Sapphire Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits


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Sapphire Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

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  • Meaning: Sapphire is a stone of wisdom and royalty, often associated with sacred things and considered the gem of gems, guiding individuals to an enlightened path.
  • Healing Properties: It is believed to bring healing properties that calm the mind, cure depression, and relieve headaches and eye issues.
  • Protection: Sapphire offers protection by shielding against negative energies, calming and focusing the mind, and restoring balance within the body.
  • Usage: Sapphires are used in jewelry for their beauty and are also utilized in meditation to enhance psychic abilities, attract financial abundance, and bring about spiritual enlightenment.
  • Care: To care for sapphire crystals, clean them regularly with lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush, and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals or extreme temperature changes to maintain their luster and properties.

Sapphire is a deep blue stone that is a variety of corundum. It consists of aluminium oxide with traces of iron, magnesium, chromium and titanium. Sapphire is part of the hexagonal crystal system and scores a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a precious gemstone that is highly sought after. The meaning of Sapphire is joy and wisdom, it is also associated with truth and loyalty. 

Sapphire’s are celestial stones. They entice with their sparkling color, their mysterious powers, and their regal history. We delve into the drama and delight of these wise and ancient beloved gemstones. If Sapphire doesn’t strike a note of pure joy in your heart, take a look at our healing crystal guide to essential gemstones and find a stone that makes you say a wholehearted yes.


The Gemstone of Joy & Wisdom

woman holding sapphire and diamond crown

Taking its name from the Greek word Sappheiros and the Latin Sapphirus - both translating to Blue Stone, the Sapphire is loved for its rich and heady deep blue hues. But it’s only been since the Middle Ages that we call the Sapphire stone by that name, before that - Sapphire was the name gifted to Lapis Lazuli. 

When we say the name Sapphire, no doubt today, it conjures images of that velvet midnight blue stone that sparkles with all the promise of love, wealth, wisdom, and wonder. Like a star set against the midnight sky, the Sapphire gemstone has long been connected to nobility, majesty, and serves as a symbol for the heavens above. The Greeks used the Sapphire stone to garner favor with the God Apollo and it was often worn when visiting The Oracle. It was also a stone connected to Abraham and was believed to be one of the gems that adorned the breastplate of the High Priest. Persian rulers also believed that the sky was painted pure blue by the reflection that bounced off the Sapphire stone. Even in our modern day era, the gem continued to shine above all others and a Sapphire engagement ring was even gifted to Lady Diana. Kings and queens adored this gem because it was said to be a talisman of cornflower blue that kept them safe and surrounded by the light of wisdom. Today, the Sapphire stone is considered to be the birthstone of September and is traditionally given as a 45th wedding anniversary gift as it represents the wisdom and joy that a couple have achieved through the power of perfect longevity. 

The Sapphire stone is related to the Ruby in terms of their elemental makeup, but the presence of iron in Sapphire is what lends it that rich blue coloring. It’s one of the four true precious gems and takes its place alongside diamond, emerald, and ruby too. While we associated Sapphire with shades of midnight blue, it is actually available in a range of colors. 

There is Pink Sapphire which stimulates emotions, brings wisdom to love, and nurtures heart strength.

There is Yellow Sapphire which sparks the solar plexus chakra, brings power and prosperity, and helps with matters of financial wealth.

There is Purple Sapphire which is connected to the spirit and helps to clear out and bring wisdom to the crown chakra.

There is Green Sapphire which strengthens inner vision, welcomes integrity, and encourages feelings of love and compassion. 

There is White Sapphire which brings clarity, purity, and purpose to your path. 

And of course, there is Blue Sapphire which we explore further below. There is also a variety of Sapphire known as the Star Sapphire. This gem shares all the healing and metaphysical benefits of Sapphire and then some. It’s a gem that represents divinity, deeper knowledge, fate, and reminds us to follow our own guiding light. It’s a beautiful gem for travelers as it represents the star that shows us the way and leads us always to safety. 

Sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Australia, Thailand, and Madagascar (among other places). For centuries they have been used as amulets for truth, symbols of wisdom, and as a protective force to ward off illness and bad vibes. 

Sapphire benefits 

sapphire ring

From Antiquity to the Middle Ages and all the way to modern day, the Sapphire has been bringing us endless healing benefits. This beautiful blue gem is soaked in spirituality. Celebrated for its wisdom, its wonder, and in helping the mind to stay calm and focused, it’s a great gem to have close by for those who want to welcome truth, clarity, consciousness, and deeper courage into their world. While in ancient times, Sapphire may have been used to protect against poison and disease, the same is still applicable in our modern world - protecting us against poisonous or toxic energies and negative vibes that can weigh heavy on our hearts and souls and pull us from our spiritual paths. 

