Red Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits


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Red Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

 red jasper ganesh

The Importance of Healing Stones

Whatever the color, whatever the charm – healing stones can provide a vital life force that helps us to flourish into our finer selves. Healing gems are glorious, they help us to balance our emotions, raise our vibrations, clear out chakra blockages, and walk in the light of our full potential. How we choose a crystal to bring into our lives is mostly based on intuition and connection, but another aspect could be color. Color plays a big role in crystals, and each gem echoes its healing traits through the shades that ripple across the surface. Healing stones bring comfort, support, and a higher sense of being just by existing in our lives. A simple commitment to your higher self and the cosmos, these gems are here to help you thrive.


Red Gemstone Benefits

red rock against sunset backdrop


Root, fire, passion, stability – there are so many connotations attached to the color red. In crystal form, red gemstones are some of the warmest, loveliest, and nurturing stones out there. These crystals capture the radiance that comes with energy, life, love, and the vitality of a bright bursting heart and a purpose-driven power. Not only will these stones provide a perfect pick me up and always keep you on your feet, but they come with other boundless benefits for your body, mind, and soul…


Physical Healing

Crank up your energy levels and get your metabolism back in beautiful balance with the healing nature of red gemstones. If you constantly feel sluggish or slow or if you suffer from poor circulation, constantly feel cold, and find yourself living an endless winter in body and mind, red gems are your joy. These stones can up your inner heat, boost your energy, and bring a passionate prowess back to the physical self.


Root Chakra Healing

One of the best things about red gemstones is their connection to the root chakra. Setting solid foundations for which you can grow into your whole being is vital and this is where glowing gems come into play. These earthly rich stones help to clear blockages from the lower chakras, reduce fear and anxiety, and help you on your journey to realizing and putting your inner power to practice.



Passionate, zesty, and ever ready to light a fire under you, red stones are all about love. These gems work with the root chakra to help you feel strong and stable in your foundations (the perfect structure for entering healthy relationships). They also stir up your life chi, inviting you to say yes to your sexual self and to spark up relationships that may have been going through a stagnant patch.



Get ready to open your arms right up and welcome in abundance. Red gemstones are all about bringing home the bounty. As these tend to be high vibrational active stones, red gems entice you to get up and make stuff happen. For those who have been sitting on the fence when it comes to making a change, these stones help you move out of dreaming and into the doing.


20 Crystals You Should Use

Call on the power of red crystals to strengthen the root, raise your passion, and replenish your energy. We have picked out some of the most soul-warming red stones to stir you up. The stone you pick is all about which gem speaks to you. Learning to trust your intuition starts right here….


Red Garnet 

garnet red crystal

The glow of the Red Garnet never fails to warm the heart. This gem shimmers with wealth, radiance, and all the energy of endurance. The Garnet can wash out phobias, fears, and anxiety and leave you standing strong. It brings composure, courage, and a strong sense of self. It rouses passion and the promise of deep heartfelt love. This is a stone that wants you to live. Find out more about the meaning of Red Garnet.


Red Jasper 

red jasper

Grounded in joy, Red Jasper has a simple message – you are safe and you are ready. Red Jasper is so rich in vitality and power that it is a great stone for those who are overcoming sickness. Red Jasper works across the physical body along with your spiritual sense of being. It’s a stone about determination, strength, stamina, and gentle force. It brings you back from the brink every single time. Find out more about the meaning of Red Jasper.


Red Agate 

red agate

Passion, love, and perseverance sit at the heart of the Red Agate gem. Soaked in shades of fiery red, it's no wonder that this stone oozes light and flickering energy. For those who feel like their flames have been extinguished, the Red Agate will light you back up. This gem brings enthusiasm and cleanses negative energy, giving you a firm footing to leap forward into action. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


Red Beryl 

beryl red crystal

Beautiful Beryl brings purity, power, and also a sense of deep intimate knowledge. It is a stone that helps us to find the right time for action and the right time for sitting back. Working with your own intuitive knowledge, Beryl leads you down the road to finding your potential. It fills your cup with kindness, clarity, and the sweet spirit of forgiveness. All the things you need to help you move forward in life.


