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Amazonite Crystal Collection

Amazonite Crystal

Amazonite crystals represent the blue-green variety of microcline, a mineral consisting of potassium-rich feldspar.

It is precisely that blue-green color that quickly pulls you into its magnificent world of hope, peace, and tranquility. If the swirls of turquoise with hints of blue remind you of water and lush forestry, you’re not alone. The crystal was named after the mighty Amazon River and the surrounding rainforests.

Legend has it that this mystical stone adorned the shields of Amazonian warrior princesses around the 10th century B.C. The glory of Amazonite crystals indeed spans centuries, as ancient Egyptians also held them in high esteem. In fact, this very crystal lines the temples and tomb of Tutankhamun. Tablets of Amazonite were also used to carve a chapter of the elusive Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Working with Amazonite will train your mind to expect positive outcomes. The Amazonite stone also connects to your heart chakra to enhance love, joy, and optimism in your life and the throat chakra to empower you to set clear boundaries and speak your truth.

Amazonite Benefits

The Amazonite crystal offers plenty of benefits for people who have experienced past trauma or have anxiety. This crystal helps regulate your nervous system, soothe your soul, and balance your emotions, allowing you to let go of stress, anxiety, and anger.

Besides your mind, these green stones have healing properties for your body, helping your cells regenerate, boosting your bone health, and balancing thyroid issues.

Amazonite healing also transcends the physical world. It connects with the heart and throat chakras to help you abandon the fear of being judged and start living authentically. This stunning greenish-blue stone will remind you to open your heart and mind to the infinite possibilities the world has to offer.

You don’t have to go to Pikes Peak to collect Amazonite. A quick trip to our crystal shop will reveal an abundance of Amazonite crystals in all forms, including jewelry and crystal cubes, spheres, hearts, and pyramids.


How to cleanse amazonite crystals?

To cleanse your Amazonite crystal from all the negative and toxic energy it has soaked up, run it under the tap or quickly dip it into lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can cleanse Amazonite crystals with sound baths, smudging, and briefly exposing them to the moon or sun.

What does amazonite crystal do?

An Amazonite crystal collects all your negative thoughts and deep fears, bringing you clarity and calm. Keep it in your pocket as a worry stone for when you feel anxious or next to your bed if your thoughts often keep you awake. Like amethyst, it will enhance your spiritual growth and promote peace and balance.

What is amazonite crystal used for?

Amazonite crystals have a powerful soothing energy used for healing, restoring your peace, and balancing masculine and feminine energies. You can wear Amazonite jewelry like necklaces and bracelets to inspire hope and wisdom. Alternatively, you can use it in Feng Shui to create a peaceful sanctuary in your home, allowing you to practice being your authentic self.

Can amazonite crystal go in water?

Thanks to their hardness, Amazonite crystals can go in water. However, you shouldn’t leave this crystal in water for too long. It would be best to run it under the tap or dunk it quickly when cleansing it.

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