate when you feel the need for a retreat. Holding this stone over your heart space can help you to heal anxiety or anger and help to transform negative energies into something softer.


12) Aventurine 

green aventurine for balance

What it looks like: Gentle greens and smooth to the touch

What it does: Green Aventurine is one of those truly comforting stones that helps us to stay soft and serene even when feeling challenged. It’s a heart chakra stone that encourages healing, balance, and emotional calm all while providing protection against those that would try and tap in to drain precious resources. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.

When to use it: Hold tight to your Green Aventurine when you are feeling anxious, angry, or as though your emotional charge is skyrocketing. This stone will instantly soothe and talk you down to a place of gentle acceptance and ease.


13) Hematite 

hematite for balance

What it looks like: Smooth and polished dark silver tones.

What it does: Hematite is a powerful protector stone and is also called the stone of the mind. Hematite primes our mind to be in tiptop shape and it does this by diffusing negative energy, clearing toxic thoughts, and infusing us with all the willpower and courage we need to carry ourselves through the world. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.

When to use it: Use Hematite when you feel weakened by the world and want something to raise you up again. By sitting with a worry stone in hand you can find your courage and keep your feet firm.


14) Obsidian 

snowflake obsidian for balance

What it looks like: Like a flurry of snowflakes against a black winters night.

What it does: Another protector gem, Obsidian gives us the gift of feeling safe and secure in this world so we can go out and explore. By shielding us from bad vibes, keeping electromagnetic pollution at bay, and with black and white hues that remind us to keep our yin yang energies in place, we can find the confidence to take charge. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian

When to use it: If you feel like you are forever mopping up the moods of others, Obsidian can be called upon to throw a cloak over your shoulders so you can move through the world married to your own energy.


15) Selenite 

selenite for balance

What it looks like: Sweet Selenite is all pale starlight energy

What it does: High vibrations hit the mark with the Selenite stone. This clear-headed gem is a joy – filling any space (physical or spiritual) with purity and power. Instantly removing staleness and blockages, Selenite spring cleans our soul so we can make space for the things that matter. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: If you feel full to capacity and not in a good way, Selenite does its gentle work and clears out anything that shouldn’t be there so you have room to breathe.


16) Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz for balance

What it looks like: Like a wisp of cloud or a haze of golden brown

What it does: Smoky Quartz is a root chakra stone and getting the root chakra in check is one of the most important ways of building a life around balance. Along with solving any root chakra woes, Smoky Quartz also helps to alleviate stress and anxiety and invites us to see clearly. When we have positive thoughts we can take actions out of a place of wellness for ourselves and make decisions that lift us up. Find out more about the meaning of Smoky Quartz.

When to use it: Turn to Smoky Quartz when you feel as though your head is foggy and your choices out of focus. By holding a Smoky Quartz stone you can clear your mind.


17) Bloodstone 

bloodstone for balance

What it looks like: Dark green and splashed with pigments of red

What it does: The warrior stone infuses us with power, strength, and vitality. As it was an amulet on the battlefields it’s a gem that knows how to encourage us to stand our ground in balance and commitment. Bloodstone gets to work on those lower chakras and brings them into alignment all while easing any anxiety that may show up as a part of that process. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.

When to use it: To heal your lower chakras, you can place Bloodstone on each area for a few minutes each day to remove any blockages. Otherwise, carry Bloodstone with you to feed that warrior spirit.


18) Chrysocolla 

chrysocolla for balance

What it looks like: A tiny earth shrunk down with its ocean shades and earthy marks

What it does: Chrysocolla invites us to find our power but acknowledges that to do this we need to be connected to our sense of balance. The turquoise color of the stone helps confidence, the hues of blue neutralize big negative energies, and the earthly shades keep us grounded in our sense of self. Find out more about the meaning of Chrysocolla.

When to use it: Chrysocolla is a dreamy daily tool for building balance in all areas. From clear communication to finding joy and motivation, have this gem on your person to become the master of your own making.


19) Garnet 

garnet for balance

What it looks like: Deep and glowing in glorious shades of dark red

What it does: Release all those pent up emotions that have been weighing you down with the gentle glow of Garnet A red-blooded stone that taps into those root chakras, this gem is all about releasing burdens and healing in a balanced way. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.

When to use it: Turn to Garnet when you feel stuck or stagnant and know that you are holding onto stories and baggage from the past.


Honorable Mentions

There are tons of gems out there that are incredible for helping you find balance in each and every aspect of your life. Here are a few more you can look to…



Black Tourmaline


Lapis Lazuli


Red Jasper


How to Use these Gemstones 

gemstone bracelets for balance

Bring yourself into daily balance by wearing gemstone jewelry every day. Having the stones pressed close to the skin is one of the best ways to tap into that well of energy and to let those healing vibrations shake you out. When crystals have direct contact with the skin they can transmute and connect sending all that potent chakra cleansing power exactly where it's needed.

Other ways you can welcome the healing power of gemstones is through reiki healing, meditation, crystal grids, holding the stones in hand during visualization and manifestation techniques, and placing healing spheres and stones upon your altar.


Balance comes from feeling whole and complete and as though nothing is tipping the scales and throwing you into chaos. It’s about having a strong foundation, free space inside to fluctuate and flow, and about knowing yourself deeply so you can sense when things are out of whack. Crystals help us to achieve all this and with balance comes the gift of a life well-lived.

What are your favorite gems for balance? Share your favorite chakra stones with us in the comments.


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