Aries Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use


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Aries Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

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  • Characteristics: As an Aries, you are known for your energetic and ambitious nature, always ready for action and competition, with a bold heart and a pioneering spirit.
  • Top Birthstones: Your key birthstones include Diamond, symbolizing clarity and inner strength, Aquamarine for enhancing communication, and Amethyst to encourage calmness and intuition.
  • Using Crystals: Wear these gemstones as jewelry or keep them close to harness their energies, helping you to balance your fiery nature, enhance your communication skills, and stay grounded in your adventurous pursuits.

What is the Aries Birthstone?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. The Aries birthstone is the Diamond. The Diamond is a solid form of carbon and is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. The diamond means clarity, truth, and vision. Those born between March 20th to April 21st are Aries. Aries element is fire and its ruling planet is Mars. The symbol of Aries is the ram.


The Royal Sign of Power

ram on a rock

Quick to speak their mind, always up for a little healthy competition, and ever driven to success, the Aries star sign is all action. Being the first of the zodiac signs it comes as no surprise that Aries has a zest for being number one. These energetic and ambitious Aries individuals are all up for taking a leap into the unknown. Ruled by the planet Mars, it’s worth remembering that in mythology Mars was the god of war. This ancient Roman deity was demanding, fiery, passionate, and ever ready to lay waste to those who stood in his way. While the modern-day Aries isn’t quite as destructive, they do adore a good debate and will go to great lengths to prove themselves right no matter how frustrated their audience may be.

But it’s not all war and destruction when it comes to Aries. Those born under the banner of fire are beautifully passionate, brimming with life, and have a glorious big heart and generous spirit to match. Being bold in life and love and with the ram as the symbol of their house its no surprise that Aries are somewhat considered pioneers of life. They are groundbreakers and always up for whatever adventure comes their way. Finding zodiac birthstones that match the mood of the Aries horoscope means finding healing gemstones and crystals that can help Aries stay safe in the face of recklessness, keep calm energy when it comes to competition, and learn the power of gentle communication to keep relationships shining bright. To find out which crystals are here to balance out Aries, keep reading.

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  • Aries - The Ram – March 21 to April 19
  • Taurus – The Bull – April 20 to May 20
  • Gemini – The Twins – May 21 to June 20
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  • Capricorn – The Goat – December 22 to January 19
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  • Pisces – The Fish – February 19 to March 20

Aries Gemstones 

Pick up healing crystals that are a match made in heaven for Aries and let their healing properties iron the kinks right out. Working with healing stones isn’t just about overcoming those aspects of your personality that crave a little attention but its also about building upon the positive traits that serve you well. A balanced body, mind, and soul is how we thrive in this rough and tumble world and how we connect with others who may have traits that rub against our own. Healing stones and crystals can help us to flourish in our finest health as they work to clear out negative energy and keep the zodiac sign of Aries complete in their joie de vivre all while staying safe, grounded, and gloriously connected to spirit and soul. Take a look at these Aries birthstones that bring harmony and healing to all Aries people…



One of the most precious gems in the world, the April birthstone of the Diamond is a dream of radiance and inner strength. A lucky stone known for its deep durability, shining a light on clarity, and helping to keep those wild and reckless Aries in harmony and heavenly balance. The Diamond shares the ruling planet of Mars and is a glorious symbol of abundance, yet rather than deliver war cries, the traditional birthstone Diamond brings sympathetic strength, radiant love, and an inner channel of strength that cannot be shaken no matter how hard a knock life serves up.



Aquamarine Stone

Just like the siren song of the deep blue sea, Aquamarine is an utterly enchanting March birthstone. Known for its cooling hues and a flowing mood to match, Aquamarine is one of the strongest communication stones in the pack and is ever ready to entice Aries to speak their truth (as they always do), but in a way that doesn’t cause deep emotional ripples for those you love. A luscious stone of compassionate and calm energy, Aquamarine invites you to plunge in and swim with purposeful healing. Find out more about the meaning of Aquamarine.


Amethyst Stone

Serene and spiritual, this violet flamed February birthstone is a sublime zodiac stone for all those charging Aries out there. With their sign being the ram, sometimes Aries tend to put their head down and charge without considering the consequence. Amethyst can help Aries to take a moment in meditative thought, to embrace a little calmness rather than the calamity, and to stay connected with their intuition. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.



Jasper Stone

With the same fire shades as the element from which Aries is connected to, Red Jasper is a perfect planetary stone match. As we know by now that Aries can be restless and often impatient, Red Jasper is here to bring its tranquil edge and intricate balance to keep those rams on the right track. Jasper is a joyous grounding stone that knows how to tap into those base chakra blocks and clear them right out. The result is a renewed sense of vibrancy, a deep-felt joy, and all the cosmic swirls of creativity to boot. Find out more about the meaning of Jasper.



