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21 Crystals For Pain Relief Using Energy Healing

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Pain shows up in many shapes and forms; it can be anything from mild physical discomfort to searing emotional struggle. Living with any kind of pain can dampen our joy of life, dull our confidence, and make us feel like we are hauling a heavy load through life. It’s hard work and those dealing with constant or even fleeting pain deserve every respite they can get. Crystals can play a major role when it comes to holistic healing and far from a new-age idea, this method has been around for thousands and thousands of years. From using Jade in traditional Chinese medicine to the pharmaceutical use of Lapis Lazuli in the Ancient East, gemstones are the grandmother of earthly herbal healing.

These crystals for pain can align your chakras, shift energy blocks, and bring bright healing vibrations to shake out aches and pains. They can encourage your body to become stronger in its own art of rejuvenation. They help you to rest easy, bring balance to your nervous system, and soothe tightly wound muscles and emotional tensions too. For those who want to take another path when it comes to pain relief, these essential gemstones are your spiritual SOS.

Finding Pain Relief with Healing Crystals 

As the physical body is intrinsically linked to the spiritual and the emotional, these crystals cover all bases and are naturally brimming with high vibrations, gentle energy, and clearing the bodies channels to raise your ability to heal and grow.

Amethyst for reducing migraines, stress, and tension

Rose Quartz for heart health and hormone balance

Hematite for flushing out toxins and bringing strength

Clear Quartz for chronic ailments and amplifying energies

Citrine for fatigue and easing PMS

Aquamarine for the respiratory system and the nerves

Carnelian for cramps and skin irritations

Black Tourmaline for joint pain and easing EMF symptoms

Fluorite for shaking off viral infections

Moonstone for digestive upsets and menstrual problems

Lapis Lazuli for aches, pains, and throat issues

Green Aventurine for its wave like energy and detoxing the organs

Obsidian for encouraging quick healing of cuts and abrasions

Selenite for supporting the bones and spine

Malachite for an immune system boost

Amber for a natural anti-inflammatory

Bloodstone for boosting blood circulation

Howlite for busting stress and encouraging rest

Kyanite for healing light and adrenal gland health

Sugilite for headaches

Chrysocolla for breaking up blockages in the body

1) Amethyst 

amethyst for pain

What it looks like: Potent in purple

What it doesSoothing vibes alleviate stress and tension from the body, reducing migraines and removing energy blocks that add to the pain. Amethyst also encourages good sleep which is essential for health and wellbeing. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: Place Amethyst beneath your pillow for sweet slumber or wear close to the skin to keep stress and headaches at bay.


2) Rose Quartz 

 rose quartz for pain

What it looks like: Pretty in pink

What it does: Bring peace and harmony to your health and wellbeing with the loving energy of Rose Quartz. This gem will reduce all shades of anger, sadness, and grief and help you heal from emotional pain. Rose Quartz also helps balance hormonal issues and brims with anti-inflammatory properties. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: Keep Rose Quartz close or wear this stone when you want to bring your hormones into flux or heal any reproductive issues you are struggling with. For those who have pain due to inflammation, this stone will also cool and soothe.


3) Hematite 

hematite for pain

What it looks like: Flashing silver like rain

What it does: A dutiful detox stone, Hematite is a great all round gem when it comes to clearing out the body of anything unwanted. Along with flushing out toxins, this stone can help improve circulation and bring strength and vitality back to those who feel tired and washed out. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.

When to use it: Rejoice in the fresh energy of Hematite by carrying this gem with you at all times. Hematite is grounding and well known for neutralizing negative energy so keep it close to stay strong and protected.


4) Clear Quartz

clear quartz for pain

What it looks like: As clear and white as starlight

What it does: The master healer, Clear Quartz straight up improves the energy flow that runs through your body from tip to toe. This gem is all about aligning your chakras and making sure that pain is drawn away from the body. Clear Quartz can improve everything from your circulation to helping keep migraines at bay. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: If you suffer from headaches or any chronic ailments, Clear Quartz should always be in your company. This gem is also a huge energy amplifier so wearing it will strengthen the healing powers of your other crystals too.


5) Citrine 

citrine for pain

What it looks like: A burst of bright sunshine

What it does: Just like the healing warmth and light of summer, Citrine brings energy and helps to overcome chronic fatigue. This bright gem is also good at relieving PMS and encouraging better blood circulation too. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: Wear Citrine every day to keep energy levels high. Fatigue can bring all kinds of aches and pains and have a negative impact on our immune system so stay fresh and ready with the radiant rays of Citrine.