Red Carnelian 


A fiery kiss of life and warmth, the Red Carnelian stone is vibrant love and energy. This root chakra and sacral chakra healer clears out all blockages so that your zest can flow. Not only is Carnelian a stone of strength and personal power, but this gem is also known as the artists stone. Carnelian wants to welcome you to a world of creative expression. It encourages singing, dancing, writing, and dreaming - all of the things that help you to get in touch with your wild free spirit. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


Red Aventurine 

red aventurine

An amulet that keeps you protected and living in the light of harmony, Red Aventurine is a stone that balances everything right out. Not only can it keep your aura and surroundings calm, but it’s also known for helping speed up metabolism to give you an extra burst of life, and to heal all kinds of physical issues too. From skin rashes to low blood pressure, the ambience of Red Aventurine is all about flushing out toxins and keeping you on your feet. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.


Red Ruby 

red ruby

A rare red gem that comes cloaked in regal vibes; the Ruby has long been considered something precious. Adorning the fingers and necks of queens throughout the ages, it’s no surprise that Ruby is all about confidence, clarity, and courage. This stone grants you determination, divine will, and brings a vital burst of energy to your everyday existence. Exactly all the things you need for ruling your own kingdom.


Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

More pink than red, but equally as full of love and radiance – the Rose Quartz stone is all shimmering sweetness and soft splendor. This gem is a dream for opening up your heart chakra, connecting you to those you love, and making sure that you are ever kind to yourself too. It’s a gentle passion and a luminous light that Rose Quartz brings and it is one of the most important stones for learning to say yes to self-compassion. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


Red Calcite 

red calcite

A gentler shade of red compared to some of the other stones, Red Calcite works for those who want the bright benefits of a red stone without the overdrive. This is a great gem for bringing you back to emotional balance. For those who are quick to anger and frustration, Red Calcite can help you diffuse without losing your passion. It also works the other way, for those who are timid or prone to panic in social situations, Red Calcite soothes and strengthens. This is also a good gem for those who struggle with PMS. Find out more about the meaning of Calcite.


Red Malachite 

malachite red crystal

Peace and reflection come flooding with the wise old energy of the Red Malachite stone. Swirled in healing energy and with bands of protective power, Red Malachite is awesome at keeping your aura cleansed and safe from any external forces. This stone reaches down to the root chakra to gift you stability all while helping to expand your awareness. It shares the strength and stamina that is found across all Malachite gems and makes sure that you are carried daily. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.


Red Morganite 

morganite red crystal

The heart stone of Morganite is said to be the crystal of divine love. This luminous gem is radiant with the energy of love, respect, and compassion. There’s a twist in the tale though, as Morganite is all about turning those emotions in on yourself. It’s a stone that celebrates you and is perfect for those who need to reign in their nervous system and to stop that inner critic in its tracks.


Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite 

pink tourmaline red crystal

Part of the quartz family and with a penchant for healing properties, it's no surprise that Pink Tourmaline comes with exceptional amplification powers. For those who want to heal their heart, cut down on conflict, call in the energy of Venus, and vibrate just a little higher, Pink Tourmaline is the stone you want onside. It’s also a great gem for those struggling to tread water when it comes to mental health and especially depression. As it's filled with compassion, light, and soothing energy, it can tempt you out into the sun. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.


Red Quartz Crystal 

red quartz crystal

Radiant Red Quartz is mineral magic. This reddish gem stands tall as a symbol of love, affection, friendship, and loyalty. For those who want to strengthen the relationships in their life, this gem will call in that power. Red Quartz (like all the quartz family) is an amplifier, meaning that it can snag onto softer emotions and turn up the dial. It stokes your inner fire until it burns bright. Red Quartz also shakes out negative emotions and helps heal rifts and discord in harmony that can appear between friends and lovers.



sunstone red crystal

Warming in every way, the Sunstone radiates summer vibes and softness upon every corner of your soul. This gem is all soft pinks, reds, and even a hint of orange – like the great sunsets or sunrises of our time. It’s a gem that chases out negative energy, heals the sacral chakra from any blockages, and moves you out of codependent patterns. Find out more about the meaning of Sunstone.


