Crystals for Manifestation: 18 Stones to Create Your Dreams


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Crystals for Manifestation: 18 Stones to Create Your Dreams

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For all those looking to attract exactly what they want in life, these crystals can become magnets to help you manifest all of your desires.

You Can Manifest Your Dreams!

  • Our thoughts, actions, and emotions influence your path
  • Crystals can cleanse the chakras and raise our confidence

Manifestation is a kind of magic. We have been taught to believe that we don’t always get what we want and that whatever shall be shall be. But we hold more power in the universe than we think. Our thoughts, actions, deep beliefs, and our emotions intuitively guide us in this world and can lead us down pathways that make specific goals bloom into fruition. This isn’t just about positive thinking, it's about stepping out with intention, intimately understanding your own wants and desires, and making all these desires heard as you step out to get them.

Healing crystals certainly have a role to play when it comes to manifesting. There are few tangible objects in the world as connected to a sense of magic and spiritual will than the crystal. Ripe with healing properties, these beautiful hunks of rock are here to set up you in good stead for reaching those goals. All of us can hold ourselves back at times, whether it's getting stuck in self-limiting belief systems, burying our authentic selves, ignoring our inner wisdom, or blocking our own route to success. A manifestation crystal or multiple crystals can work to shake us out. Clearing the chakras, raising our confidence, and helping us to find self-love, clarity and the will to get what we want, all these are valuable assets to call into power when we are working with intention.

If you want to know more about the healing nature of crystals, take a look at our guide to essential gemstones.

Crystals are an Amplifier of Potential

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  • Call on the law of attraction for friendship, romance, wealth, and success
  • Manifesting is an ongoing process
  • Crystals amplify your own potential

So what can you manifest through the law of attraction? You can manifest just about anything you put your mind to. Are you craving romance that blows your socks off? Are you longing for a new friendship that shows you your very best self? Are you seeking a promotion or just want some more money in life? Whatever it is you want, it's important to work with yourself on it. You would be amazed at just how much we all get in our own way. We are often taught that its greedy to want more, that we should be satisfied with what we have, and that gratitude can become a golden cage. But there is absolutely no shame in wanting more. You can be truly humble and grateful for what you have but also want more. Two things can be true at the same time. Because we are so caught up in ideas of shame and humbleness around desire and want, we stop ourselves short or think that we don’t deserve what we are seeking. We make ourselves small and we don’t dare to dream big and these are the self-limiting beliefs that hold us in one place.

There is no shortcut when it comes to manifesting, its an ongoing process that invites you to completely step into the light of your own power. As we mentioned, working with manifestation goes beyond the idea of desire. It means aligning yourself with that purpose, clearing out the junk and obstacles that are standing in your way, and doing the deep inner work so that you are ready to recognize when your manifestations are standing right in front of you.

It can be easy to get frustrated or lost in the idea of manifesting. But simply put, it’s a process and a multifaceted approach that starts with the knowledge of what you want, moves to desiring with your true authentic heart, flows into believing that you will unlock this dream, connecting with your energy and the energy of the universe, and finally removing those self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns that keep us from our desires.

Crystals help with this whole process as they are amplifiers of your own potential. Crystals always want what is best for you and when you work with the right crystal, they know how to give you what it is that you need. Crystals hold a space in the tangible and physical sense in which you can direct the powers of your manifestation. Healing stones are a sublime dance of light and vibrational vitality and this energetic level can create bridges that connect frequencies – a place where magical thinking can truly happen. Here are some of the best crystals for manifestation:

1) Black Tourmaline 


black tourmaline
  • Keeps you grounded 
  • An aura cleanser

A root chakra stone that can help you rise, Black Tourmaline is a grounder, protector, and perfect companion for those who are ready to get what they want. Black Tourmaline is an awesome deflector, this stone will ward off negative vibes by batting them out the park and bringing in waves of positive energy instead. It does all of this while keeping you firmly grounded and connected to your most authentic self. When swirling around in the clouds of what we want it can be difficult to direct our thoughts and to be solid in our understanding of who we are and what we can do. Fortunately, with Black Tourmaline on side you don’t need to get involved with the guesswork anymore. Black Tourmaline is also an aura cleanser and when our auras are cleansed and charged and ready for action, we are better equipped to attain greater awareness. With awareness comes knowledge and with knowledge comes stronger decision making. These are the tools you need to turn those dreams into action and to take hold of exactly what you want. Find out more about the meaning of Black Tourmaline.


2) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz
  • A heart chakra stone
  • Deepens trust and understanding

Those who are looking to manifest love in all shades and shapes and forms would do well to turn to the heart chakra stone of Rose Quartz. Rich in feminine energy and soaked to the very core in unconditional love, this stone works to fill your heart right up. Whether you are looking to connect with a soul mate who can match your dreams or if you are looking to nurture and grow your own capacity for love, Rose Quartz works with the heart chakra to heal old wounds, break down walls, and build a sense of trust and understanding. This gentle pink stone doesn’t just work on romantic relationships but also helps us to connect with ourselves and to find kindness, softness, and strength of self-respect. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.


3) Amethyst 

  • Invites wisdom and connection
  • Clears anxiety

A great stone for the soul, Amethyst is all serene energy and stacked spirituality. For those who are looking for deeper wisdom and higher connection, Amethyst is your spirit guide. Laced with purple hues and connected to both the third eye and the crown chakra, this stone knows how to expand consciousness without flinching. For starters, Amethyst is awesome at sweeping away anxious thoughts and doubts which immediately puts you in a good place for thinking clearly and visualizing what it is you want. It also strengthens intuition so we can lead with the heart and helps us leap to a place of purpose within our own lives and the world at large. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.


4) Carnelian 

  • A gem for creative power 
  • Awakens sleeping talent

The artists stone is here radiant in her shades of fiery bright red and orange. For all those who crave creative power and forms of self expression, Carnelian is an awesome stone to get you there. Connected to the sacral chakra, this is the pit of your own swirling pool of artistry, creativity, sexual power, and life energy. When we are able to tap into this power, everything can flow and you can go further than you have ever been before. Carnelian also works to rouse sleeping talent, it turns the dial up on ambition, and it sets you up for success by pushing away those barriers of fear and self-doubt that have kept you out. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


5) Agate 

blue lace agate
  • Each shade nurtures something different
  • A stone that speaks to our innermost desires

Agate comes in many shades and styles and each variety connects to a different center and manifests its own kind of magic. Green Moss Agate is a glorious amulet for those looking to manifest a more connected life, especially a life that links to nature and longevity and a sense of calm and health. Blue Lace Agate can be another stone for those seeking to manifest within the folds of their own truth. And Fire Agate is a stone that is all about stoking your inner tempest and awakening dormant dreams. Agate speaks to our innermost desires and helps us to find the inner strength and courage to step into that sense of raw and unbridled reality. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


6) Hematite



  • Keeps you tethered while you leap
  • brings confidence and creativity

One of the strong grounding stones, Hematite helps to keep you tethered and protected while you take the leap into all that you desire. Manifesting isn’t all about leaping before looking and it helps to have a solid and strong stance all while working with the magic of intention and manifestation. Connected to the root and the sacral chakra, Hematite delivers that heady mix of strong confidence and creative spirit. It is a beautiful booster of self esteem and never fails to invite you to overcome all that could be holding you back. Some behaviors can keep us from achieving all that we need and in particular people pleasing can be a problem that keeps us from fully embracing our deepest desires. Hematite works to help you shake off those old behavior patterns and grants you the security of self and the can-do spirit you need to shine. Find out more about the meaning of Hematite.


