14 Crystals For Strength: Tap Into Your Inner Power


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14 Crystals For Strength: Tap Into Your Inner Power

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Strength shows up in a thousand different ways. It isn’t about how much you can bench press or being a modern-day warrior, it’s about how much inner resilience you can build and how you learn to carry yourself when faced with all kinds of obstacles and challenges that can litter your path. Being strong and having inner strength isn’t about brushing off emotions and not making space to feel all your feels. You can still be a super-strong person but have meltdowns, cry, and find yourself caught up in a web of frustration. You can still slip up and make a million mistakes. But nurturing inner strength is all about taking back our power, learning to be kind to ourselves, and knowing that no matter what happens, we will make it through and come out even better than before.

Crystals for strength can help you to harness that power. Healing stones have a long history with warriors, sages, and those who wanted to go from spiritual strength to strength. With their high vibrations, your ability to programed with great intentions, and their general awesomeness at helping to shift old blockages and banish bad behavior patterns, these gems can take you from strength to strength. Let’s delve in and decide which stones are here to lift you up.

Gemstones that Clear Blockages for Inner Strength 

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Bloodstone for courage and resilience

Clear Quartz for amplifying energy and sending your will into the world

Rose Quartz for growing through self-compassion

Citrine for powerful positive thinking

Amethyst for stability and inner peace

Selenite for nervous system balance and clarity

Carnelian for springing into action

Aventurine for acknowledging that all things pass and change

Lapis Lazuli for spiritual strength and knowing yourself deeply

Obsidian for keeping empaths safe and strong

Hematite for increasing iron and cutting negativity

Tigers Eye for going after what you want

Moonstone for a guiding light during change

Garnet for removing blockages


1) Bloodstone 


What it looks like: Deep velvet green and darker shades, speckled with iron bright blood.

What it does: The warrior stone is synonymous with every idea about strength you ever had. This stone was so famed for its ability to bring courage and resilience, that is was carried onto the battlefield alongside shields and swords. It’s a stone of courage, facing realities, and finding the strength to persevere no matter what. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.

When to use it: Whenever you are feeling side-swept by events in your life or if you know you are facing challenging times (whether it be an illness, major life change, or even just a slight shift you are struggling with), the Bloodstone will infuse every inch of your being with the pure aura of going forward.


2) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz

What it looks like: With all the strength of a glacier, Clear Quartz is a shimmering canvas on which to paint your dreams.

What it does: The master healer is all about intention and manifestation. Clear Quartz is a powerful tool and can be called on when you want to cleanse your energy, purify toxic thoughts, and send your needs and desires out into the universe. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.

When to use it: Program your Clear Quartz with what you want whenever you are feeling like your soul is clogged up and life isn’t looking how you want it to look. This clear-headed gem shares that clarity and amplifies your energy tenfold.


3) Rose Quartz

rose quartz

What it looks like: It may be soft and pink but there is a great strength to be found in this shimmering heart chakra stone.

What it does: We often associate strength with resilience and bravery, there is nothing braver in this life than doing the constant work to keep your heart full of love and self-compassion. We can become our own worst enemies and turning that mindset around takes daily practice and patience. But when we are quick to be kind to ourselves and to forgive ourselves we grow stronger each day. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

When to use it: if you are in a cycle of negative self-talk and tend to be overly critical of yourself, the Rose Quartz gem can be an awesome tool to turn to when practicing positive affirmations.


4) Citrine 


What it looks like: Looking just like sunshine caught in a piece of quartz, sometimes you need the light to lift you up.

What it does: Power can definitely come from a positive mindset and this is exactly the style of joy that sunny Citrine brings to the table. Citrine is all golden glow and good luck, it reminds us that life isn’t all doom and gloom and that even above the heaviest clouds, the sun is waiting to shine again. Citrine is revitalizing, re-energizing, and attracts awesome abundance into our lives. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

When to use it: When your inner light feels like it's on the blink, Citrine can keep you shining. If you are feeling low in mood or energy, hold your Citrine crystal and let the warmth of luck and possibility raise you up once more.


5) Amethyst 


What it looks like: Purple and deep and as mystical as mythology suggests, no wonder this wine colored stone was a favorite in the ancient world.

What it does: Stability and the light of inner peace are forever found shimmering in the crown chakra vibes of Amethyst. For all those who want to be clear and connected to their deeper sense of self, Amethyst is your stone for fostering understanding. It’s peaceful energy also helps you to know when to let go and not to get trapped in co-dependent choices. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

When to use it: For those who feel the fear when stepping out into the world alone or who struggle to be single and to take the reigns when it comes to their own life, Amethyst clears out anxiety and reconnects you to yourself and your own intricate powers.


6) Selenite 

selenite stone

What it looks like: Peachy white in its raw form and blessed with the promise of purity.

What it does: Here to call on clarity and enhance your peace of mind, Selenite is sugar and starlight. This stone is here to soothe any frayed nerves, bring crystal clear thinking to the forefront, and to make sure that your system doesn’t become overwhelmed, putting you in a place of positive power and control. Find out more about the meaning of Selenite.

When to use it: Whenever your nervous system is going off the charts, call on Selenite and let it bring your flight, fight, and freeze response back into harmony. Forever soothing, Selenite is the natural tranquilizer you need. It’s also great to turn to when your mind feels foggy and muddled.


7) Carnelian 


What it looks like: Like a comet cruising across the sky, this fireball is all red and orange energy.