Red Citrine 


The merchants stone and the stone of sweet success, Red Citrine is all light, warmth, and radiant energy. For those who want to attract abundance, soak in good luck, and say yes to the things that catapult the heart, this stone is the one you want. There’s no denying the vitality and voracious appetite for joy that Citrine stirs up. Splashed in a sunny nature and ever ready to fill your spirit with the endless summer, Red Citrine is your compass to color, comfort, and calling in all that you deserve. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


Red Chalcedony 

red chalcedony

Get your fight and flight responses in check with the calming balanced beauty of Red Chalcedony. This level-headed gem is soft and supple and sensitive to flighty moods. For those who need a little help in strategizing when it comes to a safe and stable nervous system, Red Chalcedony lends a helping hand. Along with helping you in your parasympathetic response, it also encourages strength, confidence, endurance, and a generous spirit. In short, Red Chalcedony wants you on track for living a rich and full life and embracing all your dreams.


Red Coral 

red coral stone

From the Ancient Greek for Sea Daughter, Red Coral is a warrior stone that reminds us of the beauty that is stashed deep within us all. This stone is intricate, intelligent, and as it is formed from the centuries of sea creature skeletons, it is believed to bring healing to wounds, tissue, and bone. It also boosts strength and determination.


Red Diamond 

red diamond

Light up your life with the rare wonder of the Red Diamond. Forever precious, the Red Diamond brings ritual, passion, power, and the strength of an eternal foundation. These stones are sublimely rare and carry all the healing energy of the diamond and then some. Diamonds are the symbol of eternity but the red version takes this even deeper, reminding us that even the highest pressure can change us into something even more radiant – ready to set the world on fire.




Pale in pink, streaked with shadow, and murmuring all the sweet somethings about love, Rhodochrosite is a stone to crack open that heart. This gem is all heart and sacral chakra joy. It brings strength, self-worth, and creative play. Rhodochrosite won’t think twice about bringing your dream state into reality all while ensuring you keep one foot planted on the floor. This is a great gem for those who need a little push towards cutting ties with toxic things in their life.


Red Spinel 

red spinel

A bright red stone of hope and radiant with revitalizing energy, Red Spinel is your instant pick me up. For those who are overworked and overwhelmed, this red gem gives you a burst of brightness and helps you to problem solve from a whole new point of view. It also connects you with the divine will of the universe so you feel supported, strong, and full of joy on a spiritual level too.


How to use Red Crystals 

red jasper gemstone bracelet


Call on the healing energy and passionate vibrations of these red crystals by carrying them with you. One of the most important ways of welcoming in all that fiery light is keeping these stones close by and even better if you can keep them in contact with your skin.

Gemstone jewelry can be the most efficient method of soaking up Red Crystal powers and connecting to their energetic vibrations.

You can also place red crystals around the home and take inspiration from Feng Shui for powerful protection and calling in wealth and abundance.

For those who want to stir up their sexual powers with red crystals, you should place one next to your bed.


Wrap up

Who doesn’t want more life, love, passion, pleasure, and pure joy in their lives? These are all the gifts that natural red crystals can bestow upon you. Activating your inner power, stirring up self-confidence, and embracing a go get it attitude when it comes to work and play is always going to serve you well. While red crystals encourage a full and fabulous life, they are also keen to keep you grounded, stable, and never running on empty so you don’t have to suffer from burnout. These gems are here to fan the flames of your rich and beautiful life.

Which is your favorite red crystal? Do you prefer other shades of healing crystals instead? Share all your thoughts with us in the comments.


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