7) Moonstone 

  • Works like a guiding light
  • Gives sight

One of the most amazing things about the powerful crystal of Moonstone is its ability to show you pathways back to your own true self. When we feel like we are shrouded in the darkness of uncertainty or we can’t see the woods for the trees, Moonstone can become our guiding light. Just like the moon that hangs overhead, Moonstone delivers divine feminine wisdom, deep intuition, and grants us a way out of the forest. It’s also a stone that helps us to move with the cycles of change and prevents us from getting stuck in attachment thinking or buried deep in a rut of our own making. Working with the heart, the third eye, and the crown chakra, Moonstone gives us a sight that goes beyond our own periphery. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.


8) Black Obsidian 

black obsidian
  • Keeps you stable from tip to toe
  • Encourages bravery

Beautiful Black Obsidian is an incredible stone for clearing out blockages and for helping you find new opportunities. Working you from tip to toe, this stone first starts with connecting to that grounding force that holds us stable. When we are steady in our root chakra we are better equipped to take risks in life and not to fear the force of rejection. Instead, it teaches us to embrace the journey and to ruminate in the joys that life has to teach us. Black Obsidian also helps you break old habits and adopt new stances that will better serve you. It gifts us protection, inner strength, the courage to face our own demons, and the concentration we need to spin a web that holds us well. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.


9) Pyrite 

  • A master of manifesting
  • Loaded with luck

If wealth and success have your name on it, then Pyrite is the golden fire to pave the way. This hunk of glimmering gold is a great stone for manifesting wealth, whatever that word means to you. Wealth doesn’t always need to mean money. Sometimes, it can mean the wealth of self, rich relationships, or even a life loaded with abundance in terms of connection, big feelings, and epic experiences. Pyrite is a master of manifesting and loaded with luck meaning that it opens you up to receiving prosperity in many perfect ways. Pyrite is a stone used especially when it comes to business as it knows how to help you grow. Find out more about the meaning of Pyrite.


10) Jade/Emerald 

  • Linked with abundance and luck
  • Soaked in serenity

The decadent green stones are splashed with luck and loaded up with deep heart connection powers. Green Jade has long been a stone of abundance and luck and is often used in the art of Chinese healing. It is considered to be a money stone in that it brings wealth and prosperity to all who wear it or choose to have it close by. Not only does Green Jade attract luck but it is also a stone swimming in ideas of peace and serenity. On the path to getting what we want, we can often we are our own worst enemies and stand in our own way – not when Jade is involved. This stone clears out that negative thinking because for those heading towards true power and potential, there is room for self-doubt. Emerald too is a stone of manifestation in that it knows how to turn your focus onto what you want and puts you in a place of alignment. When aligned we are less distracted by outside forces and better equipped to receive all that the world wants to give. Find out more about the meaning of Green Jade.


11) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz
  • The master healer
  • Connects to your vibrations and amplifies your energy

Also called the Master Healer, the Clear Quartz crystal is the ultimate amplifier. Whether you are seeking love, prosperity, a renewed sense of self, or whatever it is you are after, Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful tools in the pack. Quartz crystals work by connecting to your own vibrations and amplifying all that you have. It can turn a want into something so strong and radiant that the universe cannot help but listen and connect. Not only does Clear Quartz amplify like a champ but it also clears the mind and sets you up with powerful intention. Find out more about the meaning of Clear Quartz.


12) Citrine 

citrine stone
  • Awakens your personal power
  • Full of fizz and energy

The merchants stone is laced with good luck and an awesome stone for manifesting abundance. A stone that glows with the promise of a new sunrise, the Citrine crystal pours positive vibes onto all kinds of negative energy, essentially clearing the space so that not a drop of self-doubt or personal sabotage can hold you back. Connecting with the solar plexus chakra, Citrine rouses your personal power and invites you to splash in your creativity, your will, and to own your potential. Citrine is also full of fizz, one glance at this life gives you lemons stone and you feel the radiating warmth, the pull of energy, and the resonance with confidence. Citrine is a soft summer day when light, love, abundance, and everything else just seems totally possible. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.