6) Aquamarine 

aquamarine for pain

What it looks like: Soft turquoise and shimmering blue

What it does: Forever calming in its shades of soft bright blue, Aquamarine is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and can provide pain relief support to everything from the respiratory system to the throat and lungs. This gorgeous blue gem is also a tonic for the nerves. Find out more about the meaning of Aquamarine. 

When to use it: If your nervous system is working overtime or if you are suffering from a cold or chest infection, Aquamarine can help to calm the body, bring relief to the breath, and can help you recover quickly.


7) Carnelian 

carnelian for pain

What it looks like: Flickering flakes of red and orange

What it does: High vibrations and bright energy make Carnelian an energetic stone and a dab hand at healing. This gem can help heal skin issues and irritations and is also a great help for menstrual cramps. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

When to use it: Place Carnelian on your lower abdomen if suffering from cramps and let those strong vibrations shake out the pain. You can also place this crystal on any part of the body that is in pain.


8) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline for pain

What it looks like: Dark as volcanic rock

What it does: A savvy EMF protector, Black Tourmaline can prevent electromagnetic pollution from bringing ill health and works to remove toxic vibes and bad energies from your aura. Clearing out all this toxicity, strengthening the ground chakras, and easing arthritis pain makes Black Tourmaline a true healer. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.

When to use it: If you suffer from pain in the joints and spine or if you are sensitive to EMF fallout, carry Black Tourmaline with you or place it on your desk and around other electronic devices.


9) Fluorite

fluorite for pain

What it looks like: Translucent clear with shades of green and purple

What it does: Flush out toxins and actively fight viral infections with the clean power of the Fluorite stone. This gem is also believed to be effective in reducing the aches and pains associated with rheumatism and arthritis too. Find out more about the meaning of Fluorite.

When to use it: As soon as you feel any kind of viral infection coming on be sure to grab your Fluorite stone to help the body flush out the infection before it takes hold.


10) Moonstone 

moonstone for pain

What it looks like: Pale white and yellow

What it does: Let go of tensions and ease hormonal or PMS symptoms with the feminine nurturing energy of the Moonstone. This gem is all about bringing stability to the body and mind and helps to balance fluids. It also eases any kind of digestive upset and helps you to feel calm and centered no matter what. Find out about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: If you are having digestive issues you can place this stone on your belly and let it bring its healing magic. Wearing Moonstone on a daily basis will also bring stability and balance to your physical and spiritual health too.


11) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli for pain

What it looks like: Deep hues of blue and hints of gold

What it does: Bring strength of mind and uplift your spirit with the bright blue hues of Lapis Lazuli. Here to heal aches, pains, PMS symptoms, vertigo, and any issues with the throat, Lapis is a lush healer. This stone has heavenly high vibrations meaning it can help with everything from minor ailments to major illnesses. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.

When to use it: Wear Lapis Lazuli on the body when dealing with any sort of sickness. Lapis is also believed to help the body stay strong for those who have cancer, HIV, bone marrow issues, and heart disease.


12) Green Aventurine

green aventurine for pain

What it looks like: Cool smooth polished greens

What it does: This noble green gem is an incredible natural pain reliever as it brings a wave-like energy to the body, moving pain from being rooted to the spot and washing it out of the body. It is also good at detoxing the organs. Find out more about the meaning of Green Aventurine.

When to use it: This stone is particularly good at easing muscle aches and cramps so place it on the body as soon as you feel that first clench.


13) Obsidian

snowflake obsidian for pain

What it looks like: Black and bold and sometimes with flecks of white

What it does: This dark gem is a dab hand when it comes to encouraging the body to swiftly heal. Whether you have a cut, abrasion, sprain, or bruise – this gem can put you on the path to recovery in no time. It also soothes menstrual cramps and brings better circulation. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: Anytime you have an ache, pain, cramp or cut wear Obsidian on the body and let it bring that boost of bright circulation.


14) Selenite

selenite for pain

What it looks like: Angelic whites like the passing of clouds

What it does: Selenite has the highest frequency of any crystal out there making it a dab hand at removing any blockages in the body that could be contributing to pain. Selenite supports the bones, the spine, and the tendons and nerves making sure that they are strong and full of positive energy. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: As Selenite balances energy fields and encourages the body to heal itself, it’s a great stone to keep close by when you are recovering from any kind of physical ailment.


15) Malachite 

malachite for pain

What it looks like: Velvet green with swirls of black

What it does: A stone of stunning transformation, Malachite can draw out any impurities in the body and bring a breath of fresh air to stagnant spaces. As it also stirs up your life force energy, it encourages your immune system to kick into action and brings its energetic influence to keep you fighting fit. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

When to use it: If changing situations are causing you stress and the feeling of being run down, Malachite can lend support and even encourage spiritual growth alongside physical healing.