Jade stone

A heart chakra stone that comes in laced in luck, Jade is an ancient, artistic, and amazing stone for Aries to welcome into their world. Among the endless joys of Jade comes the promise that negative thought patterns will be nudged out to make space for inner wisdom to bloom. While Aries aren’t exactly short on confidence, it can be that they tend to have tunnel vision and only focus on their own path. Jade can help by clearing out those heart chakra blocks that may be contributing to the sometimes self-centric nature of the Aries and can grow their capacity to love and trust. Find out more about the meaning of Jade.




Soaked in physical strength and sublime wellbeing, the Bloodstone is a great zodiac stone to match the Mars inspired nature of all those Aries out there. This was the stone that warriors would take onto the battlefield as it greatly enhanced their physical strength and kept them well-protected even when the world around them had fallen to fire and ruin. Aries loves to charge forth and conquer and Bloodstone keeps them on this direct path without losing their footing. Find out more about the meaning of Bloodstone.



Aventurine Stone

Aventurine brings together that brilliant balance of empathy and compassion matched by direct action. While the Aries sign is certainly all about straight and direct action, sometimes their sense of compassion can be a little down low. Aventurine works to raise the bar, ensuring that all those Aries out there have the tools they need to open the heart chakra and embrace deeper more connected relationships. This problem-solving stone also takes a positive approach making it an excellent tool for those times when moods are dipping low. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.



Yellow Topaz

A talisman to match the fiery warm glow of those born under the Aries banner, Topaz is a golden kiss of good luck to get you through the day. For the Aries star sign born on the bright cusp of Spring, Topaz shares her shades with the daffodils, the fresh glint of the sun, and the promise of golden potency. It’s a stone that connects to the sacral and the solar plexus chakras and keeps you connected with your creative chi and sexual self. Soft loving vibrations flow from this golden stone helping all those Aries to glow with contentment rather than spending endless energy chasing the next thing. Find out more about the meaning of different types of Topaz.



Ruby Stone

Aglow with the flame of passion and purity, the Ruby gemstone is another sun stone that stays close and radiant in its relationship to the ruling planet of Mars. As mentioned, Aries tend to focus their attention inwards quite a lot and pour most of their energy into self-serving behavior. While of course, we should all place ourselves as number one in the world, the Aries sign would do well to extend their vision just a little and notice those in relationships with them a little more.


How to Use the Stones

collection of bracelets for Aries zodiac

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Embrace the beauty of birthstone jewelry and soak up all the sublime healing benefits. From worry stones to turn in your palm at times of stress to spheres and altars for mindful practice, there are many ways you can welcome the chakra cleansing balancing joy of Aries birthstones into your world. One of the best ways to make the most of the healing power of these stones is by choosing gemstone bracelets and other Aries jewelry. Having the stones pressed directly against skin allows for the healing vibrations to sink right in exactly where they are needed. Wearers of crystals also benefit from the mindful nature of carrying their intention with them throughout the day. When we decide to heal and balance our hearts and souls, it can be tricky keeping this at the forefront of our decision making process, by having a visual reminder and a beautiful crystal visible and on your person at all times, you are committing to that choice and manifesting your own sense of magic along the way.

For Aries who want to heal the heart chakra, simply place your birthstone necklace, birthstone ring, or birthstone bracelet, or your individual stone in the heart space while lying down and repeat a sweet mantra to yourself ‘My heart is open and ready to give all the love that I hold deep’.

How to Cleanse Stones and Jewelry

purple gemstones and purple flowers

Keep your gemstones cleansed and charged is the best way to make the most of their deeply divine healing energy. Crystals can be like vacuum cleaners, mopping up all that emotional dirt and debris that can pile up and leave a layer of dust on things. Just like a vacuum cleaner, these stones can get full and may need emptying out or discharging once in a while to renew their energy and load back up their power capabilities. Cleansing healing stones is super easy – one of the safest ways to do it is to smudge with sage or run quickly under tepid water and let the stored-up energy flow away. To recharge your stones you can simply leave it in the company of other quartzes known for spreading light and lovely energy or you can leave your stone in soil, in a slant of sunlight or shimmer of soft moonlight.

Final thoughts on Aries Birthstones 

Aries are an amazing zodiac sign that brings courage, determination, and a can-do attitude to every element of their life. Uncomplicated and direct, you have to adore their straight and honest approach. Like an open book, Aries rolls through with their eye fixed on the prize, they love to climb high and get the job done right – in other words, they are no slouch. People love to be around the Aries but those who are a little sensitive may find themselves smarting from the too honest touch. For those Aries who invest time and energy into gemstones that can balance out their competitiveness and soften their sharing of the truth, you are sure to make incredible friendships that thrive.

Does this ring true of you or any Aries you have known? Share all your Aries experiences in the comments.


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