Morganite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses


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Morganite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

Morganite meaning


  • Meaning: Morganite, often found in shades of pale pink, purple, and orange, symbolizes heart healing and manifestation, inviting divine love and compassion into one's life.
  • Healing Properties: This crystal is renowned for its physical healing properties, such as stabilizing the nervous system, ensuring heart health, and enhancing respiratory function, as well as its emotional healing properties, which involve nurturing self-love, self-respect, and self-care.
  • Protection: Morganite is a protective stone that helps to manage stress, soothe the system, and also safeguards the heart by maintaining its health and countering palpitations.
  • Usage: Morganite can be used in various forms such as jewelry, in Feng Shui practices at home and office to enhance love and emotional balance, and is also associated with zodiac signs Pisces, Taurus, and Cancer to amplify their respective traits.
  • Care: To care for Morganite, cleanse it with clean running water and a touch of soap, dry it with a soft cloth, and recharge its energy by placing it in bright sunlight for a day or two.

What is Morganite?

Morganite is a variety of Beryl. It is part of the hexagonal crystal system. Morganite has a translucent look and a vitreous luster. It often comes in shades of pale pink, purple, and orange. The meaning of Morganite is heart healing and manifestation.


The Peachy Heart Stone

The heart stone of Morganite is here to remind you that life is peachy. This pale pink stone is all about stepping through the world as though you are walking on air. A member of the bright and beautiful Beryl family, Morganite is said to be the Crystal of Divine Love and is always ready to take you by the hand and lead you out into the light.

It’s no surprise to hear that this stone was uncovered out in California in the early 20th century. One glance at the soft pink color and the feel-good vibes that flow and you know, this glimmering gemstone is all California dreaming. It’s sky rinsed sunsets, staying up all night on the beach to watch the break of day, salty soft skin, and that unbridled heart-bursting joy that comes with crashing into the waves. Morganite doesn’t just stay put on the shores of the USA, it has also been discovered blushing pink beneath the skies of Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and even beneath the bright lights of New York.

When first discovered, the pale pink stone went by another name – Pink Beryl after the Beryl family from which it is born. There are tons of different kinds of Beryl; blue, green, aquamarine, gold, and red. But this type of Beryl had something different about it and the chief gemologist for Tiffany & Co decided it should be given a name to make it stand out from the crowd. He called it Morganite after the famous financier JP Morgan. JP Morgan was also a gem collector and dedicated many glimmering treasures to the American Museum of Natural History so all could share in his love for sparkly gifts from Mother Earth. He also spent a lot of time splashing the cash at Tiffany & Co and the name was pledged in honor to him, their finest customer.

Morganite is a relatively rare gemstone. It only grows in small quantities and in the presence of other minerals which is partly what makes it so precious. It’s a stone you truly have to dig deep for, it needs to be plucked from cracks and crevices and it has the same sparkling luster and hardness as a star. It’s a very special stone and here we delve in deep and help you discover more about the Morganite meaning.

If Morganite isn’t a stone that leaves you starry eyed, take a look at our Essential Gemstone Guide here and find a stone that soothes your own soul.

Morganite Healing Properties

Raw morganite stone

Morganite is a magician of the heart and comes with a whole swathe of healing properties. Like all the heart chakra stones, it is a nurturer and always ready to open you up to the wonders that are waiting for you in the wider world. While it invites love to ebb and flow out, it also turns its gaze and healing vibes inwards, ensuring that you are stacked with self-love, self-respect, and self-care and ready to stand proud no matter what comes your way. Let’s explore all the lush healing elements of the Morganite crystal…

Physical Healing Properties

For those who feel their nervous systems can often be out of whack and who suffer tensions and stress, say yes to the soft kiss of Morganite. As calming as the dawn, this stone settles your system in an instant. Unsurprisingly, Morganite works to heal the heart across all angles and this includes the physical body too. It keeps your ticker in tip-top shape and counters palpitations. When your heart is strong in kicking out the beats, this helps oxygen to flow around the body and will lift your whole sense of wellbeing. Respiratory troubles can ebb away, cells can heal, and problems with thyroids can suddenly fall back into balance. When it comes to your sexual energy, Morganite can also lend a hand in that department too. When wearing this stone you may feel a burst of vitality that leads you to longer pleasures in the bedroom.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

We love heart healing stones and Morganite makes sure that it doesn’t let you down. Morganite goes straight to those places where the heart needs to heal – which may be different for everyone. It stirs up all those emotional needs but makes sure that you know where to find them inside your own soul, rather than looking outside. Along with checking in to see if you are feeding your own emotional wellbeing, Morganite strengthens your inner reserves so that you are able to invite unconditional love to flow.

Anyone who has had a tough time of life and faced inner challenges will find nothing but comfort in the soft pink hues of the Morganite gemstone. It is here to keep you calm, keep you smiling softly, and to remind you that there is so much love and light out there in the big wide world, no matter how bleak it may feel sometimes. This doesn’t make Morganite a push-over. It pulls no punches in revealing to you where you may be dipping into anger and resentment, and where these defense mechanisms may be springing up from in the first place. Even though Morganite makes you do the work, it doesn’t rugby tackle you into things you aren’t ready for. With this stone, it’s always the lightest loving touch.

Morganite is an amazing crystal for anyone in a relationship and looking to iron out a few kinks. It helps nurture communication, connection, and releases an attachment way of thinking that could be holding you back from happiness. Even if you aren’t currently partnered but are open to the idea of another’s love, Morganite sends vibrations out into the world meaning that you could attract that perfect partner through the powers of manifestation.