13) Garnet 

  • Lights a fire in the soul
  • Nurtures self-worth

The glow of Garnet is something to fall hard for time and time again. This regal stone is drenched in riches and prosperity and brings its radiant red light to lead you down the pathways of getting all that you desire. We love Garnet for never failing to light a fire in the soul and for gifting courage and sense of self-worth and confidence that truly runs deep. There are six different styles of Garnet stone and each holds its own magic when it comes to manifestation. The red Almandine Garnet is all about building strength and courage that puts you in good steed to get what you want. The bold orange glow of the Spessartine Garnet illuminates truth and awakens the serpent of creative energy. The Pyrope Garnet glows with purpose and clears out your chakras from base to crown, putting you in gorgeous alignment. Find out more about the meaning of Garnet.


14) Green Aventurine 

green aventurine
  • Helps you manifest magic
  • Connects you to your prana

The slightly mischievous and magical Green Aventurine is your go to talisman when it comes to manifesting all your magic. Green Aventurine is one of those heart chakra stones that entice your inner relationships to thrive. When we talk about manifesting love, it can also mean the love for which we approach life and this is where Green Aventurine shines. A highly spiritual stone, the heart connector properties call perfect healing and personal power into play. This helps us to connect to our own sense of prana which can ignite the life force that sits within leading to decisive action and the clearing of all obstacles that sit in the way. Green Aventurine has a ton of healing energy and gets ready to sweep the path in front of you so you can be on your way. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.


15) Topaz 

blue topaz
  • Brings soothing energy
  • Helps us vocalize our boundaries

Blue Topaz is here to remind you that its time to take creative control of your life. This stone is all about not muting your feelings and instead opting to channel that energy into endless feelings of self-worth. Rather than helping to stitch you into a sense of being, Blue Topaz keeps us effectively communicating which in turn clears out the clutter from our own mind. Blue Topaz also brings its soothing energy to help stop you from tumbling down into the rabbit hole of overwhelm. It helps us to vocalize our boundaries, to understand that our voice matters, and to unblock our throat chakra so that we can sing out. For those who want to manifest a life that meets their needs, communication can be a vital tool. In love, in our career, and on our spiritual journey, the voice matters and when there’s a direct line of energy that radiates between the heart, the throat, and the head – there is little stopping us from sharing what we want with the world. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Topaz.


16) Tiger Eye 

tiger eye stone
  • Encourages personal power
  • Amplifies psychic capabilties

Embrace your personal power and get ready to manifest all that you want with the healing properties of Tigers Eye. Just like the big cat of the jungle, this stone takes no prisoners and instead encourages you to go after all that your heart desires. Starting with connecting to the root and building a strong foundation, the Tiger Eye knows how to direct energy in the most rewarding way. When you tap into the gold and black bands, you are able to shut out those self-limiting beliefs, unravel those layers of toxic thinking and negativity, and to amplify your psychic capabilities so that you can connect to your heart center self. Tiger Eye is all about active manifestation and that’s what makes it magic. Find out more about the meaning of Tiger Eye.


17) Red Jasper 

red jasper
  • Keeps you moving towards your goals
  • Reminds us not to think small

The essential root chakra stone, the warm glow of Red Jasper brings us confidence and joy. For those times when uncertainty gives way to pause or when you feel that your intentions are slipping away or coming into question, Red Jasper radiates that promise you need to keep going towards your goals. Not only does Red Jasper have a positive impact on intention, but it also serves to put you in a physically ripe place for chasing joy. It kickstarts your energy, it channels your focus, and it grants you the capability to enjoy effortless endurance in whatever task takes you to exciting new places. Red Jasper is all about manifesting something bigger, it reminds us that we don’t need to think small but can reach for the stars and cross the cosmos that sits between. Find out more about the meaning of Red Jasper.


