Capricorn Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use


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Capricorn Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

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  • Characteristics: As a Capricorn, you are known for your disciplined and ambitious nature, often demonstrating strong leadership qualities and a practical approach to life.
  • Top Birthstones: Your key birthstones include Garnet, which symbolizes commitment and perseverance, Onyx for grounding and strengthening your resolve, and Malachite to encourage transformation and emotional balance.
  • Using Crystals: Wear these gemstones as jewelry or keep them in your environment to harness their energies, aiding in focus, enhancing your determination, and supporting your pragmatic approach to achieving your goals.

What is the Capricorn Birthstone?

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. The Capricorn birthstone is the Garnet. The Garnet is a precious red gemstone. Garnet’s meaning is commitment and creativity. Capricorn’s are born between December 21st and January 19th. The Capricorn element is earth, the ruling planet is Saturn, and the symbol is the sea-goat.


The Persistent Realist

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Just like all the gloriously grounded earth signs, Capricorns are far from capricious creatures, preferring instead to stay stoic and self-reliant as they journey through this world. With the ruling planet of Saturn named after the god of wealth and agriculture, it’s no surprise that Capricorns are a thoroughly ambitious bunch. They believe in hard work, getting the job done, and thinking big when it comes to prosperity. Because of all these traits, they are considered to be the persistent realist and this makes them good in positions of management. Unlike the airy-fairy star signs that lend their life to dreaming, the Capricorn is here to be a taskmaster and to use that commitment to climb as high as they can.

With the hard-headed half of the goat and the tail of the fish, this all adds up to Capricorns being savvy at managing their emotional and practical sides. While they can be seen as cold and driven, they are sensitive creatures at heart. Sometimes, Capricorns aren’t that great at positively expressing their emotional sides and can come across as being as easy to bruise as a peach. They like to take life seriously and don’t do well when they feel like they are the butt of the joke. Teetering into the realm of being a workaholic also means that Capricorns can tunnel vision their way through life. They are forever driven to do their best and sometimes this can lead to loved ones feeling a little pushed to the wayside.

For Capricorns to reach their pinnacle of emotional health and wellness, their birthstones are all about encouraging balance, balance, and more balance. Being able to effectively juggle work and make more room for rest and play will lighten the Capricorns soul for sure. They also benefit from birthstones that help to warm them from tip to toe and healing crystals that let them relax into themselves and to find some form of protection so they are able to glide through life and love without feeling so bound to their sense of sensitivity. To find out which birthstones are making the grade for Capricorns keep on reading.

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  • Capricorn Gemstones 

    Closeup of plum fruit on branch

    Precious stones for Capricorns are here to wash away negative energy, raise positive powers and lend deep heartfelt strength and healing so that these focus heavy sea goats don’t run the risk of burnout. Zodiac birthstones are a tradition as old as time and are said to be intrinsically and spiritually linked to certain zodiac signs in a manner of completion. For those Capricorns who want luck, lashings of self-love, and to live their fullest life – take a look at these precious stones that are sure to make you shine bright…


    Garnet Stone

    Red Garnets are all glorious glowing fire and have a strong history with Hindu spirituality. Being the birthstone of December means that the Garnet is able to bring fire and warmth to cold bones and can stir up your inner chi. The pomegranate stone is known for attracting the energy of Saturn and as the Red Garnet is also something of a regal stone it beautifully lends itself to the Capricorns love of status and personal power. The Garnet also helps the sensitive Capricorn to stay safe and tethered which gives them plenty of room and space to explore their emotional growth. Strength, balance, and an inner brightness that cannot be doused – this is why Garnet is a Capricorn match. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.


    Blue Sapphire 

    Blue Sapphire

    Righteous and regal, the precious stone of the Blue Sapphire is all about pure thought and personal power. This stone shares the ruling energy of Saturn, the god who shares the never say never philosophy and commitment to hard work and getting the job done right. The glittering Blue Sapphire also shares the traits of strong vision and keeping your inner house in order.


    Blue Topaz 

    Blue Topaz

    The winters tale of the Blue Topaz is endlessly reminiscent of clear cold blue skies and frost twinkling outside your door. This stone is certainly for winter babes and brings with it clear-headed energy and a pure promise of seeking out opportunity. Blue Topaz is also known as being a solid communication stone, meaning it is ever ready and willing to encourage thoughtful conversations and well-directed intentions to bloom into fruition. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Topaz.




    Is there anything more comforting than the soft moods of the Agate? This gentle healing stone is all about embracing inward journeys and looking deep into the shifting landscape of your own moods. It’s a stone that helps to soothe anxious thoughts and grants its healing properties in the solid base of reality rather than the flightiness of fantasy (something that the stoic Capricorn is sure to appreciate). Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


    Lapis Lazuli 

    Lapis Lazuli Stone

    Mystical and magical, the Lapis Lazuli stone helps to make a dreamer of the stoic and serious Capricorn. A stone of truth, vision, and spiritual wonder, Lapis Lazuli is here to help nurture the spiritual side of your being and to be sure that those steadfast Capricorns are exploring all options and elements and letting themselves fly. Deeply connected to the third eye chakra, Lapis helps you to see beyond what exists in the external world, by encouraging you to look deep and to look above. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.