Metaphysical Properties

Connected with the Heart Chakra, Morganite is all about keeping your heart open and energy in flow. A heart block can make it so you struggle to trust or that you constantly battle with the idea of unconditional love. When we put demands on our own hearts, it can make us harsh to ourselves and others and before we know it, we can become our own blocks. Morganite keeps you open and ever ready for all your heart has to receive. It also works with the divine heart, the place where our compassion and understanding shines like the sun out from our soul.

Zodiac Birthstone

While Morganite doesn’t fall into the category of a traditional birthstone, it is an amazing match for zodiac signs that fall under the banner of Pisces, Taurus, and Cancer. Pisces are known for their high empathy, their romantic energy, and their perfectly playful pleasure-seeking ways. If that doesn’t sound like a dreamy match for the divine love stone we don’t know what does!

On the other foot, Taureans can be a smidge stubborn and a little strong-willed. Morganite works on Taureans in a different way, by softening the edges that sometimes can be a little too hard. Morganite will seep into your soul and make you more patient, more loving, and filled with compassion so you can see life from the other side.

Using Morganite

Morganite bracelet

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You cannot help but fall head over heels with Morganite (we guess it's all the love magic). Whether you wear it as part of your crystal jewelry, build an angelic altar for it, or simply find a way to work its Feng Shui splendor into your home, there are endless ways to enjoy the stone’s heart-felt energy. Take a look at these ways to welcome more Morganite into your life…

Home & Office 

Play around with Morganite and Feng Shui and you will be so glad you did. This shimmering pink stone just wants love to surround you and it will work its hardest to make sure that happens. For all those who are struggling with intimacy, placing Morganite in the bedroom can help to sizzle things up and not just between the sheets. It’s a stone that encourages compassionate conversation and unconditional love meaning that it makes sure that your relationship is nurturing and being nurtured in all the best ways. If you have two Morganite crystals in your possession it can also be used in the Feng Shui practice of balancing out Yin and Yang. If you need to get your emotional balance back in check then be sure to use Morganite in centre spaces.


Morganite makes for an amazing stone to work into your gemstone jewelry collection. It’s pale pink shimmer is absolutely divine and brings feminine grace to any wardrobe choice. Wearing Morganite bracelets and other Pink Beryl jewelry is the best way to invite its healing vibes to flow straight from the stone and into your heart. When you have a direct connection with the skin, there is nothing to dampen the dreamy flow of the gemstone's vibrations, meaning you get the full force of its power. Because of Morganite's connection to divine love and compassion, it makes for a very popular engagement stone, especially as it comes in some healthy carat sizes.

If you are looking for stones that complement the healing powers of Morganite then you can kickstart with Tourmaline or Amethyst. Tourmaline is another stone that can amp up your compassion and understanding and diminish those tightly held fears that we tend to carry with us. Rose Quartz is another stone that beautifully complements the heart healing vibes of the Morganite crystal. Another heart healer, Rose Quartz makes sure that you are getting a shot of self-love directly to your heart chakra every single day. Pink Emerald and Kunzite are another couple of healing crystals that adores Morganite – in fact, many of the rosy-hued stones will complement this perfectly pink variety of Beryl.

How to Cleanse your Morganite Stone

Growing morganite stone

Even though Morganite may be a hardy and excellent stone in composite, it should still be cared for with a gentle and joyous hand. It’s important to keep your gemstones cleansed and clear so that they are able to shake off heavy vibes and stay fresh. Healing hearts can be hard work and for stones that have a lot of emotional energy to shift, keeping them regularly cleansed means that they are clear-headed and charged. Cleanse your Morganite stone by simply using clean running water, a touch of soap, and a soft cloth to thoroughly dry afterwards. If you want to recharge your Morganite stone, then it can be left in a slice of bright sunlight for a day or two so that it is able to amplify its own bright energy.

Geological Properties

Morganite Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Silicate mineral
Chemical Formula Be3Al2Si6O18
Crystal system Hexagonal
Color Pink, peach, rose
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to translucent
Occurrence Granite pegmatites, often associated with other beryls and minerals such as tourmaline, mica, and quartz
Formation Forms in the late stages of magma crystallization in granitic pegmatites and also through hydrothermal activity in fractures and cavities of metamorphic rocks
Diaphaneity Transparent to translucent
Cleavage Distinct in one direction
Mohs Hardness 7.5-8
Specific Gravity 2.71-2.90
Diagnostic Properties Pink to peach color, transparency, vitreous luster
Chemical Composition Beryllium aluminum silicate (Be3Al2Si6O18)
Crystal System Hexagonal
Optical Properties Uniaxial negative
Refractive Index 1.560-1.600
Birefringence 0.005-0.009
2V angle ~82°
Dispersion 0.014
Other characteristics Often used in jewelry-making, typically found in granite pegmatites

Final Thoughts on Morganite

Morganite is all about upping our love and when we have an abundance of love we are able to walk the path of self-realization with style and ease. This is a stone that wants you to remember that you are loved and that you have the capacity to love too. When we are reminded of the love the world holds for us, it cuts down on feelings of loneliness and makes us feel that yes, we can keep going. Morganite helps you to become ready to transform all that pain and hardship into something that will take you to healthier places. It is a stone that invites you to lay down your burdens and to finally be in a place where you can give your compassion freely.

Does the Pink Morganite Stone entice you to fall in love with its divine heart hues? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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