16) Amber

amber for pain

What it looks like: Liquid orange with a warming glow

What it does: Rich with succinic acid, the Amber stone is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help all kinds of ailments from arthritis to toothache, muscle pain, and back pain too.

When to use it: Amber beads are good for teething babies as it helps soothes the gums. For adults too, wearing this stone close to the body will encourage the succinic acid to be absorbed meaning it can instantly bring relief to all shades of inflammatory based pain.


17) Bloodstone 

 bloostone for pain

What it looks like: Deep dark green with red flecks

What it does: The warrior stone is known for being a beautiful blood healing gem. This root chakra gem is a blood cleanser and is known for stimulating circulation. Whether you suffer from PMS, need an organ boost, or want to encourage healing and pain relief in the body, this battle-ready root chakra stone is pure power. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.

When to use it: Meditate with Bloodstone or place it on the root chakra or lower abdomen when suffering from pains and PMS.


18) Howlite

 howlite for pain

What it looks like: Chalky white and as soft as sea cliffs

What it does: Calm the body and soothe the soul with the gentle effects of Howlite. Rich in sedative energy, Howlite can bring balance to high-stress situations and makes sure that your nervous system isn’t working overdrive. It relaxes muscle tension and makes sure you can sink into that healing sleep. Find out more about the meaning of Howlite.

When to use it: Support your endocrine system, rest easy, and reduce the pains and physical problems linked with stress. Carry a Howlite stone with you or wear it close to the skin to let those soothing vibes sink in.


19) Kyanite 

kyanite energy bracelet from tiny rituals

Check out our Kyanite Energy Bracelet

What it looks like: Soft and gentle in blue and white 

What it does: Called the healers stone, Kyanite is here to bring its deeply supportive energy and to protect the aura from negativity. Kyanite calms the body and the mind, making sure that your spirit isn’t suffering any ill effects from outside forces. It helps soothe the muscles, throat, adrenal glands, and gives the immune system a beautiful boost too. Find out more about the meaning of Kyanite.

When to use it: Use Kyanite for meditation or wear it daily to ensure you are getting the healing light you need and to bring all your chakras into alignment.


20) Sugilite 

sugilite for pain

What it looks like: Shimmering in pink and purple hues

What it does: Sugilite is amazing at removing aches and pains. This stone is particularly good at easing headaches and shutting out negative environmental toxins that could be contributing to poor health. It also helps with toothache, lethargy, dizziness, and immune disorders too.

When to use it: Place Sugilite on your forehead when battling a migraine or any dull ache and let the stone draw out the pain.


21) Chrysocolla 

chrysocolla for pain

What it looks like: Blues and greens and browns all roll together

What it does: Boost your oxygen levels in the body with the Chrysocolla gemstone. This crystal is a ready remedy for helping cleanse and calm the body and is known for helping to reduce pains associated with the muscles and arthritis too. Every inch of your body can benefit from the healing relief of Chrysocolla. Find out more about the meaning of Chrysocolla.

When to use it: Breaking up all kinds of blockages in the body, Chrysocolla can be used to help heal muscle aches, solve throat and thyroid issues, and help your respiratory system flow with power and ease.

Honorable Mentions

Every stone comes blessed with healing powers and brings a sense of strength and wellbeing to certain parts of the physical body. Among these are the following fabulous gems that are also worth exploring if you want to bring a boost to your health…



Blue Lace Agate




How to Use these Gemstones 

gemstone bracelets

One of the most striking ways to get the best from the intricate power of crystal healing is to wear these stones close to the skin. When gemstones have direct contact with the skin they are able to encourage your own vibrations to rise up and meet theirs. This helps to release stagnant energy and chakra blocks which can also contribute to stronger healing, a boosted immune system, and better overall health.

Other ways you can call on the healing power of crystals is to place them on the part of the body that needs attention and let them do their work directly. You can also use them in crystal grids and as part of your meditation or other spiritual practice.


Pain isn’t purely a physical symptom, sometimes it can be the result of something deeper than the body breaking down. It can be heightened by emotional baggage or a loss of spiritual self and this can be something that solely relying on mainstream medicines can’t solve alone. Using crystal therapy as a complementary tool to other avenues can bring light to those darkened corners and can lift you up to stand strong. We are sending love and light to all those dealing with pain.

What are your thoughts on these crystals for pain? Have you had experience working with pain relief and ancient stones? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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