    One of the best protective stones you could hope for, Obsidian is all strength and dark dreamy power. This stone knows exactly how to keep you grounded and safe and free from the feelings of psychic attacks. As Capricorns can be thought leaders in business, this stone ensures that you stay well protected from those who could potentially pull you down. It also protects you from thought patterns of your own soul especially during moments when you may be feeling unstable or stuck in negativity. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.



    Peridot Stone

    Ripe with positive energies, you can’t help but fall hard for the glimmering green spell of pretty Peridot. This is a gemstone that brings light and life into your world and can help Capricorns to stabilize when it comes to mood swings and also learn to let go. Sometimes it can be tricky for Capricorns to loosen their grip on things but Peridot reminds us that the universe will always show us another way. Peridot is also called the study stone meaning that it is glorious at helping harness focus. Find out more about the meaning of Peridot.



    Fluorite Stone

    Bright and bountiful, Fluorite is a radiant stone that is known for instantly neutralizing negative energies. For the Capricorn who may sometimes find themselves settling into darker thought patterns and competitive behavior patterns, the Fluorite stone can bring you back into the positive flux of things. Capricorns love organization and don’t do well when carefully prepped plans fall to the wayside. As sometimes life does throw uncertainty at you, this stone is a gentle reminder that flux can be fun and there are moments when you need to let go and be swept up in the flow. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.




    Black Tourmaline

    With a depth of color and healing properties, the Tourmaline stone invites Capricorns to dive right in. This shimmering stone is all about attracting abundance and bringing perfect prosperity to the success hungry Capricorns. While matching the natural vibrations of Capricorns, the Tourmaline helps this go-getter star sign to find their ebb and flow in a positive way, helping to heal the ego and raise inner strength and goodness. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.




    Stamp out those negative thought patterns, welcome higher powers of protection, and embrace warrior energy with the dark delight of the Onyx stone. With colors that reflect the peace and tranquility of the black winter sky, Onyx brings restorative peace and tranquility for those hardworking Capricorns. It can be tricky for Capricorns to turn off from work, but this grounding stone serves as a reminder that you are also body and spirit and not just your mind, and that all three sometimes require a pinch of your personal power too.



    Malachite Stone

    Another deep stone that calls on shades of velvet green, Malachite is a glorious guardian of the heart. This doesn’t mean that Malachite throws up walls and cuts you off, but more that it creates a sanctuary of self-exploration and soft rumination, raising awareness so the charging Capricorns can see where they may need to slow down and take a moment to forge stronger connections with those around them. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.


    Smoky Quartz 

    Smoky Quartz

    A crystal known for cutting through the noise, Smoky Quartz may have a cloud-like appearance, but this stone has the power of clarity and clear vision to help you achieve exactly what you need. The ancient druids called this the stone of power, with its deep strength and ability to move with light and fluidity, it helps Capricorns to stay on track rather than getting muddled in overcomplicated thought patterns. Find out more about the meaning of Quartz.

    How to Use the Stones

    gemstone bracelets for capricorn

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    Whether you turn worry stones in the palm of your hand, build altars for meditation, or become a wearer of birthstone jewelry, there are many ways to work with crystals on a daily basis. One of the most effective choices for working with healing stones is to wear them in the form of gemstone jewelry. Wearing birthstones is a practice as old as time and zodiac jewelry was often given as a gift as it was believed to bring luck and prosperity to those who wore such sacred amulets. There is something magical about having birthstones and all healing crystals pressed against the skin. When in direct contact with the skin, these crystals are easily able to transmute their vibrations and intricate powers to send healing exactly where it is needed. Clear the chakras, soak the aura in sublime energy, and carry the power of intention wherever you go with the beauty of birthstone jewelry.

    How to Cleanse Stones and Jewelry

    nettles in frost

    All healing crystals have the opportunity to work at their peak when they are cleansed and charged on a regular basis. Just like your cellphone, these crystals are ever busy transmuting messages from the universe to your soul. After heavy use, these crystals can run low on juice meaning their energy may well be a little less effective than when fully charged. You can turn up the power on your crystals with regular smudging sessions or simply by running them underwater for a few seconds for a full discharge. Once discharged, you can top them up by leaving them in a slice of moonlight or a slant of sunlight, or even for earthier crystals and delicate quartzes, you can leave them in the soil for a few hours or keep them in close company with other healing quartzes that help to bring the light.

    Final Thoughts on Capricorn Birthstones 

    Capricorns are always a sign worth celebrating. They are born leaders and are responsible for running the show. Dedicated, hardworking, and super goal orientated, you can only admire the dizzying heights of this special sign. While slogging it out on the way to the top, Capricorns may need a little extra light in their life. This is a sign that would do well from heart chakra cracking crystals, a touch more spirituality, and to let their inner child come along for the ride.

    Does this capture the essence of Capricorns in your experience? Share your thoughts on the sublime sea-goats and let's bring even more balance into all of our lives.


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