18) Peridot 

  • Brings you into balance
  • A mood improver

The twinkling lime like stone of Peridot is always on your side. This glorious gem is a happy stone and one that brings you into being and balance. Peridot believes that abundance is your birthright and to get there you just need to clear out those blocks and embrace your true and honest self. It helps you to do that by shaking out stagnant energy so you aren’t wasting your effort dragging dead energy around. It also opens you up to that tingling feeling that possibility has a place here. Peridot is courage, peace, balance, and a magical mood improver. Even though we may think that manifesting our dreams is yang like activity, Peridot reminds us that a little yin energy also goes a long way and that sometimes by calling these equalizing energies into balance, beauty and grace and the glory of our dreams can flow towards us. Find out more about the meaning of Peridot.

How to use these manifestation gemstones 

selection of gemstone bracelets for success

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Now you know which crystals have got you covered when it comes to helping you become a master manifester, it also helps to know how to harness and sync up all that energy to get what you want. One of the best ways to carry your intention and keep on manifesting is to wear gemstone jewelry for manifestation. Wearing these healing stones against the skin invites your own vibrations to sync up with the vibrations of the crystal, and for this energy to be transmuted into the universe.

Pick the Right Crystal

  • Follow your intuition
  • Go with what calls to you

How do you know which crystal will work well when it comes to manifesting all your wants? Choosing the right crystal is often about embracing your own intuition and tapping into your own wisdom. We always know a little more about ourselves then we first may think and this is the energy that crystals rest upon. That’s not to say that you will get it right every time, but by following your threads of knowledge and connection to the self, you will eventually get to the crystal that becomes a talisman for you.

When you figure out what it is that you want you may have some insight as to what could have been holding you back and also what skills you need to harness to get there. Maybe you need to trust more to be open to love or perhaps you require confidence to go for that job promotion. Each crystal comes laced in its own special powers and works with a different chakra, so choosing one that connects to a certain trait can be a good start. Secondly, part of manifestation is all about learning to trust yourself and this means using your inner power to choose a crystal that calls to you no matter what the reason.

Gemstone jewelry

Crystals work at the peak of their being when connected to the skin as they become a part of you and learn to work in complete harmony with your being. The simple art of wearing crystals also reminds yourself that you are continually committed to the act of succeeding in what you want. It is a purposeful choice to make your dreams a reality and a reminder that you are doing the reframing work and the deep dive that is needed to get there.


There are other ways to manifest using the healing power of crystals and this can even be through the simple act of meditation and visualization to get really clear on what you want and to energize your body to get there. Simply by holding the crystal in your hand as you sit and tap into its vibrational energy can be enough to start you on the journey of manifesting. Feel the energy seeping through your body, focus it on the areas of the self that feel stuck or blocked and imagine a bright light clearing right through. Once you have shifted some stagnant energy you can turn your attention to visualizing your quest and imagining all that you desire has bloomed into fruition.


One of the most important aspects of manifesting is getting really clear and intentional on what it is you want. Another magical yet grounded practice that can help is by building an altar, holding a ritual, and journaling in the presence of that. You can place your crystal on the altar, light incense or candles or anything that helps you to connect to that magical self. Sit down and journal in front of the altar and envision your life exactly how it looks when all your wild and unbridled desires have been met.

Write a list of 200 things you want in life and don’t read it back as you go. When you have your 200 things, you will be able to see the same themes and things cropping up again and again as we often repeat ourselves when there is something we are truly seeking. It’s super important to be clear when it comes to manifesting as the universe doesn’t always do well with mixed signals. Before you get clear with the universe, you need to get clear with yourself.

Stay Open

We can sometimes be so wrapped up in the minutiae of the day that we don’t keep our eyes peeled for the signs the universe is busy sending us. One of the wonderful things about manifestation is that it's happening all the time around you and if you can stay connected, you can watch the whole thing unfold. Stay open as much as possible, be curious, look for the signs and signals - because you can bet, they will be there.