What it does: Just like the comet carving its path through space and trailblazing all the way, Carnelian is an active stone. It is a great companion to your lower chakras which are all about grounding, solidity, creativity, passion and using your willpower to grow taller. If you want a physical and mental boost, Carnelian is your kiss of fire. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

When to use it: Whenever you are tired or sick of life or a certain situation is pinning you down, call on Carnelian to bring that mental and physical burst back to your being.


8) Aventurine 


What it looks like: Gentle greens and quiet strength resides in the cooling touch of Aventurine.

What it does: This lucky talisman is all about clearing the path and making way for abundance to flow. Aventurine doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to bringing gentle strength and opening your heart. Strength can come when we release our old toxic patterns and embrace new and positive ways of thinking. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine. 

When to use it: Turn to the gentle joy of Aventurine whenever you feel like a dose of luck or opportunity could help lift you up. Sometimes just having the knowledge that all things pass and shift can be a powerful motivator to tap into our inner strength reserves and not get too hung up on things.


9) Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

What it looks like: Blue and silver and white and speckled with starlight.

What it does: We love the balance that Lapis Lazuli brings to your body, mind, and soul. This piece of magic is all about spiritual strength, knowing yourself deeply, and owning your own voice so you are unapologetically you. There is so much to celebrate about all of that. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.

When to use it: Call on Lapis Lazuli whenever you are feeling lost or like you aren’t capable of making the right decisions. This stone reminds you that all the answers sit within and it guides you to a place where you can use your voice to say what’s right for you.


10) Obsidian 


What it looks like: As dark as midnight with the faint golden glow of the moon underneath the folds.

What it does: All shades of safety and grounding, Obsidian makes you feel invincible. Not only will Obsidian keep you in healthy flow when it comes to your physical body, but it also keeps you free from negativity. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

When to use it: For all those empaths out there, Obsidian is a surefire way of throwing up much-needed boundaries and making sure you stay protected and standing in the light of your own power.


11) Hematite 


What it looks like: A silver bullet of brightness, Hematite is the very vision of strength.

What it does: Hematite is a strong and powerful stone that knows exactly how to clear out the cobwebs and shadows of negative energy. Despite its dark colors its also a stone laced in positivity, strength, and sheer vitality. It can put you into balance and harmony and make sure that no matter what – you rise up time and time again. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.

When to use it: This is a great stone for physical strength and mental strength too. If you have been feeling sluggish or struggling to overcome an illness, Hematite can increase the iron and oxygen in your blood to bring you back to life.


12) Tiger's Eye 

tigers eye

What it looks like: Earthy shades and big cat vibes, the orange, black, and gold streaks of Tigers Eye see all.

What it does: The go-to stone for inner strength Tigers Eye is brimming with big energy. This stone is fierce and fabulous and isn’t afraid to tempt you in to use all that awesome inner strength to go after what you want. As its also full of protective properties, it makes sure that risks are minimal. Find out more about the meaning of Tigers Eye.

When to use it: Turn to Tigers Eye whenever your faith in yourself seems to be wavering. It’s also a good stone for those people who struggle with asking for what they want or those who shy away from confrontation and expressing their direct needs.


13) Moonstone 


What it looks like: Nothing matches the feminine strength of grandmother moon, hanging full and heavy and pale and bright in the sky.

What it does: Moonstone is a magical stone for welcoming in new beginnings. Just like the moon that shines above our heads forever lighting up the darkness, the Moonstone is a reminder of the cyclical nature of our world and reminds us not to fear the shifting of the tides. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

When to use it: When change is imminent and you are looking for the inner strength needed to accept the shift and stop fighting the flow, you should keep Moonstone close by and let it guide you into grace.


14) Garnet 


What it looks like: The glitter of pomegranates against the underworld, Garnet is all glory.

What it does: Glowing in its deep red hues, Garnet is a dab hand at helping to remove blockages and to keep your energy bright and flowing. Blockages can come in all shapes and forms, whether its chakra blocks, bad auras, or wedges in our self-confidence. But fear not, Garnet will get them gone in no time. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.

When to use it: Turn to the energetic allure of Garnet whenever you are feeling like your esteem has taken a dive or during a time of crisis. Garnet infuses you with energy and raises your confidence levels to a ten so you can work through whatever wild situation is going on.

How to Use these Stones for Empowerment 

selection of bracelets for courage and strength

Now we have all these incredible stones for raising up our power and tapping into that resilience, it helps to know how to harness that energy for when you need an extra dose of courage. Of course, just having these gems close is enough to trigger a chain reaction and send those strong intentions swimming out into the universe. But just in case, we have a few more ideas on how to use your crystals for strength and healing too.

  • Hold your crystal during moments of overwhelm or when you feel ‘weak’ in your resolve. Whether it’s a worry stone or crystal sphere, physical mindful interaction with the stone is an instant soother.
  • Create a crystal grid and change the energy or direction of a situation to help manifest much quicker.
  • Wear crystal jewelry to stay strong and protected every second of the day and to carry that intention with you.
  • Use crystals in chakra healing or during reiki in order to remove blockages and get aligned.
  • Other crystals for strength include Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Smoky Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, and Labradorite. 


Crystals for strength are an amazing way of tapping into your infinite well of power. These stones are deeply connected with the earth and the universe and both the ground beneath your feet and the sky above are sure to have your back. When we feel helpless, stuck, lost, or listless, reminding ourselves that we can be decision makers in our destiny and that we have the capability to adapt and flourish is truly a way of thinking that can save us.

What are your favorite healing crystals for strength and positive energy? Share with us in the comments and let’s grow tall and fearless together.


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