Physical healing

The sweet and wise energy of the Sapphire stone can help in healing across all avenues of the body. Thanks to its calming energy it is believed to promote peace and pristine rest, helping to slow down the mind and serving as a natural relief for those who struggle with insomnia. The gentle blue energy of Sapphire can also help with ailments like migraines and headaches, eye-sight problems, inner ear issues, vertigo and balance related health problems, along with cooling fevers. Those who suffer with thyroid issues may also find Blue Sapphire to be a beautiful treat in helping them heal as it brings the whole body back into balance. The Sapphire stone is also an awesome elixir and can help to cut out toxicity encouraging the body to detox and stay bright. It's a good stone to have close during the changing of the seasons as it can prepare the body physically to deal with these changes. 

Sapphire also helps to balance the emotions which means that it can help reduce the physical symptoms that tend to be associated with stress and anxiety too. After some time of keeping Sapphire close by in your life, you may find that sleep comes easier, your fight-flight response is calmed, and that you are less susceptible to disease or illness.

Emotional healing 

There’s huge emotional healing to be found stashed beneath the surface of the sparkling Sapphire stone. While the gem works on a physical level to bring the body into balance and wisdom, this also works on an emotional level too. Sapphire is all about cultivating joy and releasing us from the prisons of our own making. For those who often find themselves trapped or locked into negative thought patterns, the Sapphire stone will help you to find some form of release. It's a stone that simply lightens the mood, settles you back into the belief that your own mind can serve as a guide, and prevents us from feeling untethered or lost. It’s a great stone for channeling energies and encouraging a deeper understanding of oneself. Because the Sapphire is intrinsically linked to wisdom, it is all about promoting those inner connections and living in the light of your truth. 

While there’s a soft and nurturing energy that is ever present in the Sapphire stone there is also big power to be found too. There’s a reason this gem was so connected to royalty and those who sat in seats of knowledge and power. It’s a stone that promotes clear and positive thinking, commitment, fidelity, and following the thread of your own dreams. 

Metaphysical healing

Like other beautiful blue gemstones, the Sapphire stone is connected to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra too. The throat chakra is essential in learning how to communicate our truth and inner selves to the outside world. When our throat chakra is blocked, we may struggle with issues of boundaries, being heard, and decisive action. When this space is open and flowing, we aren’t afraid to use our words and we can communicate our emotions, beliefs, and beautiful truths with the world. The deeper the hue of blue, the more powerful the truth is. Whereas paler blues and indigo hues help us to be flexible and relaxed with how we use our voice. 

The third eye chakra is the gateway to our inner wisdom. This is where our inner sight sits and how we tap into our own intuition to make heartfelt wise choices that align with our spirit and our core belief system. Having a clear line between the throat chakra and the third eye chakra is an important bridge for those who want to connect to their truth and wisdom, to use their intuitive knowledge as the foundation for their communication, and who want to take responsibility for their own thoughts and feelings rather than feeling helpless and at the mercy of the world.

Being linked to shades of divinity and connected to the heavens, the Sapphire also helps us to stand on our spiritual path without losing our way. It is a stone that brings consciousness into focus and can even help with past life exploration and dream recall too. You can also use Sapphire for astral travel and connection with the angelic realms too. There’s big spiritual energy in the sparkle of the Sapphire. 

Zodiac properties 

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Sapphire is the traditional birthstone for those born in September, but it also works for other air signs too such as Gemini. Ruled by the Planet Saturn, the Sapphire brings grounding, focus, and the strength of self-discipline. Librans are warm, generous, and open characters and the energy of love, beauty, and affection flows from them. They are all about abstaining balance, peace, justice, and connectivity and they share many of these moods in common with the Sapphire stone. Sapphire can strengthen all of the above but can also help balance out the side of Libra that doesn’t always follow through. Because they spend so much time committed to peace-keeping and evaluating every angle, it helps to have a stone that encourages connection to wisdom, truth, and decisive action. 

Geminis are also known for being fun and flighty creatures but can straddle the fence when it comes to active decision making. The Sapphire too works wonders for the gemini, helping them to strengthen communication, pull away from potential people pleasing behaviors, and get a little more grounded. 

How to use 

sapphire bracelet against neutral background

For those who want to welcome Sapphire into their world, there’s so much joy and power to be found in this midnight blue and truly beautiful gem. A talisman of travelers, an amulet of kinds, and a stone of deep spiritual meaning and celestial guidance, you can’t go wrong with the divine delights invoked by the Sapphire stone. From wearing it as jewelry to using it in feng shui or having it as a healing gemstone for any ceremony work, there are so many ways to say yes to the power of Sapphire. 


For centuries the Sapphire has been worn in jewelry form. From rings to pendants, earrings, and blingy bracelets, you can truly reap the benefits of wearing Sapphire close to the skin. All gemstones can work at their most powerful when they have close contact with the skin. The presence of the stone against skin can send healing vibrations rippling through - without any material or barrier muffling that powerful magic. 

Wearing a Sapphire stone around the neck can work wonders for the throat chakra as the stone is actively in contact with the throat. This helps it to send those vibrations directly to source and clears any blockages. A pair of Sapphire earrings brings the healing stones into close contact with the third eye chakra. The gems can then clear out any blockages in that area and keep your head space clear and committed. A Sapphire bracelet carries that intuitive wisdom with you and helps you to surround yourself in the healing vibrations of the Sapphire stone as it beats against your pulse and ripples through you, its energy traveling to the heart and touching every nerve as it goes.