Keep Cleansed and Charged

When working with manifestation, healing, and your magical self, you want to make sure that you are keeping your crystals cleansed and charged so they can communicate with the universe at the peak of their power. When doing work with crystals (especially shadow work), they can be busy mopping up a whole load of negative energy and clearing out toxic vibes. Just like a vacuum cleaner they can get full to capacity and may need that energy flushing out to make room for more. You can keep your healing stones cleansed by smudging them with sage sticks or any other kind of favorite herb. You can also run them under water as a swift and drama free way to discharge. For those looking to top their crystals energy back up, leaving them in a slice of sunlight, moonlight, in soil, or even in the presence of other quartz stones can be a winner.


 collection of quartz crystals

We hope this introduction to the best crystals for manifesting magic has given you the inner power and confidence you need to fully embrace what it is that you want. Knowing what you want can be tricky business but deep in our hearts, that seed is already planted. The heart knows what it wants and all we have to do is to find a way of connecting with that. When we understand what our dream life looks like and when we stop the shame cycles and self-limiting beliefs that can be attached to the ideas of desire, want, and need then we make space for magic to happen.

You are worthy of a wonderful life, you deserve all that you want, and there is no reason why you cannot step into the life that is truly waiting for you.

What are your thoughts on manifestation? Has it worked for you or are you still unsure about tapping into this power? Which crystals call to you when channeling your deepest energy into what you want? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Crystals for Manifestation FAQ


What crystals are good for manifesting?

Some of the best crystals for manifesting include Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Agate, Hematite, Moonstone, Black Obsidian, Pyrite, Citrine, Garnet, Topaz, Green Aventurine, Tigers Eye, Red Jasper, and Peridot.

How to use crystals for manifestation?

The best way to use your crystals for manifestation is to wear gemstone jewelry. Having the stone next to your skin can sync up your vibrations and ensures that you carry that manifesting energy with you even subconsciously. You can also use crystals in visualization to get what you desire.

Can you use one crystal grid for many manifestations?

Ideally you should charge your crystal grids before setting a new manifestation to ensure that the crystals energy is fresh and ready for new intentions. Crystal grids are powerful tools and may work best when met with clear instruction.

How to program your crystals for manifestation?

Before you use your crystals for manifesting, you want to program them with your desire and intention. You can do this by cleansing the crystal first. Hold the crystal in your receiving hand and ask it clearly for what you want. Imagine the feeling you would have if all your dreams were met. Hold onto this feeling for a few moments. Thank the crystal and keep it close for a few days.

Is an elestial crystal good for manifesting?

Elestial crystals are hugely powerful and come with many healing properties that are conducive to manifesting your dreams. Elestial crystals can absorb and transmute negative energies, connect with higher beings, and send love and wisdom across a wealth of dimensions.

What is the best crystal for manifesting?

Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals for manifesting as its a stone known for its big amplifying energy. This means that Clear Quartz can take your intention and turn the dial up ten fold. Carnelian is also good for amplifying energy and Rose Quartz is good for manifesting love.

What crystals are good for manifesting money?

Crystals can help you to manifest a lot of things including prosperity and wealth. Some of the best crystals for money are Citrine (known as the merchants stone), Pyrite, Green Jade, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Tigers Eye, and Clear Quartz. You want gems that will remove energetic blocks, encourage confidence and clarity, and help with motivation to achieve all your dreams.

Do crystals work for manifestation?

Yes, crystals can work for maniestion as they can cleanse any energetic blockages, raise your vibrations, and put you in a place where you don’t let self limiting beliefs hold you back. Our thoughts and feelings affect our actions and affect the energy that is drawn to us. Crystals put you in a position where you can work with intention to achieve your dreams.

What crystal is good for manifesting weight loss?

Sodalite is believed to be a good stone for boosting metabolism. Rose Quartz will encourage lots of self-love for the body ensuring that you feel empowered and worthy in all your health choices. Selenite helps us to let go of old habits that may not be serving us anymore and Tourmaline keeps us grounded and serves up healthy digestion.


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