If you want to pair your Sapphire stone with other healing crystals that can help lift it up, you may want to look towards the serene healing nature of Amethyst. The Amethyst stone is a heavenly match for Sapphire as it is the final card to play in getting all your higher chakras balanced. Amethyst works with the crown chakra and with this stone set alongside Sapphire, it encourages the holy trinity of truth, wisdom, and cosmic connection, helping to lift you up to dizzying new heights. 

If you want to double down on throat chakra healing, you can pair with other blue stones that are also well versed in encouraging truth. Lapis Lazuli (formerly of the Sapphire name) is a great gem to pair with Sapphire as it too brings mystical healing properties, celestial vibes, and third eye chakra wisdom. You can also marry Sapphire with golden or yellow gemstones too. Citrine and Sapphire will encourage even more joy. 

Home & office 

Welcome Sapphire into your home if you want to fill your space with the energy of truth and integrity. The Sapphire does have protective properties which makes it a divine gem for any personal arena. It helps to keep toxic vibes at bay and ensures that it brings the energy of prayer, purpose, stillness and flow into your home. In Feng Shui practice, the Sapphire represents the energy of water. It is all about stillness, reflection, purification, and quiet flow. It knows when to trickle and it knows when to surge. It is the life force and feeds us with exactly what we need. 

The Sapphire stone works wonders when placed in the office or workspace too. As it's a gem that encourages healthy open and honest communication, it can strengthen relationships with colleagues and family too. It’s a stone of wondrous wealth meaning that it can activate abundance and help you to be open to receiving beautiful blessings and financial gain into your life. 

In Feng Shui, the color blue is also linked to the energy of wood. The wood element is great for representing new starts, fresh directions, and kindling the fire of brand new projects. For those who are working on new creative things, the Sapphire stone can support you in that space. 

You can also welcome Sapphire into any of your spiritual practices. It’s a good stone to have on hand when dealing with any healing or seeing activities. Having it on your altar can ensure that you always stay connected to the principles of truth and integrity in your healing work. You can welcome it into crystal grids, reiki healing, and any form of communion that calls to you.

How to Cleanse Sapphire Stones 

pair of sapphire earrings

Sapphire is a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale meaning that it has plenty of strength and durability making it easy to clean. However, as it's such a precious stone, it's always encouraged to have a light hand when dealing with it. Like all crystals and precious energy gems out there, you want to keep your Sapphire cleansed and charged so that it’s always ready to lend a healing hand. One of the best ways to cleanse your Sapphire is to run it under tepid or cool water. As mentioned, there’s a lot of air and water energy in the Sapphire meaning that it responds extremely well to the power of water. If you want to give your Sapphire a more intensive clean, then you can use a soft bristled brush on it without any fear of scratching the surface. 

Other spiritual ways to cleanse and charge up your Sapphire stone can include leaving it under the light of a full moon. Sapphire can also be smudged using your favorite spiritual smudging scent; something like Sage is a great choice for cleansing it to the core. Other methods of charging include leaving it in the presence of other cleansing gemstones like Clear Quartz. 

Geological Properties

Sapphire Rock Properties
Chemical Classification Mineral
Chemical Formula Al2O3 (Aluminum Oxide)
Crystal System Trigonal
Color Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, Colorless, Black
Streak White
Luster Vitreous
Transparency Transparent to Translucent
Occurrence Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Madagascar, Australia, Tanzania, Kashmir
Formation Metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary environments
Diaphaneity Transparent to Opaque
Cleavage Indistinct
Mohs Hardness 9
Specific Gravity 3.95 - 4.03
Diagnostic Properties Hardness, crystal form, color, and inclusions
Chemical Composition Aluminum oxide with trace amounts of other elements such as iron, titanium, and chromium
Crystal System Trigonal
Optical Properties Uniaxial
Refractive Index 1.762 - 1.778
Birefringence 0.008 - 0.010
2V angle 20° to 90°
Dispersion 0.018
Other Characteristics May exhibit asterism, chatoyancy, or color change

Final Thoughts

The Sapphire stone is incredibly beautiful and it’s little wonder that this gem has been a truly tempting force for many centuries. Heaven sent, celestial, and connected to truth and wisdom, those who want to grow and expand all while staying truly connected and knowledgeable of their own depths will thrive with the Sapphire on side. 

For those who want to unlock their own stash of knowledge and truth and who want to use a gemstone that is so associated with leading a richer and fuller life, the Sapphire steps it up a notch. This gem has the added onus of being a stone of rich, loyal, and faithful energy. it's a stone that symbolizes milestones (hence why it's an anniversary stone). But that milestone isn’t just linked to the lore of love. We can hit highly important milestones in our lives when it comes to attaining knowledge, seeking vision, speaking truth, and saying yes to the call of higher consciousness too. 

What are your thoughts on the Sapphire stone? Does it call to you with it’s midnight blue hues? Share all your impressions of the Sapphire stone with us in the comments. 


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